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Blackwidow Ultimate Remap FN functions

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Avigor, Jun 30, 2018.

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  1. Avigor

    Avigor New Member

    Is it possible to change which keys are tied to an FN function? Specifically I would love to set mute to "FN+m" volume down to "FN+,<" and volume up to "FN+.>" so I could control these functions with one hand without otherwise interfering with any other keyboard functionality. You'd think that with the universal key remap functionality in Synapse this should be possible, but afaik you can only set a key to a single normal function, you can't modify the FN functions, and I don't even see an option in Synapse (Windows 10, Synapse 2.21) for swapping FN+F1 with just F1 (which I suppose I could settle for setting up a profile that either does that or just reassigns the F1-3 keys to media altogether and switch profiles when those F#'s are needed if nothing else is possible).

    The switch from just a quick spin of the volume wheel or tapping a button right next to said wheel to having to hit FN+F1-3 for those functions is the only complaint I have since I had to cash in my Geek Squad Protection Plan on my old Logitech keyboard and chose to spend a little extra to upgrade and walk out of the store with a keyboard on the same day instead of waiting for the same model keyboard or taking a downgrade...
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