RazerStore SF Halloween Event | 29 OCT 2017

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  1. RazerSunnyDay

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    Good evening, everyone!

    If you love
    spooky treats and love to compete, then hang out with us this Halloween at the RazerStore San Francisco where you and your friends can meet!

    We'll be having
    events going on all day, so you'd better come in, have a seat, and play.
    Then near the
    end of the day, you'd better not stray, because we'll be showing off a bunch of cosplay!

    as always, remember our motto:
    Touch. Play. Stay.

    Events are as follows.

    Trick-Or-Treats (All Day)
    Costumed persons of all ages who come into our store are welcome to a handful of assorted candies!

    THS Logo Photo-Op (All Day, except during Cosplay Contest)
    Costumed persons of all ages are welcome to commemorate their Halloween at RazerStore SF by taking a photo in front of our giant, glowing THS logo.

    Feel free to also post your pics up on Facebook or Twitter and tag us with #RazerSF !

    FNAF Mini-Contest (12pm-4:30pm)
    Who can survive the most nights at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza?

    • You will be competing in groups of 5.
    • The last player standing is the winner!

    Paranormal Activity VR Experience Station (12pm-4:30pm)
    Do you have enough guts to wander through a haunted house?

    • Only 1 person at a time.
    • Each player will have 15 minutes to explore the game.
    • Each new player has the choice of starting a new game, or continuing where the previous player left off.
    • Younger audiences ages 14 and under will need parental permission to play.

    Cosplay Contest (4:30pm-7:00pm)

    All cosplayers of all ages are welcome to join RazerStore SF's annual Halloween Cosplay Contest!

    Details and registration for the contest will be posted soon in an upcoming thread.
    In the meantime, go through your closets or get your sewing machines running and start planning to show up in your most fabulous outfit!

    If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to post here and let me know!

    See you all there!
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  2. RazerSunnyDay

    RazerSunnyDay Member Staff Member

    The date of the Cosplay Competition has been moved to Sunday, October 29th!

    Hopefully, this change will allow more people to attend the event, thank you for your understanding.
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