I fixed the drift on my TE-edition!

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by maskros87, Jan 5, 2019.

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  1. Me too.. it's LITERALLY unbelievable it's work just fine by just blow in your joysticks.. I hope it's stay like this
    Get it touch in a few days
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  2. Alexa_sa

    Alexa_sa New Member

    Omg i loveeee u, you saved my life i was really desperate

    u r right blowing normally doesn’t work i tried it before, but when I really blow hard like u said it’s working 100%
    “I didn’t go hard pulling and pushing the stick i think that won’t solve the problem cuz i was doing it before and nothing happened.
    just pulling and pushing the stick gently while blowing hard like HARD HARD

    it makes sense now considering the problem came from no where after two months of use

    Thank u for sharing this with us :heart:
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  3. 7nightwing7

    7nightwing7 Active Member

    The drift will return. It's not a permanent fix sadly.
  4. maxxxxx69

    maxxxxx69 New Member

    Try a compressed air can, it's been a few days since I've done it and it's working fine till now. HOPEFULLY:wink_:
  5. maskros87

    maskros87 New Member

    Yeah it will come back after x-hours of use, I tried to just "push down the stick" yesterday but it didnt help.
    But it works like a charm everytime i blow-fix it. Maybe the blowing has nothing to do with the problem but it works for me, i will use it as a ritual :D
  6. maskros87

    maskros87 New Member

    NP :wink_:
  7. 7nightwing7

    7nightwing7 Active Member

    Hows your controller going ? Dit it return?
  8. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    ofc it will return, blowing air has nothing to do with it, its propably pressing the stick as a button that changes something. The motherboard of our pc is propably full of dust, apart from overheating faster it doesnt change anything else. Plus no way there was dust in it anyways, we would have seen it coming out when blowing. I tried for 2 days to not blow but only press it inside and ofc its working, shows that blowing inside as expected didnt play any part. did the "dust" make the v1.01 had huge delay when wireless? did the dust prevent multiple ultimate controllers from connecting while wireless to the ps4? did the dust prevents hair trigger mode from working in some games? lets be serious here, its the software. I tried blowing just for the heck of it the first day and drift still happened.
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  9. 7nightwing7

    7nightwing7 Active Member

    Yeah i know. Thing that helps for me is resetting the controller via the razer app the next day. But that should 't be necessary for a € 200 controller. I just cant believe that razer is trying to have the controller rma-ed for new users. If they just would be honest about it. Instead of giving people the default answer "You need to rma it". They ALL have they same problems. Read stories about people who returned their raiju ultimate controller up to 6 times, and still having the exact same problems lol. Like you said, it's the software, not the hardware.
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  10. RRicard00

    RRicard00 New Member

    One of those people is me :angry: I had 2 raiju's and 3 raiju ultimates all of them had lag input and stick drift. I srsly cant wait till the c40 astro releases.
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  11. 7nightwing7

    7nightwing7 Active Member

    Well, the reason i pass on the astro is because it needs a transmitter. Has no Bluetooth, and you wont be able to power on the ps4 using the ps home button. Im no hater in astro though. I have the astro a50 gen2 headset. Absolutely love it. But no Bluetooth and having to use another transmitter,plus the not being able to use the ps home button was a let down for me. Besides that all my usb ports are already used on my ps4 pro.
  12. RRicard00

    RRicard00 New Member

    For me it doesnt matter. I always play wired and i use one of my ports for controller and one for my Razer ManOwar wireless transmitter.
  13. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    Yep, people dont understand that the controller wasnt stick drifting all that often with 1.02 firmware anyways, it was an improvement, lets say the razer ultimate drifts like 10 times per 2-3 hours, if everytime it does u press and blow inside it just makes u feel better by thinking u can do something about, its an exclusively mental placebo.

    A really cool mod (not gonna mention his name cuz people will propably bombard him with DMs) told me that the v1.03 update is directed towards bluetooth fixes, either the 1.04 will have solved it entirely or would have eliminated most of it and the v1.05 will do the trick. Thats what people from the dev team told him. Saying that tho it doesnt guarantee anything done within a certain period of time. Im in Europe, heard the Astro C40 gets released around March in the US, so i guess it will take longer to debut in Europe. I have the feeling till then this controller would have been fixed.

