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Razer CES sale and European consumer rights

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nejona, Jan 14, 2015.

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  1. JapSeyz

    JapSeyz Active Member

    I know, I want to let it go, I am just a bit sour that people take everything that goes against their own will as wrong, or bitching, without even giving it a chance.
    That is not how a debate is run, and it's a bit sad that it has come to that.

    I'll let it go for now, I do however know that Razer is aware of this, and they will make a statement, I don't know when though.

    xBLASPHEMICx Member

    They didn't break any law. The terms and conditions of the appreciation discount (calling it a sale at this point is moot since so many of you are focused only on complaining) in no way bound Razer to announce how much of anything would be in stock. Were things in stock? Yes. Were those things able to be purchased using the codes? Yes. It's really sad that folk are bitching about this. If the remedial sale is the last one they ever do, I wouldn't be surprised at all. Many people got what they wanted. That fact alone proves that Razer held up their end of the bargain. Period. Whining about laws in countries the company isn't based in is both small and ridiculous. It could lead to Razer saying "ok, since you don't like our policies or way we do things, you can go to eBay or some other third party site, pay more, and carry on". Even if I made it on site in time to get what I wanted (which I didn't but I bought my Kraken 7.1 from Amazon anyway) I'd still feel the same as I do now. That Razer is an awesome company all around and the discount was well intended as a thank you for support. Try not being so petty, it isn't a bad thing.
  3. buzzRoseworld569

    buzzRoseworld569 New Member

    i was really upset too, i was so happy, iwanted a chroma and then the site broke down and the key was the wrong one.... pretty calculated if you ask me..
  4. w9jds

    w9jds Active Member

    First it is true you are just butthurt and should move on, I have :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    But lets not forget Razer is still a small company with a rediculous following. On top of that we don't know how much stock they have, because they ALWAYS have way more demand than stock. You are just asuming because it was listed as sold out before the sale. However they made EXTREMELY clear that they made it say sold out on purpose because they didn't want customers to pay full price right before the sale.

    Lets face it you can rant all you want but you don't know what your talking about. Razer didn't have to do this, you don't know their stock numbers, and you obviously haven't been paying attention on how they handled the site usually, and now.

    Get over it and wait till the end of the month. That is what I will be doing.
  5. R3FL3X

    R3FL3X Member

    Cant agree more with u!

    But i hope Razer know better than this!
    There are way more happy ppl with this sale even the way it goes, than mad ppl!
    I didint get what i wanted bcuz in the moment i wrote my card info, the product sould out! & im totaly ok with it!
    And im happy for all my friends who got new awesome stuff in this sale! :)
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  6. original2k

    original2k Member

    The sense of entitlement in this thread is extraordinary....
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  7. cyncle

    cyncle Active Member

  8. original2k

    original2k Member

    in the end, razer insider didn't exist before this years CES appreciation sale. people who didn't have a direct forum to voice their opinions, are now using this medium to get their voice heard. the basis of this topic (and others with negative feedback) whether valid or not, will ultimately help play a role in the future of these "sales".

    if you don't want Razer to ever give you 50% off of their products again, then please, keep making these threads. Min voiced his bewilderment with this feedback in the poll he created. i think everyone needs to go learn a few lessons in business, in that (as others have said), they didn't need/have to do anything at all. they could've simple given us a high five and been done with it.

    let's not blow these things out of proportion, any MANY other website, you are SOL as soon as an item goes out of stock, so let's be real here.

    Negativity's voice is always the loudest, especially on the internet...
  9. Aminojaku

    Aminojaku New Member

    From your link.. the definition of Bait Advertising is "Making an invitation to purchase products at a specified price without disclosing the existence of any reasonable grounds the trader may have for believing that he or she will not be able to offer for supply or to procure another trader to supply, those products or equivalent products at that price for a period that is, and in quantities that are, reasonable having regard to the product, the scale of advertising of the product and the price offered (bait advertising)"

    See.. the key parts are in bold. Lets start with the 2nd bit.. the scale of advertising. This sale was advertised only on the companies own social sites (facebook, twitter and here) and only for 2 days up until the sale. The ECs page describes the required scale in terms of WEEKS across MULTIPLE MAGAZINES. The scale of the advertising for this sale does not come even close to the required scale.

