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Razer Mouse Dock Pro Synapse Lighting Bug

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I had the Basilisk Ultimate with dock, no issues with the lighting but the charging is terrible, have to adjust the position every time to get it start charging. So when i see the new Basilisk V3Pro i decided to upgrade. Yet again, this time got this RGB not turning off  problem!! As i saw the previous comment, this been happeing over 9 months. WTF razer, we are paying top dollars for this flagship mice, and you guys still dont wanna fix this issue, so disappointing.

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i have the same problem. we need really a fix for that

As I look up on this post, people are enquiring this issue 9 months ago!!!! when you guys plaing to resolve this? 


Same problem here …


same problem here, any solution?

I replied to your message. Thanks for your cooperation, 1PUNCHM4N!



I am experiencing this same issue.

When option 'Switch Off Lighting - When display is turned off' is selected the Razer accessory 'Razer Mouse Dock Pro' continues to use RGB chroma effects.
Other peripherals with this option enabled function correctly.

My other peripherals are Naga V2 Pro and Ornata V2.



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they won’t fix that. i wrote with Razer Support lvl 2 and they said they see no problem and thats not a bug. there isn’t any bug to fix. 

but i thought already they will say that. since a year people complaining about that and nothing happens. It’s sad. that was very expensive to buy a basilisk v3 pro and a mouse dock pro. it would be to nice, to be real to own something cool like this. 

Same problem, would love to see this issue resolved though it seems to be a low priority vs social media advertising and bringing back the Sneki Snake hoodie. 😡

I just bought the Basilisk Pro and the Mouse Dock Pro and it does not seem to me that the issue has been addressed.  I have the same problem.


If I tell my automobile dealer that my automatic headlights do not shut off, it would be completely unacceptable for them to disable my headlights.


I expected better from Razer.


Edit for clarification:  I do not use a hub.  My laptop provides charge power to the USB ports when it’s off.  The Mouse Dock Pro is connected to a Thunderbolt port.

I know others have gone through this, but just adding an update. I wanted an open ticket on this issue for tracking purposes, and I am also on my second mouse dock pro with this same behavior so I continue to be increasingly annoyed by this problem and the lack of responses. Just for visibility, I am using an entirely Razer hardware setup (blade 14 2022, raptor, thunderbolt 4 hub, mouse dock pro, naga v2 pro, etc. For testing, this was with the mouse dock directly connected to laptop.)


First agent said it was possibly a hardware defect and offered to setup an RMA to replace it. I asked instead for it to be escalated, as it is not a hardware issue. They had me send my synapse logs and msinfo data. This was the response from tier 2 support.

This is Irish from the Razer Escalations Team.

I am sorry to hear that the Mouse Dock Pro is not turning off even if the PC is off. Rest assured, I will do all that I can to help.

Please be advised that this is expected behavior if the port has USB charging even when the computer is turned off (this setting can be disabled in the BIOS) and the port is delivering power.


To further check, kindly connect a mobile phone to the same USB port where the dock is plugged in and test if the phone charges on the port.


I advised that this is not expected behavior from my end, and also means that there is an issue still outstanding. Either there is an issue (probably requiring firmware update - the chroma charging pad had the same issue until I manually updated the firmware and it is now fixed) with the Mouse Dock Pro that is/has not been resolved in that it is not working properly with the ‘turn lights off when display is off’ option in Synapse OR the issue is in Synapse itself which needs that option removed if this is the ‘expected behavior’.


Either way, things are not working right with this product, and with the recently released (hours ago) Cobra mouse which also works with the Mouse Dock Pro, more and more people are going to be experiencing this issue, but because Razer refuses to acknowledge it as a problem, no one seems to even be looking at it.



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i got the same copy and paste answer from them. 

Products Basilisk V3 Pro and Charging Pad Chroma work as intended, which is to shut the lighting off when the screen shuts off and the appropriate Razer Synapse box is checked,  USB charging when the computer is off notwithstanding.

Product Mouse Dock Pro also works as intended, which is to not shut off when the screen shuts off when the computer is providing USB charging, despite having exactly the same “ Switch Off Lighting” configuration screen and check box in the Razer Synapse software.

That is their “expected behavior.“

Is that a fair summary?

That’s what they’re saying, attaching a new response which also ignores the issue. I did point them to this thread as well which they did not acknowledge:


We hope you are well and safe. My name is Dennis one of the senior technical advisors for Razer. We are sorry to hear about your concern with the mouse dock pro that does not turn off even if you have already turned off your computer.


What we meant regarding the expected behavior is that being that it is a dock pro for charging, the computer's USB ports provide power delivery even when it is turned off as long as it is connected to a power source. 

