The Future of CES Appreciation Sales

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Min-Liang Tan, Jan 14, 2015.


Should we still hold these appreciation sales in the future?

  1. Yes

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  1. MrBrowKnee

    MrBrowKnee Member

    See this is why Razer is amazing. These people that don't appreciate the sales don't understand that Restocking and Backorders are a nightmare for a company. You guys don't even have to do a sale. People forget the main reason your even doing one! Its to return to the fans that got them those awards! People just complain about not getting what they wanted, I couldn't get the headset I wanted instead just got a mousemat lmao but atleast its something.

    By the way I appreciate that your actually talking to the community as a CEO, this is why I love your products. Also I would like to add the new studio mic is a amazing and that display was a pleasant and elegant suprise! Keep it up and those who don't appreciate the sale are not true fans!
  2. neptune2

    neptune2 New Member

    you should keep it up. 50% is amazing and pleople is upset because they coulndt get what they wanted. We are people, we are nonconformist at all levels.
    You did your best and me and many more are really grated.

    Cheers and many more to come
  3. btRaddex

    btRaddex New Member

    So..someone who can't afford to get the products at full price isn't a true Razer fan? you realize just how ignorant that sounds?
  4. The problem I had was that the codes were reversed, and by the time people realized it it was impossible to get the right code. And if you did manage to get the right code, by that time the store was completely depleted of inventory on most items.

    I understand fun and fair, and my complaint was based on how my first interaction with a Razer sale went and that is to say it went poorly. I like Razer products and own a Black Widow from 2013, it's a great keyboard.
  5. MrBrowKnee

    MrBrowKnee Member

    Finally someone who understands! and yeah I'm guessing the other guy hasn't seen all the hate towards razer in the forums about the sales eventhough they actually happened!
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  6. btRaddex

    btRaddex New Member

    okay, here's my two cents on this. The sales, should definitely continue despite the troubles, because it is beneficial to new customers on limited budgets (like me, could get the BlackWidow Chroma at half off, but am not able to full price), and longtime fans as a thank you for being loyal. I just wish the code messup hadn't happened, and that the servers were more stable.

    I'm with those who suggested doing sales in waves, or a queue system, or if possible, a coupon code that you could get for the sales, to be used anytime within the next month or so, to alleviate stress on the servers, and people's patience. That would satisfy everybody. Yeah, you'd still have scalpers, but unfortunately, you're not gonna keep them away, they'll still be there, still doing their best to profit by stealing from those who just want, or need, a new peripheral. Regardless, the site overload was the biggest issue. I have no idea just how financially sound the company is, or how expensive servers to better handle the load would be, but if it's feasible it would definitely be a high priority. That was the biggest issue, the site stability. If something could be used to go around it, that would make everyone happy. I also feel that with the limited stock was some thing. I can understand not doing backorders, that's why I suggested the time-limited coupon that could be used when more stock comes in. it would also benefit those who don't live in places with really good Internet (which I know some of the hassle loading the pages during the sale came from), this is speaking from experience, living in the US, but in one of the worst states FOR Internet speeds. I just want it to be fair for everyone. the time it started was a pain for people outside of the US, The servers and coupons were a pain for everyone.

    That, was a very long-winded post, probably longer than it needed to be. My point, is I think there is room for improvement on the sales, but definitely don't give up on them, it would be a bigger middle finger to the fans than anything else.
  7. Sky96

    Sky96 New Member

    I think its nice you do sales such as this one and I would appreciate it if you continued to run them. Its just with the last year or two I feel like more people just started to care more about getting a cheap deal or being able to resell their orders later, rather than actually being a supporter of Razer. As a student myself, I became a fan on Razer after hearing about the 90% off code that was never meant to get out on the news. Although I never got anything with the 90% off code I was pleased to heard that Razer was going to honour it and become a fan after that as I have never heard of any company honouring something like that. Anyway what I was trying to say was that sales are awesome (especially the 50% off one) since I don't think I know any other company that would hold such a sale if they won CES. Thanks for trying though, the code slip up itsnt much of a big deal to me, but I'll be looking forward to the remedial sale. Thanks for being nice enough to give us that second chance though and keep being awesome.
  8. erato