    Now on to the second.. the requirement that the seller must disclose that they have reason to believe that the buyers may not be able to get what they want... well Razer DID disclose this. Razer disclosed not only that stock won't last, but they also disclosed that the consumer may have a hard time reaching the site. Right from their ads => "During this time, the store will get an intense amount of traffic, slow down, etc and things will fly off the virtual shelves so get ready." AND "To ensure as many fans get in on the sale, each will only be allowed one item, so do decide on what you want to get before the sale starts to avoid disappointment as items may run out quickly"

    Furthermore.. Razer did make some effort to to and ensure some level of stock for the sale. Prior to the sale they took some of the items they figured would be the most popular with the lowest level of supply (the laptops) and put them as "out of stock" until the sale started.

    So.. sorry. Razer broke no European laws. Oh.. and as for your arrogant remark about this "feeling very American"... we've have consumer protection laws against this LONG before Europe did.
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  10. Nejona

    Nejona Member

    Oh right, lets forget about these sales you guys have where people get frigging TRAMPLED to death!

    Anyway. To all you people falling over yourselves to defend Razer and saying "oh no, this was not a sale at all":
    sales : the total amount of money that a business receives from selling goods or services

    : an event or occasion during which a business sells goods or services at prices that are lower than usual

    Totally a sale.

    Second of all: I wasn't shocked at all to see that everything was suddenly back in stock a day after the sale. GEE, that got delivered to them fast, don't you think? Moreover, they made sure the "Notify me" mails didn't go out. I should know, I signed up to know specifically when items would be back in stock but because I foresaw this situation, I checked the store myself too. Gosh, this is all such a terrible coincidence, really.
    It's all just documentation, really.

    So to now get out of my snarky mood.
    I'll be checking in on the next sale. If things work a bit better and they make sure everything isn't sold out within MINUTES, I'll agree with you guys, it was all just a terrible happening. But I'm pretty sure I won't be proven wrong. I'm honestly setting myself up for more terrible decisions :)

    Also: since when is Razer a premium brand? Seriously?
    It's plastic, it's Chinese, it's cheap. You're only paying a premium because this "fantastic" CEO of yours know how to make YOU pay for a brand name.
    Here's a fantastic example about Beats, which is in my opinion very much similar to Razer:

    In all honesty, you could actually say you're paying a premium so Razer can have these so-called sales.

    Oh and before you blast me by saying: "If it's so bad, then why did you want to buy?" Simple, I want a rainbow keyboard with macro keys. I'd get a good one if I could but alas.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2015
  11. Aminojaku

    Aminojaku New Member

    Those are just normal sales. No, seriously.. they are no better or different than a normal sale. In fact the sales closer to Christmas, and the clearance sales after New Years are much much better. You have the same levels of sales in Europe, there is nothing special or different in these sales. The only reason people get trampled is because people are stupid. Same reason why you have riots over football matches.. stupid people will do stupid things for stupid reasons.

    But hey.. far be it for me to break your little bubble of nationalistic bigotry and ignorance.
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  12. Nejona

    Nejona Member

    Nationalistic bigot... wow, so now we're going on a personal level huh?
    The only thing I was trying to say was those things only happen because you know you won't be able to walk into the store 3 hours later to buy whatever you wanted from their folder, that's all. Which I know I can actually do where I live. There's a big difference between a folder with "Playstation 4, now 99 dollars, only in Walmart!" and "Playstation 4 for 99 dollars, 100 items in stock! Buy now at Walmart!" which is what this European legislation is all about. Have limited stock? Fine, but at least inform people how many there actually are.
    I have US friends, I read Reddit, I read these things happening way too often in the USA. And moreover, people are used it to. They say "oh well, tough luck". Here we say: "You can't do that!"

    But sure, accuse me of being something I'm not, just because you're trying to be ignorant yourself and are frustrated because I try to bring an actual discussion to this place. Start calling me names because you're angry at my opinion.

    I'll have you know I have a very broad mind, I've travelled a lot, heck, my country is a multi-layered cultural mix. And I have been to the USA more specifically more than any other place. So have you been to my country? Do you know what things are like here?
  13. w9jds

    w9jds Active Member

    FYI everything isn't back in stock. The second you buy something it is put on backorder. Like I said you don't know what your talking about. Stop being butthurt and go cry in a corner by yourself.
  14. Nejona

    Nejona Member

    but you can still order it, right? :) And how is it not malicious that you can order without being told it's a backorder before you order as well?
  15. retrocarAmaranthPink565

    retrocarAmaranthPink565 Active Member

    IHow about people be happy for once that you can get some items at a great discount. So the store might not have enough stock to fulfill everyones desires but guess what, they do not have too.

