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  • 21 August 2023
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We recently launched our newest BlackWidow Keyboard, the BlackWidow V4 75. With this keyboard you can swap out the keycaps and the keyboard switches, which caught a lot of keyboard enthusiasts by surprise. So, for this week’s Weekly Silver discussion, will you get the new BlackWidow V4 75? And if you do, do you plan on keeping it stock., or do you have some switches and keycaps in mind? Like and comment for a chance at the weekly 5000 Razer Silver!

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75% is not my favorite standard, but hot-swap option is a nice feature, so I can have it all (Green, Orange and Yellow switches in one keyboard) 😄

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75% compact Layout might not be suitable for every preference, but hot-swappable switches and keycaps was a pretty good feature, for different switches preference or fix the broken switches after few years.

I just got the full size version (black widow pro) and I'm sad that I can't swap the switches on this one, because I really wanted the orange switches but it only came in either green or yellow ones… 

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I prefer the full size but if it means I can create any color combination. I am going to go for all colors on the keycaps

I prefer black stock keys with my black widow.

I think I’d keep it stock at first and then I’d customize it when I’ve delved deeper into mechanical keyboards information wise. I’ve been using the same keyboard since 2014 and never dived deep into keyboards up until now and had absolutely NO idea that there are so many types of keyboards, especially all the customisation options for mechanical ones are insane

Hello semua nya


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gonna keep using my current keyboard

actually only recently learned about this keyboard and im very seriously purchasing it. 75% is a near perfect size imo and im a tinkerer at heart so i love the fact that i woudl be able to swap switches and keycaps. that said i would need to do a good amount of research into what products to use with it

this thing is epic…. unexpected one fr

will this be available on silver redeem rewards? thanks!