how come synapse 3 cannot detect my products after every update?

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse 3 Beta' started by Bitauren007, Aug 23, 2018.

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  1. Bitauren007

    Bitauren007 Well-Known Member

    just updated synapse again, all of them disappear again


    need to come here to find fixes to it

    need to uninstall and install again

    and repeat after every update!

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  2. chickdan

    chickdan Active Member

    I remember about 3 patches ago the patch notes said "fixed Chroma HDK detection" after months of not having the HDK working properly. The very next update broke the detection again :unamused:
  3. Bitauren007

    Bitauren007 Well-Known Member

    can they at least test their updates on multiple machines first before releasing it?

    totally frustrating
  4. chickdan

    chickdan Active Member

    I honestly don't think they test them. A single QA tester would prevent many of these bugs from ever reaching consumers.
  5. Razer.MarksmanMiya

    Razer.MarksmanMiya New Member Staff Member

    Hey guys! We're currently looking into this and we're collating all the feedback that we can have with the latest Synapse update. Please share with me more details of the experiences that you currently have with Synapse via PM so we can take care of you right away.
  6. After the update synapse 3 is no longer recognizing Tartus V2, already tried to reinstall synapse 3, restart the notebook, change usb input but even so it is not recognized or detected by the program ...
  7. Quango2k

    Quango2k Member

    Simple long term fix..

    1: unplug all Razer devices.
    2: put them on eBay.
    3: buy steelseries.
    4: be happy.

    That's how I resolved my Synapse woes..
  8. Chaos.Blades

    Chaos.Blades New Member

    I mean this is what happens when certain hardware is only supported on beta software... for months and month and months.
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