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Rock your Razer Chroma devices with the Audio Visualizer

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What settings are used in the video? cause mine does not look like that, its only using right half of the keyboard for the most part and its not nearly as active.

Volume is all the way up and amplitude does not seem to be really doing much just makes the right side turn almost always on. while not helping the middle and left that much at all, simply put: I can make the left and middle of the keyboard show up but the amp has to be somewhere around 1000-1500 for most songs and when its that high it just looks like a bunch of randomly flickering lights that aren't that in-sync with the music....

if it means anything I'm using a sound blaster Z, though I doubt the sound card matters on this.
I downloaded everything but when I open the audio visualizer nothing happens when I play music or anything. I'm not sure what else to do.
why isn the razer death adder chroma not wircking, mine just stays blank
Does it work on Windows 10???
How do i install it on a mac?
Sweet stuff, just have to figure out nice settings to make it look really cool. Right now it's mostly stressing me out.

Also, there are some things that crash the program easily(stepsize 500 for example). Not a problem, though it could use a little esthetics in future versions 😉
Can it work for my Tartarus Chroma?
Alright, so I looked at the devices compatible and saw "Deathadder Chroma".
The Deathadder Chroma is the only Chroma device from Razer I own, and when I saw this I got very pumped! I mean, who needs a rave when your mouse has visualizers! Partying in crippling loneliness...*cough*

However, I followed all the steps & I still can not get it to work. The visualizer is clearly showing up on the software, I turned off Synapse, changed audio devices, set it to no chroma lighting, restarted my computer, everything..I'm disappointing that it does not work. I'm sure it's my mistake, but I would like to know what I did wrong so I can fix it. 🙂
Thanks, to anyone who helps the others and I!

Just in case you're wondering my setup thing:
Windows 10 x64 bit (Used x86 sdk because it was the only one that worked)
Razer Kraken Pros (In case I need to use a different audio device I put this here)
Razer Deathadder Chroma 2013
This is enough to probably win me over and buy a Firefly.
It does not work on Mac or Linux. It does work on Windows 7 and Windows 10, presumably 8 as well (not tested) and maybe Vista too.

Supported devices are Blackwidow Chroma, Mamba TE, and Firefly. Only other Chroma device I own is a Naga Epic Chroma and the SDK doesn't support it.

Here's my latest build (v1.03) which may fix some crash-on-open issues as well as has more foreground color options:

I've been posting updates as they come to this video I made:

Thank you @CalcProgrammer1! Works like a charm for those having problems, make sure you have installed the vc_redist x86, also I use this config works very good to me:
I would like to change the amplitude but the visualizer keep closing on its own the second I see it, preventing me to change anything on it.

Which SDK are you running? make sure you download the right C++ visual, and you run the correct SDK when you run it. I had the problem after I closed it. It would not work again. If it still doesn't work. sorry 😕 Im just another forum user not from razer. Its pretty new hopefully they fix the bugs
What do you mean "enable", this might be my problem. Thanks

So when you download the C++ visual thingy, most people downloaded the 84x one. in my case I did, and I had to use the Enable SDK support (x64) one to make it work
Installed everything followed the steps not working what so ever.
It doesn't work on my Blackwidow Chroma TE
Not sure if this has been asked/answered yet but the only way for the visualiser to work is to have the volume way to loud for me. Is there or will there be a way to adjust the volume of the audio without changing the amplitude and what the visualiser looks like.
how do i get it to work with my death adder chroma i have the program open and everything seems to be working but nothing is showing up
It does not work on Blackwidow TE / Deathadder / etc. Only supported devices at the moment are Blackwidow Chroma, Mamba TE, and Firefly.
Does this or will it work with the Chroma Deathstalker?
Jim McNormalguy
Installed everything followed the steps not working what so ever.

Look for my other posts, and see if that fixs it
I have it working with my Firefly but not my Blackwidow TE Chroma.
that is so amazing, I am thinking about getting blackwidow chroma soon, and this just adds one more reason to my list!
It's saying RzChromaSDK.dll is missing.

"Error opening file for writing:

So I followed all the steps listed and It's not working on my keyboard.Is it not compatible with Windows 10 x64?Is Everyone that got it to work using Win8 or below?