    And another thing, if we're gonna buy the raiju then the raiju ultimate, then the astro C40 then why not go to PC gaming? Seriously i mean it! The best Logitech mouse is around 160-180 euro, a very good gaming keyboard is around our ultimate price. Just with the nacon rev pro 2 and this ultimate i could have bought a gaming mouse and a gaming keyboard, both top shelf and they would have lasted for many years. Now add the old raiju and the new astro C40 and lets say someone bought/buys both when they first came out, thats a 144hz monitor right there. I used the warranty on my previous controllers, when they came back to the store inside their box i would exchange them for the newest one and pay the difference money wise. Sure that saved me lots of money but i have YET to find a single PS4 so called pro controller that can last a damn year and not showcase a numerous list of problems.

    Meanwhile a friend has the xbox and has bought the microsoft pro controller or whats it called for 140 euro and its been working like a beast for more or less 2 years. This is Sony's fault. If they could make a proper pro controller and release it, none of this would have happened.

    i have the astro a50 gen3 with the wireless transmitter so i guess the transmitter should propably work for both the C40 controller and the A50 headset in case i bought the C40 (or exchanged it for the ultimate), the headset is amazing, never had any problems with it. I trust Astro's quality and i want to believe that their new controller will be up to those standards but pay AGAIN 200 euro? And when it hits the stores here it will propably cost around 250 right away. And what if it showcases problems after 6 months or so? Tho since Logitech bought Astro i can trust them, at least i think. Lets hope the ultimate will be fixed long before the C40's release date so we dont have to think about that. And even then if it doesnt still its a weird choice. I mean imagiine u sell ur ultimate, buy the Astro, then a month or two later the Ultimate is completely fixed and by then ur Astro has some kind of problem, what do u do? I would throw it from the roof seriously. Nacon controllers break down every 2 to 5 months, Vantage breaks down per month, Razer's Raiju needed half a year to get fixed completely, now the Ultimate is gonna break that record. Can anyone trust another PS4 pro controller anymore? I certainly cant.

    On another note, would u mind if u used the C40 wired only? And wouldnt the PS4 have a USB hub or something to fix that problem pretty cheap? I think we will all be here talking about things like that till the Ultimate finally gets fixed or we get rid of it anyways, but if the new firmware that comes out is close to the Astro's release date and hasnt fixed at least by 90% and i start reading good things everywhere for a month or two about the C40 then i seriously think im gonna switch. Still i have my doubts about another PS4 pro controller tho i have my doubts as well about the time this controller is gonna take to get fixed. And i dont know who else has this, my Ultimate connected instantly to my ps4 while wireless but the next day it couldnt connect ever again, i hear many people have that. So to address ur concern about the C40 not being wireless without a transmitter, well my Ultimate hasnt been wireless apart from 24 hours either.
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  14. JenyaMetan

    JenyaMetan New Member

    Can you tell step by step how do you made it? How to enter bootloaded mode? Sry it is a little bit difficult to understand eng(((
  15. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    All u have to do is press the X button along with the UP arrow at the D-pad together for some time, mine didnt get into bootloaded mode while being on wired mode, i had to put it on wireless. Try it out.
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  16. JenyaMetan

    JenyaMetan New Member

    Thx, I try it right now, but nothing happens( I was try at wired/wireless mode, have a feeling I still do smth wrong ) I just need connect to pc by usb and press buttons, correct ?
  17. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    I did mine without connecting it to the pc but try it in many different ways, try it in all modes to see what works, my first times it did nothing but a bit later on it bootloaded with the first try.
  18. 7nightwing7

    7nightwing7 Active Member

    Here's what i did:

    Open the 1.01 updater on your computer. Make sure it's ready to receive the controller. Press cancel when the popup about the synapse software displays.

    Put your controller in usb mode.

    With one hand press and hold d-pad up, and hold down the X button.

    Now, with your other hand connect the usb cable.

    The controller now goes into bootloader mode and will begin installing the 1.01 firmware.

    Wait untill it's completely done.

    Now disconnect, and install the 1.03 firmware.
  19. FilipMvP

    FilipMvP New Member

    Great update guide and fixing drift issue guide Nicejob guys. I have also negative experience with ultimate edition.
    First had big stick drift (after update to 1.02 controller was unplayable).
    Second one had small drift and right analog had some lag when I try to look right, looking left was ok. Update not solved issue.
    Third one work decent . Incidentally lag on sticks and small drifting is well playable on basic firmware 1.01
    I updated the firmware to 1.3 and at this point razer is issue free but I had no time to test...
    I will also keep you up to date
    Regards Filip

    Ps sorry I know my English is terrible....
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  20. FilipMvP

    FilipMvP New Member

    and after few days of testing unfortunately i have to say that is again worse ... Controller is playable but on basic firmware i have almost not lag small drifting and now it lag persist (sometimes is noticeable )
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