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Deathstalker V2 reconnecting when changing profiles

  • 1 April 2023
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I'm using Deathstalker V2 ( ) and, unlike to Pro or TKL, there is no firmware updates.

I have the last version of synapse 3 (

In Synapse 3 i'v created 4 profiles and have less than 45 macros (if that's important).

I bind them to a keys for all profiles (about 43 bindins at all),
bind F5, F6, F7, F8 to change to my custom profiles
and bind F1 for return to default profile.

So when i'm switching between profiles (by pressing F5->F1->F6->F7.. or other combination, even selecting from combobox in synapse) the keyboard stucks (lights are also freeze) , unplugs and plugs again. This happens just with less then 10 switches.
I'v tried to:
1) clean resinstall synapse
2) repair synapse
3) plug keyboard to another usb

However, if i save profiles to the keyboard memory, than everything works normally.

I'm totally at a loss - the there is a bug in a firmware\synapse or my keyboard is broken?


2 Replies

“ I'm using Deathstalker V2 ( ) and, unlike to Pro or TKL, there is no firmware updates. “


yes, Razer we have been waiting for any firmware update for a freaking 200$ keyboard ,i have this keyboard for less than a month and it has random disconnections all over the place!


  • uninstalled latest razer synapse.
  • ran DriverCleanup_21062021 for all or your drivers.
  • reinstalled latest razer synapse RazerSynapseInstaller_V1.12.0.385
  • uninstalled it and installed an older version RazerSynapseInstaller_V1.11.0.379
  • changed several USB c cables.
  • plugged to a laptop and still unstable. 
  • was running fine until 7.5.23.

tried 1 profile tried 4 at once, tried playing with lighting setting but no difference in the end. 
running AMD 5950x gigabyte X570 AORUS ELITE wIFI


I sent it back to my retailer lab and they said they have tested for a long duration could not recreate the problem which i called BS on, to my Suprise the keyboard worked fine for 2 days straight! 

but as of today 26.5.23, started my pc and the keyboard wouldn’t turn on at first and then start a cycle of random intervals of connections and disconnections, each lasting only a 10 - 30 seconds.

after i got it back from the retailer “lab fix” i didn’t have the gut to turn on razer synapse so i left it at the default stat with max keycaps lighting, yesterday while it still worked i open synapse just to turn off the keycaps lighting all the way down and the keyboard still worked, but after pc shutdown and boot this morning back with the problems, grasping at straws here, i usually can pin point problems with troubleshooting relative fast but i cannot say if it’s a software or hardware issue for this silly keyboard.


video of the issue - Razer Deathstalker V2 reconnecting & disconnecting - YouTube


Going to send it back to the retailer until they either find and fix the issue or refund me, i should note that I opened a ticket at Razer and they tried to help but I’m not sure they can because I live outside the US. 


feel free to pile on the compliments maybe razer will notice us.

will keep updating!