Check out the Advanced Chroma Configurator!

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Razer|Captain, Jan 6, 2015.

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  1. kingmanjo

    kingmanjo New Member

    Oh, great! Good on you XD
  2. GugZi

    GugZi Member

  3. Hakisak

    Hakisak New Member

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  4. This is awesome!!
    So excited for this :D
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  5. bytetalkRusset888

    bytetalkRusset888 New Member

    Cant wait till this explodes and we will see soo many amazing designs!!!
  6. GugZi

    GugZi Member

  7. castAvocadogeo993

    castAvocadogeo993 New Member

    How do I get the Chroma Configurator?
  8. Just update your Synapse client :) (click on settings, next to your email in the upper-right, then check for updates)
  9. Flametalkrush351

    Flametalkrush351 New Member

    I'm liking everyone's designs. We need more!
  10. GugZi

    GugZi Member

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  12. Do any of you have a vid to show off your keyboard with new profiles?
  13. I would, but from past experiences (not more than thirty minutes ago) I tried recording my keyboard doing its thing, but it apparently doesn't work well with my camera. It basically just looks like a lit-up keyboard, w/ no effects.

    In other words, my camera sucks and can't pick up light contrast that well.
  14. Thanks for trying tho :)
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  15. Predator5

    Predator5 Well-Known Member

    No, they are LEDs and you can do everything with them :) (except over-voltaging)
  16. Great job by Razer. It will only get better..
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  17. GugZi

    GugZi Member

    do someone have somthing so light all keys up then use go to steam overlay in a game, so then you click shift+tab so will all lights show, and then du close the overlay then it go back to csgo profile fx??
  18. Well, the only thing I can think of is the gaming mode being turned off and on. I'm not sure if they've added a feature to be able to tell when you've got Steam open to change the gaming mode, but you could maybe use one of your macros to set gaming mode on/off or something.
  19. GugZi

    GugZi Member

    i dont want to turn game mode off, i just want all the key light show so i can see what im typing in steam overlay. sometime i keep miss click xD.
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