Anyone at Razer able to wink/wink as to whether a Starfield charging stand is coming? | Razer Insider

Anyone at Razer able to wink/wink as to whether a Starfield charging stand is coming?

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Looks like the limited edition Starfield Xbox controller is indeed coming, and I’m curious if there will be a Razer charging stand to match?

Controller is basically white, but the battery cover is red, so getting the regular white stand would mix up the design.

Hoping someone at Razer might have something to share … ? Maybe? ;)

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I'm really hoping they do... The controller looks amazing and with the stand even better 

I'll be the first to buy it!!!


Please please please Razer, make it!

I got the matching stand for my 20th anniversary controller and love it so I really hope they make one. I’d buy it now if I could. 

I want this as well.


i already have the controller and headset. i rly hope they make the stand like they did for forza

Creating an account just so I can ask this question too!

😂 same, I want the base for mu starfield controller too, please Razer make it.

I keep checking to see if this charger has been released, so far disappointed. Seeing as it’s such a high-profile release for Xbox, I just assumed there’d be a matching charging stand offered. Why for other special edition controllers but not this one? Seems like a weird decision to me. Anyone from Razer have any insights?

Yes yes yes I want it too. A must-buy for me.

Already got the FH5 version and it’s amazing.

It’s looking like the Razer contract for Xbox controller charging stands has been allowed to expire. No Starfield charging stand, or for any of the latest Xbox controllers. Also, none of the older charging stands are being restocked when supplies run out. You can’t even find the default black charging stand anywhere. That’s all, folks. Hopefully another company picks up the contract.