    Stores in europe can also decide for themselves whether or not to wish to deal with backordering.

    This entire sale wasn't a bait sale either, but a gift sale. Everyone got gifted a 50% of coupon, that was valid for 24 hours during a special designated time. The only thing you had to do for it was to sign up for there forums and you had it.

    They screwed up the codes slightly and in such they are doing a remedial sale later this month for those that missed out.

    Honestly, filing a report / complaint for this is just pathetic behaviour.

    oh and btw : Razer has followed every rule regarding consumer rights in europe and thus they havent broken a single law.

    Oh you mean like what happened in the netherlands, as well as in belgium, at the media markt in both countries and several different stores within european countries?

    It is easy to push blame on the Americans, when our countries have the same issues.

    Razer is a much better product then most out there and beats is indeed just cheap plastic for a to high a price. Unlike razer.

    Razer peripherals have so far lasted longer then some Logitech hardware for me. Good luck finding a better mechanical keyboard than Razer for an affordable price, unless of course you consider 300 for a Mechanical keyboard a normal price, while you get lesser quality then razer.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2015
  16. Aminojaku

    Aminojaku New Member

    The only ignorance here is being displayed by you. Nothing you just said is true. Here in the US if you have a sale and you don't explicitly state a limited number are available you are REQUIRED BY LAW to give every single person who walks in to the store during the sale one if they want. When you are out of stock then you are REQUIRED BY LAW to order it for them and have it in their hands within 30 days.

    So no.. "those things" do NOT happen because they can't get the items (they can for the entire duration of the sale) or because they don't say "100 items in stock" (they do when that applies) but because people do stupid things.

    You are acting like a nationalistic bigot (claiming everything is better and different in europe than here in the US in order to say bad things about us, based solely on your ignorance of the laws here) so I'm calling you out on it. If you don't like it then stop making things up and accusing another country of things that are blatantly untrue.

    OH.. and BTW.. I looked and there are other multicolor LED gaming keyboards other than Razer. Some, like the ROCCAT™ Isku FX Multicolor Gaming Keyboard get mentioned before Razer's offering when people ask. Though most tend to be around the $120 price range if they have similar functionality like multicolor, mechanical and macros. So no Razer's pricing does not seem to be premium compared to equivalent competition. (Unlike your example, Beats, which is premium priced vs equal competition) And yes.. I've been to Europe as well as done a fair amount of research on European laws (mostly consumer protection and laws/court decisions relating to digital goods).. so.. yea..
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2015
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  17. NyanNyan

    NyanNyan Active Member

    So much rage. Did you want to be a hero? Saving us from a company doing evil business? Let people who wants to buy buy, and just stop buying if you're so enraged you can't sleep and need to let it run wild on internet. This is an appreciation sale, we all knew what were the rules of the game, and don't worry, some people got what they wanted, so it wasn't fraud. Even if it was, it is a game, some people will lose, and we are the best people to understand how it feels. Still it's not enough reason to be this hateful, when displaying an avatar "Je suis Charlie", this is depressing. Do you wish for Razer to be punished, or for them to give you your little toy to calm you? What is the point in this statement? If you don't want to participate in this kind of sale, just don't. If you feel offended because you had to register somewhere, you can ask to delete your account and information. What is the point then? I just feel like you're just venting, or just wishing greedily that you will get something in return for the rage. Anyway those aren't just causes.
    This is a place for Razer's community.
  18. 27SilentChaos

    27SilentChaos Active Member

    Well Said at your conclusion!
  19. Nejona

    Nejona Member

    It's so funny that whenever someone contradicts you, they're a bigot.
    Such a fashion statement :)

    Either way, I'm not here to argue. I merely made the thread to inform, state some facts and sources. People can have their own opinions, and I hope my post has been informative for those who are interested.

    You, on the other hand, feel you need to launch a vendetta and throw some personal attacks around to get your point across. I don't feel the need to get personal, I've got better things to do than to get into fights on the internet (and I'm well beyond my teen years so no, I'm not getting all rowdy because "it's good fun"). Throwing insults around never helped anyone and we're not in politics here.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2015
  20. razervinh

    razervinh Active Member

    My question is whether the OP would have started this thread had he/she gotten something from the sale? The whole argument that "it's the principle of the matter" seems rather moot.

    The remedial sale will be different from the first sale because there will be more stock since everyone will be waiting for the sale and /not/ buying until then. It's only a two week wait after all. However, stock will be depleted fast, just like last time, and to think otherwise would be foolish.
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