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Razer Headset Automatic Power Off

  • 28 October 2022
  • 8 replies

My Razer Barracuda X (2022) Wireless keeps turning itself off and I'm not sure how to fix that. I've tested it while it's dying, and also while it's fully charged and it's just doing the same thing. I can be mid game or mid movie and it just turns itself off. What do I do?

8 Replies

Yeah i actually submitted a ticket about the issue as well as right side not working as well ass firmware updater not recognizing my headset (Barracuda X BT version)
Same issue with 2 different headsets now.
I support it, my headset also turns off after a while. Annoy. And I also noticed such a thing that if nothing is played, then the sound turns on with a wheeze.

I’m having the same issue. When I googled, there is apparently an auto shut-off feature that can be turned off from the app. I am in the app and cannot find it though. 

I have mine set to 30 minutes in the app but they still turn off after 5 so I guess the setting is defunct.

Has there been an update on this? I saw the suggestion about setting it to never on the phone App but it still turns off randomly. I checked if its a battery issue and it’s not.

My razer barracuda is turning off by itself for a few seconds and then plugs back in, it's sad this because I bought the handset not 2 months ago

my pc doesn’t have a type c port so I was using the usb to type c extender cable that came with it and it turns off randomly. I bought a usb to type c adapter thinking that it might fix the issue but to no avail. I already tried setting “never” in the phone app. It still doesn’t work.