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Man o' War gone from synapse?

Discussion in 'Audio' started by Shadow00f, Feb 22, 2017.

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  1. Shadow00f

    Shadow00f New Member

    My Man o' War wired headset, wont show up in synapse. unless i reinstall the drivers, reinstall synapse, and restart my PC, and even then it only stays for like a day or so. 46b31849dc8982670210f00447c312ed.png any solutions?
  2. ShamX0

    ShamX0 Active Member

    Have you tried checkin for updates. 1st plug in for me it only appeared after updates.
  3. Shadow00f

    Shadow00f New Member

    yeah, i'm on the latest build.
  4. I got this problem to but i fix it by uninstalling synapse, unplug the headset and plug it in again, reinstall synaps. try it if you have not already done it. Best of luck
  5. RaptureHearts

    RaptureHearts Gamer Geek Girl

    As @Golfen stated, try those out. And if issue still persists, contact our software support team by clicking on the gear button on Synapse and hit submit feedback. Be sure to submit your Synapse logs so our team can assist you further.
  6. I have the same problem. Synapse shows my Mamba mouse, but not the Man O'War. After reinstalling the synapse, and other jumping through hoops working with their support team, it finally detected the Man O'War in the initial drop down menu, but still never showed up in the Synapse. It got escalated to their higher tech team, which, btw, cannot be contact via phone....email only! End result, it could not be fixed and they do not know why.

    It also keeps dropping WiFi, for no reason and always at the worst times :-(. Because of this, Razer said they are replacing it.... BUT BEWARE. Going through their higher tech support and warranty process is enough to make you go postal. 24 hour delay between each email. So every correspondence is a 48 hour turn-around. No way to contact them on the phone. Faxing the replacement forms with cc info gets lost in their shuffle so you get to repeat the process until they find it. Aggravating to say the least.

    So, although I LOVE the headset, and can live without the Synapse until they fix what appears to be a problem on their end....I ADVISE YOU to buy locally from a place that offers a cheap replacement guarantee like Best Buy. For $20 I get immediate hassle free replacement. I had purchased the replacement guarantee, but thought, geez, it is under warranty with Razer, so they should replace it, and I will keep the Best Buy guarantee for the next one. Alas, at the rate Razer works it will be another month before it gets replaced. So....I'm heading over to Best Buy and the heck with Razer's customer service. It is worth the extra dollars to not have to deal with Razer's very poor system for response and replacement.

    Love your products Razer, but you need to put that level of craftsmanship into your customer service & tech support system also!
  7. RaptureHearts

    RaptureHearts Gamer Geek Girl

    Do you think you can PM me your email address that you used to contact our support team so I can get someone to see if they can further assist you?
  8. Hi RaptureHearts,

    I am trading in this headset today under my Best Buy guarantee and getting a new one. I will see if I still have that problem and contact you in this thread if I do. I will be gaming tonight and this weekend so I will put it to the test! I shall report back in a few days. Thanks for responding. I will PM you my email at that time, however, I still have issues with the EXTREMELY slow turn around on response for handling problems, so I am not sure if there is something you can do so it is not a 24 hour wait for every correspondence. Thanks.
  9. I'm posting this so everyone who has the same problem knows what solved it. A new headset! I traded in (via Best Buy guarantee) the one that had problems...got a new one, exact same model. Synapse INSTANTLY saw it. No fuss, no muss. So I suggest anyone with the Synapse issue, consider the headset defective and get it replaced. Good luck (especially if you have to go thru Razer on the warranty ;-).
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