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Stuck on "The current settings on your camera is different from Razer Synapse."

  • 6 November 2020
  • 87 replies

I'm stuck with this popup when I try to run Synapse to change settings on my Razer Kiyo camera.

Clicking either button does nothing and no other UI controls on the screen (e.g. Advanced Settings) do anything.

Therefore I can't adjust my zoom or any other camera settings.

Help please.

Windows 10.

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87 Replies

I see you have the same problem I have. Please let me know if you get any type of resolution.
Exact same issue here.
Same issue here, just got the cam today...
Exact same issue here. I submitted a report in the application itself to customer support but I doubt anything will come of that.
I'm having the same issue too! It manifested ever since I added my new deathadder v2 pro and huntsman keyboard to the software, I'm not sure if its related but... I tried resetting the mouse kiyo and keyboard software and went back to my old peripherals and even reinstalled synapse but I'm still stuck with that message, also my deathadder is stuttery and sometimes the keyboard gets stuck pressing a key over and over, I think it's all software based but I have nooo idea...
Same issue here...
Same issue here
same here 😕
Been in the same situation for a couple of days ... I am using that cam for work and now my students can't see me because the stuck settings are wrong. Even tryed desinstalling, rebooting, reinstalling, rebooting and I'm stuck there again
The same issue, anyone find a fix? I even tried uninstalling my native laptop cam and restarting, still stuck with the same results. :frown_:
Running into the same issue.
I only got this issue after the latest update to Synapse 3. I don't have a way to go back to the prior version.
Same issue......
Same Issue. New today. Worked for a bit, was playing with settings. Went back into the software and got this message.
Same issue. Can't get a new camera working.
Also any windows camera control including tilt, pan, or zoom ect does not work at all when I try to adjust using windows settings. It worked fine before when Synapse wasn't giving me this error.
Same issue here, I'm able to crop the webcam in OBS as a sort of pseudo-zoom, but I need the settings to work for other apps.
I've been having the same issue as well.
Same it went nuts for me today in fact.
Me too! Just happened today. Was working fine for past few months since I bought it. Sucks! I'm going to buy a Logitech. Can't waste time on buggy software. Razer support, are you paying attention? This is your fault!
Just chiming in to say I've been experiencing the same. First time using the Kiyo and can't access the software at all.
I have contacted email support. After sending a few reports and log files from windows synapse etc, I finally got this message :
Thank you for the response,
We will escalate to the relevant team to check on the issue, please wait for the email from us.
We will be here if you need more help.

Maybe some razer coders will finally do something for the obviously bugged software ....
Hey thanks @Arkenup I hope this gets fixed soon will you let us know what they tell you?
Was working the other day, and had to pull my pc apart due to getting a new case and gpu. Plugged everything back in and now experiencing this.
Same issue