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Barracuda X USB-C Dongle suddenly not working

  • 28 March 2023
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Hi there,


so today I wanted to use my Barracuda X Headset with my laptop via the USB-C Dongle. Before plugging it into the USB-C port the dongle worked fine on my other PC and my Samsung phone. After plugging it into my laptop it neither worked on said laptop and after checking it with my phone it also did not want to connect as usual. On my PC the dongle still works fine for now. I updated the driver on my laptop just in case but it simply does not want to work. When I use the USB-3 to USB-C adapter it works fine, but somehow the dongle won’t get recognized by my laptop and, as stated, suddenly not on my phone anymore.

Any suggestions on why this might be? I can somehow make do with the adapter but why did the dongle suddenly stop working with my phone as well.


Thanks in advance!

2 Replies

I have the same problem. Does any one know the sollution? 

It works fine with the cable, but it doesn't find the headphone on the Switch and my phone. 

i juste have the same and before it worked on the usb c on my pc