Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition Chroma: Should I Get It?

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Cedar1483, Jan 18, 2016.


Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition Chroma Vs. Razer Blackwidow Chroma

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  1. Cedar1483

    Cedar1483 New Member

    I'm just wondering if I should buy the Blackwidow Tournament Edition Chroma. It seems like a great option for me because of the tenkeyless part and the switches are great as well, plus the price is great compared to the original Blackwidow Chroma. The only thing I like about the original Blackwidow Chroma more is that it has a USB and a headset port. Is that really worth the extra $30?


    The regular has a full-sized keyboard and thats where the extra 30$ comes from. So I'd say yes for the Tournament Edition, if you only care about the USB and headset port. Keyboard USB I find weaker than like normal ones found in computers and stuff.
  3. KillStealzzz

    KillStealzzz Active Member

    It totally depends on do you really need a USB/headset port. I bought a BWC TE, and now although I really happy about it, I still wish it has a USB port cause srsly right now I am in the lack of USB port, I have the BW keyboard, DA mouse, laptop fan cooling system, phone, so that's 4 USB port I need, but my laptop only have 3. But then If I buy the BW full size, it will be too big to carry outside, which to me is very crucial cause i travel a lot to school and friends house, I almost only stay at home at night after 7pm.
    The point is, I guess you have to choose between portable and ports.
  4. Cedar1483

    Cedar1483 New Member

    Well I definitely don't like having things that don't perform as well as they should so that would be bad for me. Thanks for the reply!
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  5. Cedar1483

    Cedar1483 New Member

    Huge thanks for the reply! I generally don't travel a lot with my keyboard in the first place, but having extra room for my mouse to move is a massive plus due to the way my desk is built (it a drawer for random stuff and a cupboard for your computer on the right side that both interfere with me moving chair to a better position to help me move my mouse around). Overall I don't think I would need the ports, but I'm going to wait for a few more replies until I make up my mind.
  6. mdaly001

    mdaly001 Active Member

    grab both! :)
  7. richy877

    richy877 Active Member

    Something else I also Noticed about the chroma tournament edition is that its missing the 5 macro buttons on left side that the full size black widow has. Useful for mmo's or anything you want to have quick access to. Something I do like about the TE keyboard is that since theres no number keypad on the right side theres more room for the mouse and mat when they are side by side on a desk. Might be more comfortable depending on arm and hand orientation and definitely a space saver on a small desk.
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  8. KillStealzzz

    KillStealzzz Active Member

    If your table is small then ya the TE is better provide u more space for your mouse.

    LOVEHERDIE New Member

    I just bought a Tournament Edition and I'm loving it ^^
  10. Fayt07

    Fayt07 New Member

    Just jumping on board here to say that the replies have also pushed me into buying the TE... First mech keyboard on the way :D
  11. The Blackwidow Chroma is really one must have of Razer
  12. Xenophon

    Xenophon Member

    Get the tournament edition, you probably don't need all the keys.
  13. jawest12

    jawest12 New Member

    I like the TE because I don't use the numpad. It gives more room on the desk. I use an Orbweaver and a Mamba, and have learned the close my hands the better. With a full size keyboard, I would have to move it up and out of the way. Which made it a small hassle when needing to type. Additionally it has the removable cable. Which doesn't hurt if you plan to keep the device a long time, like I do. Cables are usually a week point, ends get kinked, wires break internally, etc. This way, just put in a new cable.
  14. Cedar1483

    Cedar1483 New Member

    Wow! I can't even keep up with all of these replies! I'm going to probably buy the TE for a few reasons. First of all, my desk is small and i need extra mouse space. Secondly, I don't really need the USB/headset port or the macros on the normal BW. Third, I need something that isn't extremely expensive like the normal BW. The Deathadder and Golliathus that I saved my money for are on the way from the CES 2016 sale. I'm hoping that they'll pair and perform well. Seriously though, you guys really helped me figure out what I should get. So massive thanks to you all!
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2016
  15. Cedar1483

    Cedar1483 New Member

    I'm also going to stop watching this thread, But for others who have the same problem, I won't delete it.
  16. jdbogaard

    jdbogaard Member

    I do more than just game so I can't get behind tenkeyless keyboards which made the decision easy for me. If I was going to have 2, the portability of a TE would be nice for travel but really I do so much with my tenkeys that it's not worth it.

    I've been very happy with you BW from 2010 and now a new chroma one. So it's all about personal preference and your use of the keyboard
  17. ironcrow

    ironcrow Active Member

    I use a RSEAT RS1 (race / flight sim) for my main battle station, so the TE really helps as a lapboard or just sitting on the steering mount. It's also great when playing from the couch. I have an old Mass Effect 3 Blackwidow - so if I ever really need the numpad or extra macro keys, I can swap it out. I think if I didn't have that fallback, I'd want the standard Blackwidow Chroma over the TE. You could also easily pair the standard Blackwidow Chroma with an Orbweaver Chroma, and have the best of both worlds.

    All that being said, the TE is fantastic. I'd imagine you'd be just as happy playing with that and working around the limitations.
  18. stablecanoe

    stablecanoe Member

    For me the BWC TE would be more easier for travelonly. So I would grab the standard, then only consider want another TE or not. Hehe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_:
  19. KillStealzzz

    KillStealzzz Active Member

    Well the TE comes with a fashion carrying case so really good for going on LANs or to friends house for overnight gaming. If I were you then I would do the opposite, buy the TE(which I did btw), if later on I feels that I really need the full version of the BWC and I have plenty of money to spend then I would consider buy it.
  20. stablecanoe

    stablecanoe Member

    Just want the collection, if got one set of chroma I would be very happy.:smile_::smile_:
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