What do you guys think of the new Razer Tartarus Pro?

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by RocketSkates93, Oct 24, 2019.

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  1. You are right, conversation dilution is a good and valid point !
  2. Yosharian

    Yosharian New Member

    I've been using the latest version of Synapse with my Tartarus V2 for over 6 months and haven't noticed any 'input lag'.

    My concern is the thumb D-Pad which is what has just failed on me (well one of the buttons is 'sticking') and I'm going to have to send it back to Amazon (credit to Razer, once they eventually got back to me they were very helpful).

    I'm going to try the Pro and see if the thumb D-Pad is better, I guess.
  3. Lusabit

    Lusabit Active Member

    Good luck. As long, as they don't confirm a change in D-Pad construction -it's a well knoen design failiure- I wouldn't risk buying this device.
  4. Yosharian

    Yosharian New Member

    I suppose so, but I need a decent keypad and I'm willing to give it a try. Worst comes to the worst, I'll return it again
  5. Not a single electronic way (mysupport.razer.com, telephone, Insider, not even Reddit) has helped to solve the problems I'm experiencing with the Tartarus Bro-ken :slightly_sad:

    I'll now have to switch over to registered snail mail. This is the only way to lawfully proof what communication did happen.

    Because I have now completely written off the keypad, I will consider the return or repair as a game and will turn the table. I do enjoy games where I can waste a lot of time ;)

    Have a nice and bright 2020 !
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  6. MrBuli

    MrBuli New Member

    I just wanna give up with this.

    Seeing them telling me that they didn't receive any complain regarding the Tartarus Pro clearly shows how much they care.
    Razer was never good at verifying the quality of their product before they were sold
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2020
  7. Bozzor_Gaming

    Bozzor_Gaming New Member

    I have the TARTARUS v2, but i can't spot the difference.
  8. A long time ago (14-Dec-2019) I had contacted support because of the problem that the analog keys don't work as promised. (Gaming pad actuation causing inaccurate/early execution with his trigger point)

    Only 10 days later (24-Dec-2019) I was contacted by the 'Tech Escalations Team' and asked to take a lot of steps to fix the problem.

    It was the usual text module:
    - uninstall Synapse 3
    - manually delete ALL Razor files in the file system
    - manually remove ALL Razer device drivers
    - Restart the PC
    - disable any network and virus protection
    - install the latest version of MS.Net and Visual C++
    - remove older versions of MS.Net and Visual C++,
    - install the latest version of Synapse 3
    - and guess what? Reboot the PC.

    I find that are a lot of steps to have a hardware problem analyzed by the unpaid customer. I estimate roughly 2 to 4 hours of work to perform these steps. This is more working time for Razer than it took me to earn the money the device did cost.

    By following the steps exactly, I would have lost my working Synapse 2 installation and would have to set it up all over again.

    Apart from the fact that I find the recommendation to disable network and virus protection more than questionable and possibly dangerous.

    You might guess, I refused to do free troubleshooting for Razer in my spare time immediately.

    It was probably only because of the holidays that it took until today until I got a friendly message again. Well, at least the phrases were friendly as usual.

    My new contact - with the rank of Sr. Technical Adviser - told me that the legal department is being asked for advice.

    I personally find it interesting that the technical support has to ask the legal department if and how a customer can be helped.

    I thought good support was a matter of honor and decency.

    What would you think if you were told that your case was passed on to the legal department? Pretty scary ?

    To all of you who need support, I wish you nerves of steel on the last adventure one can experience.

    The others have fun with good games.

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  9. Lordchucky

    Lordchucky New Member

    It's genius, the best of my life.
  10. MrBuli

    MrBuli New Member

    I just wish they fixed the issue, whether it's software or hardware related.

    Don't release a product if one of its features is broken, simple. And to top it off, we're not just experiencing issues with any of the features, but the main feature, which is a selling point. The reason almost everyone wants the Tartarus Pro that is!
  11. PH1lTH

    PH1lTH New Member

    Making mistakes is human. It is the question of the error culture and how it is dealt with that is crucial.

    Funny enough, I did crosspost my last message on Reddit and it got surpressed there. Censored like in banana states.

  12. MrBuli

    MrBuli New Member

    Does anyone here own the Mercury White version? It's available on Razer store since not too long ago. Wonder if they also suffer from the analogic issues.
  13. I don't think they have different switches. If you want to try, be prepared to test the device immediatly so you still could refund it in the first 14 days when not fully satisfied.
  14. MrBuli

    MrBuli New Member

    I ordered the white version from their store, I'll test it soon as I receive it and if it's ever broken I'd be having enough time to send it back, hoping they take in charge shipping cost.

    Anyways I didn't know order preparation could take up to 5 business days until I placed my order, it's kinda pointless spending 10 extra euros for express shipping, now that I know I won't receive the product within 3-5 days.

    Btw, check this video out:

    This guy is basically testing both version of the Tartarus Pro and is messing around with o'rings, however the black version seems to have clicky inputs... aren't they supposed to be linear? Odd.
  15. pervysage19

    pervysage19 New Member

    Who said the black one is a Pro? Look's like a regular Tartarus v2 to me and sure sounds like one as well. You can also tell by the fact that you can't see the stabilizer bars underneath the keys on the black one.

    Upon looking at the video even closer he is clearly indicating that the black one is a v2.
  16. PH1lTH

    PH1lTH New Member

    Hope you'll have more luck !

