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Synapse 3.8.1031.110202 update audio concern

  • 7 November 2023
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I plugged in the dongle for my Nari  Ultimate headphones and the update started, the update installed fine… but now in windows sound settings there is no THX Speaker option.

All there is left is “Headphones Razer Nari Ultimate - Chat” & “Headphones Razer Nari Ultimate - Game” I see that I can select THX in Synapse but the sound shows no change.

Is this a glitch or are we now having to buy THX to have it back?

I hope I don’t come off as rude or anything, just wondering what has happened to the program and THX

Thank you

37 Replies

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Just to give an update, it seems to be working fine after updating to version 3.8.1031.110912, although THX Spatial Audio still doesn’t show up in Windows. My guess is, the selection between stereo and THX now happens internally in Synapse, that’s why we don’t see it as a separate device.

No more razer products for me. I just bought a new headset, I hope you find a solution and get rid of it, get well soon. 

i got even worse problem and its so concerning, im using Razer Nari Ultimate. and when im playing genshin whenever i open the team setup menu all sound become so freaking loud like super loud i immediately unequip the headset lower the volume physicaly and had some little nausea, i check on every sound setting its normal like 30% (im usually use this setting), and then its become even weirder like every sound started to jump extremely loud and silent, then i need to reset the audio device to make it revert back to normal. im super concern that if the sound does that again in other app or browser or anything that im not aware of it will break the device. please dev hear us, just revert back to the previous build. i mean if the app alone is already stable/good dont change anything. i feels like this update is just.. i dont know, a beta update? its not perfectly tested.

I have the same issue on a Kraken TE. Whenever I open a game and try to make noise in it (e.g placing a block in Minecraft), all of a sudden it becomes INCREDIBLY loud and the volume fluctuates a bit randomly. Tears my ears apart.

As soon as I close the game, audio volume gets back to normal. I’m glad someone else is in the same situation.

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I decided after reading other posts to submit a support ticket. 


I basically just said “Hey the software is not working, I bought these headphones that included a feature that is no longer working now & I had to spend more on a THX Spatial Audio license activation code just so I could get back what I lost .”


I would suggest others do the same and really let them be aware that we are upset & hope for a fix.

Razer synapse..

After the update i had some problems too, THX audio and everything else worked fine but my mic quality went to sh%t.
Sound like all of the mics lower Hz has gone and the mic sounds like radio.
The mics EQ doesnt do anything even i try different settings.

I have contacted the support and send alot of information about the issue but no aswer yet.
Weird that this size company cant revert the update for users even in 9 days.

I noticed that they have like 3 updates after the “update from hell”, but nothing is fixed.
Now the version is 20231110.

Попробовал купить софт THX, но не проходит оплата. Активировал бесплатную версию, звук стал намного лучше, в софте видно какие игры и приложения запущены.

Короче как купить ваш THX? 

Я из Беларуси. 


Guys, they released a new version 3.8.1031.110912. And they say that there will be no more tnx. But I didn't feel that the sound was any better.

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So I went and bought THX Spatial Audio, yes even though my Nari Ultimate came with it included. Really wish Razer would give some official response in any of these posts. Truly stinks that I had to pay $20+ to get back something I already had until this latest update. 


OK, so like most of you I have the 20231116 update. And to be honest I can’t really tell a difference from the update that messed everything up in the first place. All the presets sound the same as each other, Stereo or THX is the same to my ears.


The $20 THX Spatial Audio still sounds slightly better, but I hate having to have more stuff installed just for amazing sound. I have read others say “Go download Steelseries Sonar” but I will just try and hold out hope that Razer fixes everything.

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I’ve tries may things but even after the 20231116 update the audio quality is not as before, only thing that sound better is using the sonar feature of the Steelseries GG app. It also have spatial audio, I’m not sure it sounds same or better than old THX audio but it’s definitely sounds better than new “fake THX” in Razer synapse. So I will use that for at least till the time Razer is not bringing back the old THX audio quality. 
PS: I haven’t uninstalled the Synapse just yet, maybe in future and I’m using Razer Blackshark V2 Pro 2020

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It doesn't sound like a old thx so razer maybe you will lose customers in the future if you don't fix this 

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So the patch that was released on 2023/11/29 seemed to fix the sound on my Nari Ultimate… but I am still like many concerned about it saying that the THX is a Generic USB Audio device. Also A issue I noticed is it looks like Synapse rolled itself back to the 11/23/2023 patch, I am starting to get really concerned about the dedication of Razers tech/software division at this point. Update - Had to uninstall everything Razer, delete drivers, reset re install and now I got the 20231129 update back… Good God what is going on?


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Idk what Razer did with Synapse 3 20231129 release but my Razer Kraken V3 Pro when I turn them on are not recognized anymore.. I need to unplug the USB dongle and plug it again in order to get them working.

This software release 20231129 is complete trash.