[Insider] Qualifying for Insider pre-order registrations.

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 7, 2015.

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  1. FanySica

    FanySica New Member

    This seem too much 8 post and new member look like they dont really have a chance to enter this at all..
  2. ldminh.94

    ldminh.94 New Member

    Glad I saw this on my Facebook's wall
  3. RomJS

    RomJS New Member

    Maybe its a little bit exhaustive for preorder, not many people know about this program
    and it was not so easy access, this should be a breakthrough =/
  4. Chro_

    Chro_ Member

    Thank you for rewarding those who deserve a fair chance at highly anticipated pre-orders!
    I'm typically a lurker when it comes to public forums and such but because of the super friendly community here, I find myself to be not as shy when it comes to posting replies :)
  5. MistaEM

    MistaEM New Member

    I am curious about the nabu x. I wont be getting a the regular nabu, as i have already a pebble and a samsung gear 2 neo.
  6. MementoMori

    MementoMori New Member

    So excited for this! It looks awesome :D
  7. toymachine1

    toymachine1 New Member

    Maybe this whole preorder stuff could get a little more publication so that everyone knows when it's going on! Besides that, nice Razer!
  8. UnsungPatriot

    UnsungPatriot New Member

    I can understand the 8 posts. I think it's a steady enough number. The point is not for people to just jump on last second and be able to easily "farm" for posts and get access to the deal. This IS meant for the hardcore Razer lovers that have been here early on, or for a little bit of time than just a day before a sale, and that check these forums for news and share experiences with their Razer products etc. This is kind of a "thank you" or reward, if you will, for their participation and loyalty to the brand. Congrats on another CES award by the way Razer! Woot, woot!
  9. I was wondering I maybe misunderstood but it's a first in line pre-order ?
  10. jeffhvac

    jeffhvac Member

    No this is going to be the forth wave. Way to go Razer.
  11. Upperm0st

    Upperm0st New Member

    I'm planning on buying the Nabu, but I think I'm just gonna try the Nabu X first. :)
  12. grim53

    grim53 Member

    I'm a big user of Razer hardware, but I am a big lurker as far as forms go. This 8 post thing is a bit of on inconvenience
  13. jeffhvac

    jeffhvac Member

  14. Joachim_oYo

    Joachim_oYo New Member

    Thanks for making this clear, Razer!
  15. Raiistar

    Raiistar New Member

    Do we need an avater for razerzone website too or just for razerinsider?
  16. SharkBait

    SharkBait New Member

    One question, why is the Nabu X promotion not openly available to North American consumers? I'd buy it in an instant if I was eligible.
  17. vidgamefreak

    vidgamefreak New Member

    great, maybe this way we can get more of these into the hands of people who really want to own one instead of lamers who just want to scalp them on ebay!
  18. Kai282

    Kai282 New Member

    Well there certainly may be those who just have 8 posts to qualify for the pre-order but hey, why bother about them. It's about giving back to the hardcore fans that's the important thing is about.
  19. Apollo257

    Apollo257 New Member

  20. fliod

    fliod New Member

    Yeah, now the giveaways will be less for the people who just created an account for a quick deal or an early product buy.
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