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System not receiving "Adequate Power"

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I have a razor 15 base model and when I go to put my laptop into gaming mode, I am unable to because synapse is telling me that the laptop is receiving inadequate power which is stunting my performance. I have no every changed charging adapters and my laptop came with a 180W adapter. I also checked my battery life and it is at 96 percent, and have noticed zero swelling. I was wondering what I can do to fix this inorder to get the maximum performance out of my laptop.

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So after reading through all the messages I have from Razer support what appears to be happening is that the logic behind Synapse performance modes is checking the hardware and those of us that have “230W” power bricks are being handicapped. Since ALL the new Razer Blades come equipped with 280W & 330W power adapters the logic has those listed as the adapters required for the “Performance” modes.

I can confirm this. I have 230W supply with my Blade 17 2022 and same issue for months now. Before that it was another Synapse issue with constantly eating resources, making the laptop unusable for longer sessions. For such a premium you’d think you’d at least have basic use of the laptop with the advertised performance.  I’m not sure I will ever get a Razer again, probably first and last.


If they don’t do QA on their software releases with recent (not even old) hardware, that’s just bad cost cutting. And if they do it but miss such major issues, that’s even worse incompetence I’d rather not deal with.


So did you buy a 280 watt and it fixed the issue if so where did you purchase can't find a link. 

I’m also having the same issue on a Razer Blade 18. Today when I launched Razer Synapse it seemed to very briefly for a split second work but as soon as I went to use the performance settings the issue showed up again immediately. I’ve tried restarting the machine, updating drivers, everything. Support kept passing me to new support agents asking for the same initial info over and over again. This is my first Razer laptop its specs looked like they beat everything else on the market on paper but in reality...Got to say I’m not impressed. 

@mdp1234 as much as it sucks I would use that warranty to get it fixed and wait for them to figure it out or if u can return it. See if theirs another gaming laptop as up to spec as this razer 18

Yup, I’ve contacted support again first and raised a new case. 

Also as people have mentioned wattage of the charger the Razer Blade 18 uses a 330 watt charger and I’m still experiencing the issue.

Yea this is getting really old.  Been fighting this since the update.

edit I thought I had it resolved. But it started occuring again.

Iv had this issue for years. This was already my 2nd replacement, then this happened a few months in (2022). I had given up as no one was talking about this issue, now a bunch of people are. I was so excited for this laptop and its been a nightmare for years in so man ways. Razer gave me the run around.

I ordered an generic 230w charger off amazon and it didn't fix the issue. Some said buying a 280w might fix it, but whats that… 350 canadian? wild. Razer.. what is going on?


After a lengthy back and forth with support I’ve been told that a fix will come in a future update of Synapse.

Let's hope they aren't lying and when

Update I joined the Razer Synapse beta for the newer version of Synapse in development and while after install it says that the Razer Blade 18 is still in development for use with the beta. I am getting vastly better results when running a benchmark test than with ordinary synapse 3 installed.


If anyone wants to try it out and confirm if it’s better you can request access to the beta here:

How long does it take until they accept?


Mine has been stuck on



@mdp1234 trust me I tried that and still get the 40 to 50w and it dosent go over. I am able to enable custom gaming modes but makes no diff

ignore it’s not fixed looked to be fixed for a few mins and then Occured again.

This issue is absolutely crazy.  I’ve been trying to resolve this for over a year now. I’ve purchased an extra power supply. I’ve reinstalled / factory reset.  I’ve been stuck with a $2500 laptop that cannot run software or games for over a year now.  I will 100% never be buying a Razer product again and telling everyone I know to avoid at all costs. 

I purchased an OEM 330W power brick. Same results. my first razer, very disapointed… 

i have blade 15 advanced 2021 when i plug it in the chage they give me this mess “the system does not have enough power to enable high performance modes. please use the supplied power source to experience optimal performance” i don’t know and i don’t have the gaming mode 


Razer, I’m disappointed. I will never buy your laptop again and will tell every single person I know about this issue. 

Me too bro but do you know any solution of this issue


Me too bro but do you know any solution of this issue


Yes, buy original 330w Gan block 

@garyfed I've heard it still dosent work with that. Did it for you and which pc do you have from razer

Me too bro but do you know any solution of this issue


Yes, buy original 330w Gan block 


O have the original one bro 


Me too bro but do you know any solution of this issue


Yes, buy original 330w Gan block 


O have the original one bro 


And still getting message about not adequate power? 

@garyfed What Razer Blade do you have if that worked for you and what synapse version

@garyfed What Razer Blade do you have if that worked for you and what synapse version

I bought a 280W block 3 months ago and it was working fine. But after the last update, my external screen started to switch on and off. I see that the battery power supply is also not stable, it switches from plugged in and on battery mode. 

I don’t know what is the problem. Because this brick is for Aliexpress and not original. But it was working fine and I had a boost without any issues. 

I have a feeling that there is Nvidia experience or broadcast aslo comes into play with this bug, that’s why developers can’t indicate the cause of this issue. It’s all related to GPU power train.