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I can't login to my razer account

  • 8 April 2023
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when i started my computer the razer account login screen popped up and asked me to enter my account password. When I entered my password, the account settings screen appeared and every time I started synapse 3, it asked me to log out of my account and log in again. So my dpi settings and keyboard lighting are messed up, please help

7 Replies

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I have the same issue. This isn’t the first time this issue has come up. They will probably blame the user of operating system; seems to be how they handle this particular issue.

It was working fine for me until Feb 15 when I logged into my computer & now I can’t log into Razer. When I enter my password it just sits there saying “Logging you in” and nothing happens. I  have restarted my computer several times, updated my password & reinstalled the program & still can’t log in to correct the colors on my keyboard. It is past warranty so I can’t ask Razer this question. How do I get it to log in?

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It’s a known issue with the software and accounts. The accounts become corrupt. There is no fix, as it’s caused by the software itself. Razer has been unwilling to fix the issue for years. If you want to have profiles, you have to create a new account. If you can get by with only three local game profiles, then skip the login an run the software without an account.


The best solution is to never by a Razer product again.

This is interesting. I tried to make a new account but of course couldn’t because same email. So after what felt like a lot of effort I managed to log in as a guest account and it let me start my favorite colors (Fire). I though I would probably have to do that every day but instead it opens up & makes Fire for the last couple mornings with no problem. I just wonder how long I can use a guest account.

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Yeah, a guest login will get you access to the color profile selections, but the profiles are now stored on your device, not in the cloud. This means you are limited to only three profiles.


This may not impact a standard keyboard all that much, but greatly impacts the usability of any gaming mouse or keypad/gamepad. 


For a company that claims to make products for gamers, it seems they couldn’t care less about us. I’ve got hundreds of games, 20 of which I’m actively playing in a month, but I’m forced to only use three key mappings? (I won’t even go into their gaming mice that don’t work on most mouse pads.)


Yeah, won’t be buying another Razer product. It really sucks that they bought out Nostromo.

I only have the keyboard from Razer, my mouse is different so all I care about are the pretty colors Fire & rainbow Wheel. 

Well the guest account is working so far. Not sure if that’s permanent or I will have to re-do it each month. However I was so annoyed by it when it wasn’t working that I ordered a lighted gaming keyboard from Temu for $14. I can’t control the colors but at least I  knew that ahead of time. Works well & using it now.