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[PAID TO PLAY - MOBILE] Vote For Your Favorite Game in July

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Hey Insiders,

Your selected games can now be enjoyed on the go with Razer Cortex Mobile!

The votes for the next Paid-to-Play games are now open! Featuring awesome indie titles from various publishers to popular titles! Go ahead and vote for your desired Game of The Month! The two game titles with the highest vote by end June will be featured in July!

Your choice matters!

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Please only put free games this month, I'm missing out because I'm broke
Currently representing 1/3 of the voting and losing! I'm just happy to be here really...
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Hello friends,

Have fun with Razer Cortex mobile. ^ _ ^
assasin s creed yeay!
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Amongus, fun game ;P
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Assasin Creed
Among Us for this month
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No my favorite game on the list
Minecraft maybe?
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I saw the sus ! I pick the sus ! 😂
Pls bring back premium paid to play games!
3rd one from the bottom looks kinda sus. Green in the forum not doing tasks!

Among Us is the ultimate time-killer. I hate being the IMP though as my heartrate shoots through the roof. And then some Minecraft.... cause... well it's minecraft.
AMOGUS so i can play with my friends while earning!
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Among us I guess..
Assassin's Creed and Maze Machina
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Assassins Creed is the best one to choose!
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plssssssss make them only free games
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Vote done!
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anything but among us.
Voted for Among Us and Assassin's Creed.
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Free to Play games.
Assassin's Creed Rebellion !!!
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Almost no votes for Tacticool? :,(
How did Among us beat minecraft