Razer ultimate new firmware?

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by RRicard00, Jan 7, 2019.

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  1. ybaga84

    ybaga84 New Member

    I played Battleground with version 1.03. It was good on the wire, but the reaction of the L1,R1 button on the radio was terrible. So we went back to the 1.02 version.
  2. GODzillaGSPB

    GODzillaGSPB Member

    This is getting rather ridiculous. 1.02 was a step in the right direction, I did not anticipate they'd be able to make it worse again. In Germany we'd call it a proper "Banana Product". Meaning it'll usually be ripe long after purchase...

    This product would've needed another year but I guess they didn't want to wait this long. I will have to remember this the next time I'll consider buying a Razer product.
  3. carPinkLacethink775

    carPinkLacethink775 New Member

    Had the beta and upgraded to 1.03, will try it out tomorrow
  4. carPinkLacethink775

    carPinkLacethink775 New Member

    1.03 solved the drift issue for me!
  5. 7nightwing7

    7nightwing7 Active Member

    Give it a couple of days. ;-)
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  6. GODzillaGSPB

    GODzillaGSPB Member

    I have to add the following: When I wrote that 1.02 was a step into the right direction, I exclusively meant the bluetooth lag issue. I never had it as bad as seen in some YT videos, but nevertheless 1.02 made the pad considerably more responsive compared to 1.00 or 1.01 beta while playing using bluetooth.

    The stick drift imho is a whole other affair. My first Raiju Ultimate had it. I went through RMA and my second Raiju Ultimate did not have it from the beginning, with 1.00 firmware. It did not change over 1.01 beta and 1.02 beta.

    So from my experience this may as well be a hardware issue. If you are luckly and get a good pad you wont experience it and the firmware might just help with the lag and with some of the wire problems, like hairtriggers not working while playing wired.

    And think about it: If it's a software problem, why is it so hard to fix? It should be easy to maintain a level of uniformity with software. But if it's a hardware issue this would be much harder to fix. Not everyone has the drift issue with the same stick. Some left, some right, others with both. Some sticks drift while pinning them left, some by pinning them right. A software that is aimed to fix something like this would have to include some soft of analysis component, something that is always running in the background, checking if there is drift and implementing countermeasures. ...and how do you think a software like this would do in terms of input lag? I guess it'll make it much worse.

    If I'm right that would at least explain the difficulites in fixing this issue by software and why it takes so long.

    The only recommendation I can give - because it worked for me - is to go through RMA. Yes it takes a while (two to three weeks I reckon) and if you don't have another controller or simply refuse to play with a standard one because you got used to the Raiju this might be very annoying. And of course there is no guarantee that you receive a controller that doesn't have the issue from the start.

    But think about what we all did: We paid 200€ (those living in America probably even more, close to 250$) and have waited for several months for them to fix it. Usually you have 1 year of guarantee and one year of warranty. I dunno if it's the same in your country, but in my country it means that in the first year they have to prove you broke it - which they usually can't thus having to give you a replacement - and in the second year you have to prove that it was broken from the beginning, which usually means you have to give up on your warranty because you are unable to prove that.

    They premiered the product in August 2018. Those who bought the product right away have about 7 months left to do this the easy way!

    TL;DR: Do something now. Contact support and start the RMA process. And do this until you receive a functioning product! Several times if need be, as many times as necessary.

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  7. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    Buddy i dont want to spoil ur excitement but the v1.03 was directed towards bluetooth fixes, not the sticks, so as 7nightwing7 said, give it a couple days!
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2019
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  8. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    I agree with ur concerns and doesnt hurt to RMA it certainly but the first time i tried the beta the stick drifts in the 2nd day were horrible, after using it again when i heard the v1.03 was coming it didnt drift at all in a big way, only some very small ones here and there. With the new firmware it had some small drifts here and there again that werent exactly drifts but more like unresponsive movements, i may have wanted to aim to the right and it looked like the crosshair was frozen for a bit. So the controller is highly unpredictable anyways. Also to be fair, is anyone here sure the PS4 didnt update anything into a new version of software about the pro controllers? Cuz i had some problems with my nacon and now they seem completely fixed. And there have been several patches that also included something about the "pro" controllers. Overwatch for example had a patch the next day after the Raiju and the Nacon were released, what if your game was somehow contributing to the problem and by the time ur RMA controller came the game tweaked something with a patch? Again what if it was the PS4 firmware that got updated till then?

    I have written this again, im a software developer, i have written code inside a processor, sometimes a new part that the company hasnt worked before may not be working out exactly as it was intented. For example we were making these vendor machines and some kind of motors wouldnt work all together, so we had to rotate them slightly when someone powered it up and then rotate them backwards again and when they were all in motion then it worked perfectly. Other times the code seems perfect and for some reason its creating problems. The parts that had something to do with the stick drift may be the same as the old raiju for example and that part from the firmware might be exactly like the old Raiju's and it wont be working.

    Some people said the Tournament controller doesnt stick drift, others said their Ultimate is the same no matter how many times they change it, others said RMA works. In my case my controller is working a lot better by doing absolutely nothing all this time and i think its down to some PS4 firmware update honestly since it still had the v1.02 beta. But think about it, do we all play the same game for the same amount of time with the same sensitivity and play style? So i think ill wait till March, see if this gets fixed and also read some things about the Astro C40 controller and take a decision.

