[Release] Chroma Suite v0.1.1 (Soundboard, Sysmon, Clock)

Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by Vaypron, Oct 19, 2016.

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  1. Vaypron

    Vaypron Well-Known Member

    Welcome to [​IMG]

    What’s Chroma Suite?”, you may ask.

    Chroma Suite is a continuously growing collection of Chroma Apps developed by me!

    At the moment it includes 3 apps:

    Soundboard Chroma v0.1.3
    Soundboard Chroma is celebrating its debut. It lets you play and mix your own beats on your keyboard. This app will even work on regular keyboards, but only Chroma devices are able to use the lighting effects.

    (the video is not very musically, it just shows you the functions)​

    Supported Devices:

    -BlackWidow Family
    -All other keyboards(missing the lighting effects)

    The Chroma Clock v2.0.0
    Some of you may remember the first version of it. I reworked the whole app so it’s now more stable and appealing. Features like a timer, a stopwatch etc. are being worked on and will be implemented in future updates.

    Supported Devices:

    - Blade Family
    - BlackWidow Family
    - Chroma Mice
    - Firefly
    Chromitor v0.1.1
    As well as Soundboard Chroma, Chromitor is celebrating its release in the first version of Chroma Suite. It’s a small app to visualize the current CPU and Memory usage. Features like core-temps and GPU support are planned.

    Supported Devices:

    - BlackWidow Family

    You can download it on the Chroma Workshop :)

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  2. RaptureHearts

    RaptureHearts Gamer Geek Girl

    This all looks pretty rad! Keep up the good work! :grin:
  3. RealBobFish

    RealBobFish Active Member

    I especially love the look of the soundboard chroma thing. Please get these out soon! (also I volunteer to be a tester if you need one ;)
  4. Vaypron

    Vaypron Well-Known Member

    Thx, I will :D

    Sure! Everyone who wants to test it, is welcome!
    I'm at the Razer-Event in Berlin right now, so I will reach out to you tomorrow :)
  5. RealBobFish

    RealBobFish Active Member

    Lucky! And cool thanks.
  6. Wow Looks awesome, let me know when there is a Download Link ready :D
  7. Vaypron

    Vaypron Well-Known Member

    Version 0.1.1 Released for Download :)

    Here you go :)
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  8. Vaypron

    Vaypron Well-Known Member

    Finally updated the Soundboard Video. I'm currently working on improving the overall program. Stay tuned :)
  9. Sim3Gamer

    Sim3Gamer Well-Known Member

    The Soundboard thing is epic :eek:
    I´t would be perfekt if it could work like a Launchpad, then my Chroma Keyboard would be more the worth :heart:
  10. Vaypron

    Vaypron Well-Known Member

    Specify "work like a launchpad" :) I'm always looking for good ideas ;)
  11. njbmartin

    njbmartin Developer of Awesome

  12. Vaypron

    Vaypron Well-Known Member

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  13. Rionlion100

    Rionlion100 New Member

    Looks pretty cool an idea you could create one that would make the lights light up upon being pressed (even have delays and length options.)
  14. I wanna test it 2 omg it is so cool.
  15. Vaypron

    Vaypron Well-Known Member

    Actually it's already released haha
    Check out the Chroma Workshop to download it.
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