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Change Key-Colors on pressing specific Key

  • 22 January 2023
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Iam trying to design my Keyboard for the complex Sci-Fi MMO EVE online, there are a LOT of buttons to remember, with a lot of modifier keys, like pressing D is something completely different than pressing Alt+D.

So I would like to really design a nice Color-Framework for the game.
But Iam struggeling to find solution for lighting up keys in a diffrent color when you hit for example a in-Game modifier key.

For example I want to have my Keyboard mostly Blue, but when I press (AND HOLD!) ALT, I would like to get most of the board dark and only light up like A, C and B.

Or simply change colors of those Key.

Unfortently I only found a solution to change the color of the exact key Iam pressing, not changeing colors of different keys...

I assume there must be a way to achieve this, but I couldnt figure it out.

Thanks in advance and best wishes! 🙂

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