    erato Active Member

    How about considering to hold separate sales for the separate stores for the different timezones (starting from the less demanding ones)? Plus I think it is a very good idea to give out the codes only during a specific time before the sale, thus this can expose to a sale of the codes...
  9. geoRedBrownbay863

    geoRedBrownbay863 New Member

    Do you plan to have Razer stores in Europe ? Apart from your merchandise selling in electronics stores ?
  10. xShAdEz

    xShAdEz Member

    That's not my point. My point is True Razer fans will buy the product at full price if they really want the product badly.... No need for the sale to motivate true fans to buy the product. The sale purpose is to thank those fans.
  11. xByakko

    xByakko Member

    The sale is awesome, it's sad that so many people are unhappy about it, but so far I've found the reasons have been very understandable. Perhaps an idea would be have the sale period over a few days, and each item will have a limit every few hours. So for example, let say the DA Chroma. The sale go for 3 days, every 3 hours, 20 units become available. If a member is unable to buy one the first time around they are on the site, they can come back 3 hours later and try again. This pacing out the stock may or may not work, and I don't know if the traffic on the servers would be any better, but it's just an idea to stop everything going in the first 20 minutes, and those who have trouble accessing being left out.
  12. btRaddex

    btRaddex New Member

    I just misunderstood you then. I sitll say for some that's just not possible, so that should be taken into consideration. (speaking from experience, like I said in my post, could only get the BlackWidow Chroma at a discount, if I could buy it at full price I would, and if i get gaming peripherals, Razer's my first choice)
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  13. grim53

    grim53 Member

    I think If your business benefits from a sale, than you should keep doing it. But make sure your servers and your stock are ready. otherwise you only gonna to anger customers.
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  14. What kind of stupid logic is this, im no "true Razer fan" then, take 10% off any of your products, and then add in the shipping fees, tell me know how much of a sale that is. If you claim to be a true razer fan, you would have gotten everything you want straight out of release, instead of waiting for a 10% sale to save you like at most $15. There are also plenty of true razer fans who are not rich, cant afford to just buy what they need at 100% of the price, 10% off? You think they would be happy with that? Would you be able to buy a Ferrari at 10% off if they gave you that option? mind you 10% off a Ferarri is a huge amount of money saved.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2015
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  15. darren486

    darren486 Member

    Yes, and I think you are going the right way now, by limiting 1 purchase per person, if only you could weed out those who register a few dupe account to purchase the devices, it will be fantastic! Not to mention being more careful with the codes and also make sure the servers are running correctly *whistle*whistle*
  16. notso4eign

    notso4eign New Member

    I personally wasn't able to get what I wanted this time around. Fortunately I simply enjoy the fact that Razer is so involved with the community they have created and even offers such a sale!
  17. babbyai

    babbyai New Member

    What about restock based on razer insider who haven use thier codes? Hope it works.
  18. Ajw1297

    Ajw1297 New Member

    I did not take part in this sale as I currently do not need any of the products at this time. Sure, there are things I'd love to replace but that will be down the road. Just the simple fact that they are offering this up to customer's that are within the forums is pretty awesome. Yes many lost out on sales and it was crazy busy and overloaded but the simple fact of the matter is that you just have to be grateful they are even letting us try to pick up these items with such a huge discount. I also think its really cool to see the CEO on the boards trying to rationalize with the customers and make amends.
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  19. Fenix86

    Fenix86 New Member

    I was one of those unlucky people who couldnt get an item that i had wanted but i didnt complain. I actually figured the chances of me not getting something because of the traffic were high. With the huge price slashes it was bound to happen. I do appreciate the gesture of thanks to us fans and would love to see sales like this in the future wether I am lucky enough to get an item or not. Seeing a company acknowledge their fans and customers is awesome, as well as the CEO joining us in these chats, let alone try to give every single one of us a massive discount on practically every item. Thank you razer and thank you Min-Liang Tan for going above and beyond for us all. Keep up the great work.
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  20. darren486

    darren486 Member

    Personally I think it's kind of hard to do that, as I'm in Asia, we are around 13 hours different from some of the places in US, if they put a good time for u n me, it would have been a shitty time for the US, I think it's reasonable for them to adjust the time according to their biggest market
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