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Download previous version of Synapse 3

  • 8 November 2023
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Is there a link to a previous version of Razer Synapse after all the issues with Version 20231107 (3.8.1031.110202)?

All THX enabled headsets have issues since the last update and cleaning the drivers and running a fresh install do not solve the issues.

My Kraken V3 Pro for example sounds bad when THX is enabled and even worse if you have a game running with THX profiles like competitive or environmental. Stereo is OK - I think.


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52 Replies

I have a jetacces ghp 400 pro, they are half the price, with good vibration motors, rich bass, virtual 7.1 sound, the vibrations are so powerful it’s like you put a subwoofer to your ear!and suddenly it occurred to me to move to a new level!!! bought blackshark  v2 special edition...What a pity that I didn’t know about this massive problem in advance

p.s(in the trial version of thx all the sliders actually work, but in synapse even the equalizer does not work)

Razer T H X not working gowing to cet a diffrent head set