    I will write what i wrote before, a cool mod told me that he spoke to the dev team and they told him either by update 1.04 or 1.05 they would have fixed the drifts completely, so for one thats a confirmation about the software being faulty and not the hardware. If the 1.04 hasnt finished the job, it would have done most of it, thats what they told him. And one last thing, since im aware of the stick drifts in the back of my heard my aiming style has changed a bit and im aiming using movement more now instead of the stick. There might be several reasons why the controller responds better now.
  9. GODzillaGSPB

    GODzillaGSPB Member

    Okay, I see. What I wonder though is...when the software is faulty, how come there are controllers that don't have stick drift at all. Is there a variance in the software?
  10. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    i dont know honestly, i wish i did, im wondering the same about mine right now and i didnt RMA it, i think its the ps4 with some firmware honestly that helped a bit.
  11. 7nightwing7

    7nightwing7 Active Member

    There's one game that has no problems for with my raiju ultimate controller. Battlefield 5. So weird. I just have drift with games such as the forest and borderlands 2. I'm afraid that if i decide to rma the controller, i might get an even worse unit in return.

    Right now, when it starts to drift i just reset my controller. It's the wireless that has input lag on the stick since the 1.03 firmware

    What's your take on this ?
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  12. Bizarre93

    Bizarre93 New Member

    i cant bootload brother you know why?
  13. carPinkLacethink775

    carPinkLacethink775 New Member

    Hi ok, but have not much drifting in Fortnite since 1,03 as I had before. I had some small drift in a couple of game but nothing like I had before
  14. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    Battlefield 5 and Destiny have a somehow weird kind of movement, both use software to even out the movement of the dualshock controller. When the Nacon Revolution Pro came out it was unplayble in both games, let me find videos:


    unfortunately most videos showcasing the problems in those 2 games have been deleted because the problems have been fixed but u can see that in Destiny the movements werent complete, the dude tried to do a circle and it was like making a polygon, with BF it just turned wayyy out of propotion. Nacon came out and stated that the only reason the controller is normal in every game apart from those 2 was for that reason, because they use some kind of software to fix the movement because propably they did a bad job. In Destiny for example even if u put all sensitivity into the highest scale, still its very slow compared to others, that is because if the sensitivity was bigger u would see all kinds of crazy shit, so when ur changing ur sensitivity with Nacon to something faster than the dualshock u notice it right away. Battlefield is kinda the same only when ur aiming down the sights, its on purpose much slower than most FPS games so u wont notice any stick drift while ADS'ing. So in BF its more easy to notice when just drifting ur stick without ADS.

    I will give you an example from Overwatch. Overwatch is an FPS game ofc and lets u change sensitivity, aim assist, aim assist strenght, aim assist box and it has 2 different aim assist styles, legacy and something else. All games either let u turn on or off the aim assist, thats it, Blizzard tried to help the console users to decide what suits them and even introduced 2 different aim assist styles. Except the aim assist strenght that was around 80 (instead of 100 which is default), everything else was really low in my Overwatch settings, so the Nacon and the Razer went crazy at times, i was noticing lag in the right stick and weird ass movements at times. Because it was much much faster this way it wasnt anticipated that a controller other than the DS4 could increase the speed even more, so ofc the game wasnt ready for that. So once i put aim assist strenght back to 100, the box close to 80 and the style back to default, it was wayyyy better because the game because much slower again.

    Imagine that Destiiny and Battlefield are like that but they have their own type of software that tries to "fix" the movements we perform and we cant adjust that in any way. So when ur playing with another controller usually there are problems because the software was designed for the dual shock. In Destiny 2 they did a better job altering that software as well as Nacon creating profiles with setting specifically for it compared to what happened with Destiny 1, with BF i dont know what happened, i just know that at some point it was fixed. Razer Raiju at first also had problems with those 2 exact games. You will see that if u lower ur BF sensitivity a lot, the stick drifts will stop happening. U will also see that if u try to turn aim assist off for a game that the controller will go absolutely crazy. But lower the sensitivity and things will get much better like they did with Overwatch mostly when i did that as well. But even after all that, now the controller somehow drifts way less, im trying to press down the sticks as buttons randomly at times cuz i think thats whats working and not blowing inside so i think that did the trick. I mostly notice unresponsive movements and the sticks "freezing" at times and very very small stick drifts here and there. If my sensitivity was higher tho those stick drifts would have been huge.
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  15. 7nightwing7

    7nightwing7 Active Member

    Yeah it's weird think i'm gonna try my luck with an RMA and see how it goes. Since i never returned it. Also heard about a new batch of controllers. Seems that they work fine.
  16. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    You have nothing to lose but i dont think it was a bad batch as people buying them now have problems with them and for example us who bought them way long dont have as much problems in most games. And there are some threads of people who bought them after new years and still had problems, its the software. Possibly some PS4 update helped and in some games like BF things will take longer to get fixed for sure.
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  17. 7nightwing7

    7nightwing7 Active Member

    Cant RMA my controller because it's out of stock. Really.......
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  18. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    I will RMA my controller as well just for the heck of it, today i tried it again and it started drifting right away, i dont think anything is gonna be solved but we have nothing to lose
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  19. 7nightwing7

    7nightwing7 Active Member

    Guess we will have to wait. We have two options :

    1. Hope for another firmware that will solve this mess.
    2. Wait for the controller to be in stock again and get a replacement.

    This is nuts. Is it weird that i feel scammed by razer ?
  20. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    i think all of us feel the same way. In my case i just felt like wtf lets spend 240 on a controller, it was a decision of the moment and i have come to regret it massively since i cant play with it for all these months. So for me its both scammed and regret. I called the shop where i got it from and asked them if i wanted to sell it to them as used or RMA'd it and sold it to them when it came inside the box, how much would i get? And they told me they wont do that for such an expensive product propably. If thats the case i dont feel like paying for the Astro honestly. Either they take off 180-200 euro off the Astro's price by giving them raiju ultimate or thats it. So that makes my regret and feeling of being scammed even worse.
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