How do you deal (or not) with Bad Manner Players/Gamers?

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by Adrestia716, Jan 22, 2015.

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  1. Manahotep

    Manahotep Active Member

    I teach doctors for a living.. so i take a little different approach. I tell them that there is a better way to get their point across and help if they are receptive. I give them a chance for redemption. If not then they get on the ignore list. Thus my 100% no P.U.G. Policy. Guild choice is so important. The guild i am in Old Timers Guild has very active and involved chapter leaders and officers that quickly deal with frequent violators of good gaming manners.
  2. Dynasty1K

    Dynasty1K New Member

    Mute, ignore and blacklist them(if that's an option). Or report them if they don't stop. I used to go back and forth with these stupid people but realized its a waste of time and it screwed up my gaming time. Mute is a hell of a tool lol.
  3. Medrilan

    Medrilan Active Member

    Which is why I don't believe cyber bullying is real TBH. It's easily avoided but people don't do shit about it
  4. Letter13

    Letter13 Member

    Cyber-bullying is a thing. Given, often times blocking the bully will work 99% of the time and would cause it to end, there are instances where the bully goes out of their way to harass someone such as seeking them out on other media, trying to obtain their personal information (read: doxing) to harass them with phone calls, fake food orders, etc.

    Sometimes it isn't easily avoided, especially if the bully goes out of their way to harass, upset or unsettle someone.
  5. Medrilan

    Medrilan Active Member

    If it gets to that point, it's not "bullying" it's harassment (possibly stalking?) and the authorities should be contacted. Cyber-Bullying as most people portray it isn't a real thing imo, because of how easily avoidable it is.
  6. T3CHKN0_xf_rzr

    T3CHKN0_xf_rzr New Member

    mute them, that's what it's there for.
  7. Letter13

    Letter13 Member

    Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate others, typically to force him or her to do what one wants.

    Harassment is the aggressive pressure or intimidation of others.

    They're synonymous. Cyber-Bullying is a form of harassment, just as real-world bullying is. The only difference is that in the majority of cyber-bullying cases can be dealt with by using an ignore button (but again, some cyber-bullies go out of their way to harass and bully their victims).
  8. Kornelcius

    Kornelcius New Member

    I play mainly LOL and I couldn't agree more - below certain rank the people playing are just flaming everyone for everything. There were games, that I just wanted to go afk cause instead of playing people would just stand still and type angrily at each other. But on the other hand - there is not much Riot (or in case of any other game some other developer) can do.
    The first thing I do when I encounter these type of players I try to help them - I tell that it is negative, that they should focus on their play, that the main way to win is through teamwork etc.
    Then, if it doesn't work at all I use the mute button and just ignore them.
    And of course, I report them after the game hoping that they will learn.
  9. That's my point. Real world bullying, you cant just click a button to avoid it. So called "cyber bullying" is completely avoidable. If someone is seeking you out personally, trying to steal your information to actively cause you psychological and monetary harm (calling food orders to your house etc), thats far more than cyber bullying. Thats stalking. Whilst "cyber bullying" is a form of harassment, what your describing goes far beyond simple bullying whilst playing a game. In all honesty, the only reason a "cyber bully" is going to seek you out on other media, is if you engage enough to either piss them off, or cause some other reason for them to take interest, simple mute/ignore avoids this as well.

    Cyber bullying is only a thing if you chose to leave yourself in that position. This isnt the playground, daddy's advice to "stand up to a bully" doesnt apply here. If you chose to "fight back", your just as toxic as the bully.
  10. fabiokawai

    fabiokawai Active Member

    I just mute them and report in the end of the game (LoL)
  11. Just mute them and report them in DotA 2.
  12. SH4D0WZ0MB1E

    SH4D0WZ0MB1E Active Member

    Why do I have the feeling that people saying that cyber-bulling "isn't a thing" or "just hit the mute/ignore/block button" partake in said activities?

    While yes it can be avoided, it DOES NOT justify someone trying to talk negatively to someone else.
  13. RazerNangu

    RazerNangu Member Staff Member

    To be honest, I think the best way is to just ignore them completely. I recently started playing Dota too, so I know exactly what you mean. Trolls need feeding, and if you avoid getting sucked into taking them on, they'll lose interest really fast. Don't let them stop you from playing games you like! If you do, they've won. :)
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  14. Because your cynical?

    Unless you believe it makes more sense for a bully to tell you the exact way to avoid them.
  15. SH4D0WZ0MB1E

    SH4D0WZ0MB1E Active Member

    Idk, just seems like you're trying to sweep it under the rug like it's nothing and somehow trying to justify their actions. Maybe I'm misinterpreting things?
  16. Medrilan

    Medrilan Active Member

    i don't think either of us are going to change our minds here, so I'll be done with this. i just personally don't see why "cyber-bullying" is so big.
  17. Zayler

    Zayler New Member

    Try to always play LoL with friends. It's always more fun that way.
  18. dclanz

    dclanz Member

    Whether they are friendlies or enemies, I too have a low tolerance for bad gaming manners. I either mute or ignore and continue on my merry way, doing my best and having a blast playing. :)
  19. You are misinterpreting things, not once have i tried to justify a bully's behavior. As someone who was bullied as a child at school i know first hand how it can destroy your world. I just did what i'm basically telling everyone here to do, REFUSE to become a "victim". For me, i went to the gym and learned MMA. Turned a huge negative into a positive.

    My point is, no one is going to stop the bullying for you, you have to stop it yourself. In this case, the mute button. Refusing to use the tools provided and engage the bully instead makes you (almost) as bad as the bully when it comes to toxicity while gaming.
  20. SH4D0WZ0MB1E

    SH4D0WZ0MB1E Active Member

    Well it seems from this thread there are some who will stand up for victims, but it seems it's like anything else in life; if you want to make sure something is done do it yourself and don't rely on others to handle it for you.
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