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Razer sale 50% Off !! (30% for Blade)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LightLine, Jan 10, 2015.


What will you buy on 12-13 Jan?

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  1. saruberoz

    saruberoz New Member

    the code doesnt work, I emailed the razer support and they told me they are going to have another sale for those who hasnt used their code at EOM
  2. Poseidon8734

    Poseidon8734 New Member

    Razer Blade to much #swag
  3. AkumaKinG

    AkumaKinG Member

    I wanna blade!!
  4. cheeriooss

    cheeriooss New Member

    Guys everything on the store for keyboards i wanted says notify me, so that means its sold out and im screwed.
  5. thinkClaretsite534

    thinkClaretsite534 New Member

  6. depotpulseRhythm848

    depotpulseRhythm848 New Member

    sad shipping costs more than sale mouse...
  7. gabking98

    gabking98 New Member

    i was just confirming my payment option and the website crashed... cannot buy my blackwidow chroma :slightly_sad:
  8. SimilarWalnut

    SimilarWalnut New Member

    I have to say, your Android box looks pretty good. $150 with controller and pc game streaming. hmmm, I might be sold on this for the game room.
  9. Kalizo_no_id

    Kalizo_no_id New Member

    Yeah I would a Kraken USB to match with my green setup :D Code pls :heart:
  10. ianrabon

    ianrabon New Member

    Who wouldn't buy a new keyboard with this amazing new deal?
  11. Darkthefox

    Darkthefox New Member

    If I had the money you can garentee I would be getting a headset, keyboard, mouse pad, and the Razer orbweaver stealth.
  12. justinkim0101

    justinkim0101 New Member

    too bad i couldn't get anything this time... bummer
  13. Theurgie

    Theurgie Member

    So disappointed couldn't get the Naga Chroma as planned.
  14. Foggy45

    Foggy45 New Member

    was finally able to get something after a lot of F5 pressing!!
  15. dustryhi

    dustryhi New Member

    I was hoping to get a Naga Chroma too.
  16. snowleo1

    snowleo1 New Member

    So pumped for this sale. Gonna get me a baller gaming keyboard.

    _SCHNIEDER_ New Member

    Want one so bad
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