Is there any display capable of charging Blade Stealth over USB-C?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by tamashumi, Feb 6, 2018.

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  1. tamashumi

    tamashumi New Member

    Any confirmed external displays capable of charging Kaby Razer Blade Stealth 13"?

    Would DELL S2718D or LG 27UD88 do it by any chance?
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  2. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I don’t know exactly about the 13 model but it should charge the Blade that powered by usb C, i tested mine, the late 2016 model with LG (forget the name) that had USB C port when I was looking for a monitor in local electronics shop, and it worked. I think it’s similar with this one that “hey guys” guy said.
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  3. tamashumi

    tamashumi New Member

    Thanks for info and the link.
    The guy doesn't confirm direct charging though.
    Actually he says something quite the opposite if I'm get right the part about "it would charge a less power consuming laplop like a macbook".
    I wonder did he try.
  4. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I think he meant MacBook 12 because I think that’s the only model that has less tdp than stealth. Can’t you go to electronics store and test your Blade there with any sample monitor that has usb C like I did? Here’s anyway other thread that mentioned usb c monitor that support charging on Blade stealth if you didn’t see it yet.
  5. tamashumi

    tamashumi New Member

    Thanks for the reddit thread, haven't seen this one yet.
    Some useful info from it:
    • Acer H277HUsmipuz - doesn't charge
    • DELL S2718D - charges but USB hub doesn't seem to work
    • HP ENVY 27s - charges but doesn't have USB hub at all
    That's a helpful info. I wish I found such a screen which charges blade and has an USB hub working too. That's the whole point, a single cable setup to connect them all :)
    (power, display, mouse, keyboard)

    The LG you've mentioned I've researched already, perhaps I try finding one at a store.
    I googled a while ago where would I find it and didn't have much luck.
    Everyone buys online now and less common models aren't so avaiable at stores.
    This LG has fallen into such category apparantly, back then and here at least (London).

    Anyway the LG 27UD88-W seems to be a good match as for features.
    I saw some test at GTrusted a while ago with an older RBS 2016 and it didn't charge it.
    Smewhere, at Amazon comments I gues, I read a Macbook user struggle that charging on this screen worked only with the screen bundled cable and the cable works connected only one way o_O).
    I had let know about it the GTrusted article author and he tried again with no luch.
    If I find this LG at a store, I'm still keen to give it a try...

    Then we come to models which seem having it all I'd like:
    (although for a pricetag twice as hight as the ones mentioned previously)
    • EIZO EV2785-BK - seems having more than enough power to charge RBS, so does the LG though. Suprisingly I've found a RBS listed on its predescor official page EV2780-BK (doesn't charge) but it's not listed for the EV2785-BK unfortunatelly, which is a pity as the former had 30W output while the latter has 60W according the manuals so there is hope.
      I'm not sure if it's even possible finding it at store. Rare and crazy expensive (sexy though).
    • ViewSonic VP2785-4K - not even official user manual mentions anything about power output specs at USB-C. I haven't found any article mentioning this matter either. It doesn't look so stylish but is the most featureful. It even got a built-in KVM switch which I'd have a good use of for switching between RBS and desktop PC.
      Rare and a pricetag like it was made by the Razer itself :big_grin_:
    I could even spend a lot but without trying I won't. While it's a challenge to find any of the last two at a store.

    I'll update this thread according to my findings, if anyone has an experience with a screen allowing a nice single cable setup, please post.
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  6. tamashumi

    tamashumi New Member

    I've found one more potentially being a good match: Samsung S27H850
    It's not expensive, has charing up to 45W, USB hub, height regulation - the things I need.
    Still not easy to confirm if the charing works with RBS. It's like this monitor never existed at google.
    I find it only at a few online shops.
  7. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    If you have the money Eizo is nice color accuracy, I had before but returned due screen bleeding, my current 4K LG was the one that has minimum backlight bleeding. That's a good thing if you buy from a physical store especially for monitor imo. About Samsung S27H850, it's available on, according user it could charge well carbon x1 that I think has similar to with stealth.
  8. tamashumi

    tamashumi New Member

    That's where I found it ( Don't know whare could I find it at a store. Will look around...
    USB C is a funky "standard" some power negotiation upon connection of a device hppens. It may still not work due to incompatibility. RBS has proven in past to be a fussy device for charging. It would be great to checkbefore buying.
  9. RazerXToo

    RazerXToo New Member

    FWIW, I just called Viewsonic Support about the max USB-C charging power of their (fairly new) VP2785-4K monitor, and the person put me on hold and came back fairly soon and said: "20v" (huh?). When I told her that's not a power rating, she said, "The only other thing I see here related to the USB-C specs is 100W".

    So if thats true, 100W sounds pretty good to me. Thats more power than laptop power adapters, so I'm a bit skeptical...but hopeful its true. I already ordered one of these monitors just recently.
  10. tamashumi

    tamashumi New Member

    @RazerXToo good to know about the SonicView VP2785-4K. The level of knowing what they're taking about there doesn't seem be giving much credit though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    A device with charging over USB-C can have more than enough of wattage but fail to charge due to unsuccessful connection parameters negotiation (parameters like voltage, wattage). It's a 'smart' port, you know... So the 'enough power' factor isn't so obvious.
    This seems to be the case with the LG mentioned previously - it has 60W according to the user manual but doesn't charge a RBS 2016 (ref: gTrusted) while the RBS stock charger outputs 45W.

    Anyway, I hope it'll work well for you with ViewSonic and you'll enjoy it. An additional great thing about this model it has a built-in KVM switch which would be useful for me. I'm looking forward to see your experience connecting Blade to it, mate.

    By the way, I've found another potential candidate: Lenovo ThinkVision P27h
    By the look I'd prefer Samsung but it has some poor ergonomics for source selection.
    The Lenovo's has all the same exact specs but more ports and better ergonomic of single button source selection.
    Not my first criteria but it's the cheapest one as well.
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  11. tamashumi

    tamashumi New Member

    I've got the Levno ThinkVision P27h and can confirm RBS is working well over USB-C (charging, video, USB-C hub) both under Windows and Linux.

    Please keep posting other display brand and models experience with Blades.
    I'm sure it can be useful for other users.
  12. matteo.hlvt

    matteo.hlvt New Member

    I have just tried the LG 34UC99 monitor, and every thing worked fine except it didn't charge my RBS 2017. I wanne try the hp envy 34 next hope that one works.
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  13. matteo.hlvt

    matteo.hlvt New Member

    The hp envy 34 display works perfect with my razerblade stealth 2017.
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  14. tamashumi

    tamashumi New Member

    I'm glad to hear that.
  15. 122805

    122805 New Member

    sasibo za informaciyu
  16. MYSTICTOPAZfirst296

    MYSTICTOPAZfirst296 New Member

    LG 38UC99-W does not charge my RBS 2017 either. Worse, it drains the battery of the laptop
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