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Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by abmanzo, Aug 13, 2020.

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  2. How about Linux Support then. Everyone doesn't want to use a PC
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  3. Also, if Synapse 3 exists for Mac, how do i find it? This website is like a maze very cryptic.
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  4. Tcoz_Razer

    Tcoz_Razer New Member

    No Mac support sucks. Totally. I bought one of the Naga wireless; it's a great mouse. But I can't calibrate it for a wood surface; I can't do any of the things Synapse offers, which is a big part of the reason you buy it.

    SteelSeries looks like the way to go. Sorry Razer, you lost me here. I was considering your keyboard. It looks like I'm going for the Logitech keyboard and SteelSeries mouse and returning your product, which Synapse 2 doesn't even detect.

    What a shame. But it looks like Razer isn't a champion at all anymore.

    In the end, I settled on the high-end Logitech gaming mouse and mechanical keyboard. Sorry Razer, but I wouldn't even buy your products for Windows. Any company that would pull the rug out from so many of its customers isn't a company I care to do business with.

    I will make the same recommendation to everybody I know.
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  5. clubFlaxbyte783

    clubFlaxbyte783 New Member

    Guess I am returning my mouse tomorrow :/
  6. What if we organize and Sue Razer? I mean i bought a huntsman elite and i cannot use for coding on my mac so i think if we just all organize we can sue them , what do you think?
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  7. Sye_The-Vie

    Sye_The-Vie Well-Known Member VANGUARD

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  8. Thanks for the update. That’s good news as I would love to be able to configure my Kiyo Pro on my Mac.
  9. Surf22

    Surf22 New Member

    Not waiting for vapourware. Returned my new basilisk and dumping Razer.
    Stupid move for a little bit of code. Amateur hour at Razer.
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  10. That’s the spirit!
  11. g0sheng

    g0sheng New Member

    Does Razer Kraken Kitty edition works on Macbook air 2019?
  12. Good news: It will work as a generic USB headset.
    Bad news: Neither the Streamer app nor the Synapse 3.0 drivers are available for Mac. This means you won’t be able to change the lighting or use other advanced features until Razer releases the Mac software.
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  13. technotrendPink385

    technotrendPink385 New Member

    they said "will might support in the future" so there is no any developing stage at that moment, Razer works amazingly slow how can be that difficult to make that app compatible with macOS. It's still not a near future feature for us I guess
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  14. Sadsurfer

    Sadsurfer New Member

    Just re-read the JPG of the support ticket that is being referred to - it says Razer WAS working towards getting Synaspe on MacOS (as well as say 'will might' in the next paragraph).

    With no official word, no discussion, no roadmap, no alpha/beta I think it is safe to assume that it will never come to MacOS.

    Happy to be proven wrong but I seriously doubt it
  15. tectonicplate

    tectonicplate New Member

    Razer, please add Mac support for Synapse 3… otherwise I need to support your competition instead because you leave me no choice.
  16. Prochin91

    Prochin91 New Member

    Seriously disappointing. @razer_team better wakes up. One more comment among the rest hoping they hear us...
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  17. LordRunner

    LordRunner New Member

    Just sent another email to Razer Support to ask them to allow Mac users to configure their Razer products. It doesn't matter if it's the old Synapse or the new one. We all should do it daily.
  18. selachiix

    selachiix New Member

    People that are still looking to customize the colors of their Razer device on Mac, please take a look at this open source project:

    With this I was able to configure the colors of my devices on Mac.
  19. Rahman2408

    Rahman2408 New Member

    Wow I literally just picked up their most expensive keyboard with hopes it makes coding a little easier on my hands and I am pretty OCD when it comes to typing experience lol.. This actually made me laugh as I finally decide on this keyboard after being indecisive for so long between others yet now getting ready to go back to best buy for the tenth time this week :big_grin_: Lack of support for Mac OS is definitely weird to me though.. that's like opening up a mall exclusive to people who work there lol. Meanwhile I thought Razer was considered the "Apple" of gaming (haaaa) anyways, glad to know my next choice was the same as everyone else's
  20. sinalk929

    sinalk929 New Member

    Yes. I don't want synapse 3 but this would be perfect because I used to use synapse on Mac OS Catalina but it's unavailable on big sur OS. Razer if you are reading this making it compatible with big sur OS would be fine instead of making synapse 3 available on mac os can you just make it compatible with big sur OS. Thank you.
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