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Cortex 9.0 Official Release

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Was the game caster removed ? O.o
So just updated to 9.0 saw too late gamecaster was removed. came to the forum, found it had a separate download. that link just downloaded 8.x now cortex is prompting to update. but all my gamecaster setup has been wiped. not happy.

On a side note, I only use cortex for gamecaster. I do not use any other feature of cortex.
Beautiful interface, but less functional than Cortex 8. Please don't do a major release until it's AT LEAST as functional as the previous version?
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I just use Razer Cortex to collect my daily zSilver. The Game Booster and System Booster doesn't give any noticeable performance boost and it can probably screw things up.
hello you've gagets man

Razer Cortex brings enhanced gaming performance, system performance, and the ability to bring the best gaming deals to a single screen with all your games just a click away.

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Maybe something similar would be useful on our Razer Phone???.
Android optimization and system cleaning.
I ditched those ASC like programs... using just the Cortex
Well the network connection still does not work with this Razer Cortex ....
We're not far away of a fully featured operating system, is a few released this will replace windows 10.
Guys it's a freaking mouse and keyboard driver. Less is more.
nice interface,but I expected that pay for play will return :slightly_sad:
On the latest Cortex, it seems like they removed the Gamecaster for recording/streaming.

Granted, not everybody used it, but it was better than nothing.
On the latest Cortex, it seems like they removed the Gamecaster for recording/streaming.

Granted, not everybody used it, but it was better than nothing.

There's a million alternatives to Gamecaster, just like there are a million alternatives to every other tool or software.
It all started with the cloud, now the whole internet sky is stuffed with clouds, you need software (multiple versions and releases), an internet connection at all times, accounts and passwords for all of them. Out of the clouds came rain, pouring rain. Each drop is a subversion of the idea of the cloud, also requiring software, an internet connection, accounts and passwords, many of them don't remember the passwords (e.g. synapse 2) and as an added bonus they spawn tons of publicity in your face. One of those tiny drops in a gigantic ocean of rain is Synapse, inside the drop one particle is named Cortex, and attached to that you have Gamecaster. FYI: the complete mouse driver package consumes (rather consumed) around 440Mb on my system. The first three computers I owned, the TRS80, PC XT and PC 286, had respectfully 16kB, 128kB and 640kB of RAM. On the 286 I was playing already playing a zillion of games like DOOM. A game using kilobytes then and a mouse driver using 440Mb today, something went terribly wrong down the line guys. We're all doomed!!!
Отличное приложение, мне очень понравилось
i got problem login cortex as whenever i login , is will ask me to accept terms and service , and when i accept it auto logon and the same loop happen again
Installed it then realized there was no game caster. I tried to see if it was just under different tabs or something completely different, realized it was not in at all so I uninstalled it and reinstalled a older version I had. :3 Of course the main thing I use cortex for gets removed.

Could you send me a copy? I can't find the download anywhere. Looks like it's been removed.
Sounds Good
Youl all better check your GPU usage increase while gaming with Cortex on and check it there are any FPS benefits due to this additional usage.
Latest update is causing UAC to trip on boot now. is the version number. Not a huge issue, but seriously annoying since it didn't used to do this before.