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Chroma League - League of Legends integration for Razer Chroma

  • 7 November 2020
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Version 1.0.1 released, major bugfixes for unicode characters support and improvements in app stability.
You can download it here

I've been using the latest version today and was wondering if I need to do anything special to get kit animations? I went into a practice tool match and picked Vel'Koz, but didn't notice any special effects for his abilities. Is there a way to see what champs have support for their kits on this?
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Chroma League does not have animations for spell usage, please check official documentation for exact list of implemented integrations
Will you ever add compatibility to smaller keyboards? I have the Blackwidow V3 65% and it seems like only the energy bar shows up for me
heya got smaller problem i dont seem to be able to start this razer chroma app becouse of missing '',/cl-jre/bin/java.exe'' which i guess should have been generated with ''generate-cl-jre'' which is in launcher scripts and then i should start game with ''run-chroma-league'' which both dont work for me generate dont seems to do anything and dont wants to run becouse of what i wrote on the start any ideas how to fix this ? 😃
hi friend,I'm a player from china,and i download your chroma legends ,but after i released it ,i did't konw how to use it ,i hope you can tell me what i need to do next

After unzipping the file (preferably into a folder of it's own
I'm very excited to see someone do such a great project, but I have some problems that I can't solve when running. This problem is not mentioned in the forum. I hope I can get help
this looks really cool and i would love to use it, however I don't know how its not very well explained and this being my first time trying to use a chroma profile I have no idea what im doing and id assume a lot of people are on the same page. mainly I don't understand how, or what is meant when you say 'unpack and run it by executing run-chroma-league.bat' I don't know how to execute, nor do i know where or what run-chroma-league.bat is.
Will you ever add compatibility to smaller keyboards? I have the Blackwidow V3 65% and it seems like only the energy bar shows up for me

I just kinda wish we could expose the API integrations into chroma studio so we could bind the effects ourselves, that way people with different keyboards (or people using the Tartarus/orbweaver) can bind it all.
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I need help
Can support Corsair K100 mechanical keyboard?
Hi guys,
Recently I've decided to share the project I've been working on for some time.

If you have Razer Chroma keyboard and want to see it integrates with League of Legends - feel free to check out

I hope it will work for you and give you as much satisfaction as I have playing League of Legends :)

Thanks! It's absolutely awesome:rolleyes:
Do you have plans to support Razer Tartarus Chroma keyboard?
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Help me.

Hi, I installed it and nothing happened. How can I check that it has been successfully installed?

Can the use of this software cause an account ban?

Hello, the bat file I am opening is working but it says that the summoner name can’t be found how can I resolve this problem?


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Anyone having the problem with summoner name not found - try using version 1.3.0. This is Riot bug related to Riot ID migration and they need to fix it, but I did my best to workaround it.


If you have a problem, please raise an issue in ChromaLeague’s GitHub.