    The black Tartarus Pro got linear keys, otherwise I had'nt bought it in first place ;)

  17. MrBuli

    MrBuli New Member

    Yeah the analogic function is broken on my end too.

    I did send them an email, asking them if the issue is being looked at, and knowing I got 14 days to return the product I'll first see how they approach me, if there's still hope for a fix. If they tell me they never received any complains about it I'm just going to get my refund.

    So it's all up to how they'll address their reply.

    A real shame though tbh, I really want to like the product, but having spent 139€ on it to only notice that its main function is broken, it just disgusts me.

    Also surprisingly, key #18's second function is the only one that works more or less right, while all other keys second function activates around 1.8-2mm, as stated in this graph:

    PS: At: coolBlackCoralsecret529 Oh and by the way, the fix you posted did not work as well, I mean it was expected really. To me it looks like the issue is hardware-related.
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2020
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  18. PH1lTH

    PH1lTH New Member

    Hej MrBulli,

    sorry to read that your device is affected too. To speak frankly, I would recommend to immediatly start the refund process. You'll see that discussions with the (US?) support takes ages and often seems like a monologe. I had much (!) much (!!!) better experiences with the german support.

    I'm not sure what fix you are thinking of, as I agree with you that this issue is hardware design related.

    Yesterday I got an analog tenless keyboard that utilizes Flaretech switches. They also have a 'deadzone' by design. The big difference is that they are not hiding that in marketing nor in software. The actuation point starts at 1.5mm and the analog feature works from that up to 3.6mm of a total way of 4.0mm to bottom down.
    They even give you a picture that shows the hardware design why there is a deadzone.


    It's easy to understand beforehand that the deadzone on them is in the beginning. This works much better for me and my muscle memory in games. It's the much better compromise until we see real linear switches like the 'Lekker switch'. These are hall magnetic switches and the beta version allow an actuation point in the range of 0.1 - 3.8mm.

    Of course this is only about the switches. The above mentioned switch types are not available in a gamepad type device like the Tartarus/Orbweaver yet :slightly_sad:

    The software for my new (tenless) keyboard is missing some important features at the momennt that I really like in Synapse:
    - no macro support
    - no automatic profiles switching for different software
    - limited RGB options (that isn't important for me)

    But it has a feature that I strongly miss in Synapse. You can define actions for each state of the key movement: half way down, reaching full down, leaving full down, and complete release.
    With this you are able to walk, run and return back to walking without releasing the key. This isn't possible with Synapse at all :slightly_sad:

    All the best

    Phil (aka coolBlackCoralsecret529)
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  19. MrBuli

    MrBuli New Member

    Honestly I'm not interested in owning an analogic keyboard, I just found it cool that a keypad offered analogic function. I really need a functional keypad for my games for ergonomy and customizability reasons!

    Also Tart Pro is supposed to have Optical-Mechanical Linear 1mm inputs, just like the Huntsman TE keyboard, but guess what? Keys activate almost instantly. Key basically goes down 0.1mm before its activation. It's a very nice thing in itself, but then why they announce 1mm, and why say actuation can be set up from 1.5 to 3.6, when in reality it's from 0.1mm?

    Seems like Razer wasn't aware of this.

    And it feels like this has something to do with the analog reaching its maximum point at around 2mm...

    Look, it's quite simple:

    Announced: Synapse says the minimum actuation adjustment is 1.5mm
    Reality: It's 0.1mm

    So if the starting point is desynchronized, obviously the second point is as well.

    There is 1.4mm difference between expected vs real actuation inputs.

    We said earlier that each keys second function does not match 3.6mm but instead, they activate at around ~2mm.

    So now if we add up those ~missing~ 1.4mm to the second point, we get our 3.6mm.

    Does that make sense now?

    I may be completely wrong though.
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  20. PH1lTH

    PH1lTH New Member

    Yes, I also need a keypad (mostly) for gaming. I got used to them when I bought the Orbweaver a long time ago.
    Did hope that the analoge Fart Pro would become a nice upgrade. In fact it became my worst support nightmare ever. But I will always continue to recommend the Sphere mice pads as they will never ever need support nor software ;)

    Your math is correct, Razer promised actuation from 1,5 to 3,6mm which results in 2.1 analog travel. They delivered around 2mm traveling, just a little bit too earlier ;)

    I agree that analog isn't a killer feature on a full keyboard in first place. But I like the idea to be able to change the
    actuation point depending on the work I'm doing. For normal typing (programming) I like the actuation at around 2,5 mm.

    A friend of mine kept telling me how much he loves his tenkeyless keyboard and how much space it saves on his desktop beside his Orbweaver and mouse. That was the reason to try out a tenkeyless keyboard for myself. The analog keyboard I bought wasn't more expensive than any other keyboard on my wishlist, so I will give it a try now.

    I'm still seeking for a good gaming keypad as addition. In best case I could use it on the left side for gaming and on the right side as ten key/controlpad for typing. That would be my dream.
    There is an upcoming analog keypad to get released for resale around April. It might could become that dream although it does more look like these boring number keypads and is missing a 4/8 way stick (which I doesn't use that much). On the other side this will become a plus when using it for typing....

    So far I like the new keyboard for typing. Will need more time to give it a serious try in gaming.
    So much to do - so little time.

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