You have the option to turn off this feature within your PC's USB settings. Here are some of the steps that you can try. 


1. Open the Control Panel.
2. Find Power Options.
3. Click on Change Power Plan/Settings.
4. Click Advanced Power Settings.
5. Find USB Settings - disable both boxes here.
6. Save and close.

Or the following steps.

Navigate to Control Panel > Hardware > Power Options > Edit Plan Settings.
Select Restore default settings for this plan.
Expand the USB Settings drop-down.
Expand the USB selective suspend setting drop-down.
Select Disabled and Apply/OK the settings. Shift4.

We will be waiting for your response to this e-mail so we can get you assisted properly. You may reach us once again through this thread.
Case # 230629-000831

All the best,

R Λ Z Ξ R™ | L2 Technical Support

Same issue with the dock. I don’t understand why they don’t aknowledge that as the issue it clearly is.

Perhaps we have a fundamental misunderstanding here.  We do not want the Mouse Dock Pro to shut off when the computer is off.  If that happened, we would not be able to charge the mouse.

We want this check box to work, as it does with other Razer devices.

If the only way to switch off the lighting when the display is turned off is to disable USB charging power, there is no need for that check box, as it has no function.  It makes as much sense as “Switch off lighting when the power is cut off.”


The first step in fixing a problem is to acknowledge that there is one.

Here is the latest in their lack of helpful responses - effectively saying this is working the way it should and they are not going to do anything about it:


Thank you for patiently waiting. 


As advised by our Internal Team, this is currently an expected behavior. We completely understand that this is unusual behavior considering the option in Synapse, however, rest assured that as long as the unit is working perfectly with its functions, there is nothing to worry about. We greatly appreciate the feedback and we are taking note of it for future reference.


It would be best to keep your Razer Synapse up to date and check in with our Razer Support website for any possible future updates.

Thank you, davegrey.

I must believe they knew the Mouse Dock Pro would have this particular lack of response to the software before they released it, and that if it was possible to change the behavior, they would simply do so instead of being intractable.

Perhaps lawyers are involved in their position.

Okay so it's 10 months now and no fix?? I can't believe they release a product this expensive and then don't give a f*ck about their customers. I have many razer Devices but this makes me very mad! RAZER WE NEED A FIX, NOW

Okay so it's 10 months now and no fix?? I can't believe they release a product this expensive and then don't give a f*ck about their customers. I have many razer Devices but this makes me very mad! RAZER WE NEED A FIX, NOW

It’s called bean counting, and combined with Agile practices it results in these non-show-stopper bugs never getting fixed, and they never will. People still buy the mouse and dock. The bug is already at the bottom of the heap, because it does not affect users actually using the mouse, so they can ignore it. A very, very small percentage of people will bother returning the mouse and/or dock.

All modern tech companies operate on this principle.  Sucks for us, works just fine for them. 

Same problem for when i bought the razer cobra pro. Dock lights won’t turn off. I already have this problem with the keyboard, deathstalker v2 pro and with razer nommo pro. Lights won’t shut down after the pc is off. 

This is getting fustrating and i’m starting to hate razer for this !

Just got my mouse and dock and having this issue as well. Like others have said I just want the "turn off lights when monitor is off" button to work. I have this in my bedroom and shouldn't have to do a walk-around. 

Same here, the LEDs of the Razer Dock Pro do not switch off, after the PC is shut down….. even after the firmware update to v1.01.00_r2…. 

So many people are complaining about this since nearly 1 year….. weird.

The same problem with Mouse Dock Pro. I want the dock lighting off when my PC is off or at least to save synapse setting to the dock to be able to have Dock lightning OFF + PC off + USB with power to charge my mouse within the night. 

Hi All,


Just purchased the Basilisk V3 Pro with wireless dock and facing same lighting issue. The Mouse and dock will light up to default settings when laptop is turned off…..My previous Death Adder Ultimate wireless with its dock did not have this issue and would still charge WITHOUT the lights turning on when the computer is turned off. Of course I set the lightings for both dock and mouse to turn off when display is off.

After all these months and issue postings I can’t believe Razer has still not been able to fix this issue!

Razer, if you are actually paying attention to your customer feedbacks, I hope your teams will post an update to fix this annoying problem.

Hey hey, 

Just booted my PC and mentioned an update of Synapse. Also a Firmwareupdate for the Razer Dock Pro / Basilisk V3 Pro to v2.0.3.0 is avialable …..

Oh guys…. I was soooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But the lighting is still not fixed on my side.😕