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Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by Onji, Mar 25, 2016.


Are you excited for the real Sword Art Online?

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  1. fritzasuro

    fritzasuro Active Member

    VR has been around for a long time but only these past few years it finally gets the attention. One of the reasons might be the anime titled "Sword Art Online" where players wear the Nerve Gear, a special type of VR equipment where you control everything with your brain. Same concept like "The Matrix".

    Watch this! Japan is taking it seriously and for me they are leading the race!
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  2. GSSGaming

    GSSGaming Well-Known Member

    I am excited for VR! There are many interesting things that they can accomplish as the tech gets more and more advanced.

    One particular feature that is of interest to me is a headset that can produce scents and temperatures to further immersion. Imagine playing a game in the future where everything can be emulated to make you feel like your there.

    An example would be Battlefront on Hoth. You'd feel the ice blowing in your face and smell the smoke.

    Would be awesome if games could be completely VR to the extent that real life and VR merge.
  3. Zikiko

    Zikiko Active Member

    After watching all of SAO, I'm so waiting for people to enter the game and successfully log out before dropping money on it x'D
  4. shinjin

    shinjin Member

    I'm definitely excited about VR. A lot of dillusional people think it's gonna be a fad like 3D TV but that's a bad joke. They haven't tried it and realized how awesome the immersion is and they're conveniently forget that every major gaming industry player is backing it. I mean you got the Titans of their areas in the industry Sony and Gaben & Co (Valve), EA is onboard, and there's at least a dozen major studios/publishers onboard as well not to mention the ridiculous amount of indie studios working on stuff.

    I have a Vive preordered and I'm pretty hyped about VR. Although it looks like the launch is gonna be pretty slow and there won't be many good games until the end of the year.
  5. David-El

    David-El Member

    Definitely hopeful for the future of VR/VR gaming.

    That video looks good. I can see them improving it over time to make it so you can do more than the standardized moves for attacking and defending.
  6. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    I call bs...real Nerve Gears don't require body movement and would never let users log out that easily lol! bmoconno Detective_Chimp

    Wowwww, I've honestly been waiting for something like this. This is like Oculus Rift & Kinect One combined. I always thought the Kinect had unrealized potential...there's no good online rpg that makes use of it to swing swords around and stuff. I love the idea of being able to keep your body active while playing a virtual MMO. That is much more appealing to me than dancing games...

    I really believe in the future of VR but I hope they can develop games that wont make me puke. I remember feeling nauseous after only a few minutes of playing with Oculus :astonished:

    Think I spotted Kayaba Akihiko @ 1:15
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  7. bmoconno

    bmoconno Well-Known Member

    It's obviously very gimmicky, like the VR systems you used to be able to find in the mall and are arcades, but I'm very excited for the future of VR. They're tying their game (and technology) to a successful anime based on similar (though much more advanced) technology to give us the idea that we'll be in a real Nerve Gear soon... but realistically it's still a long ways out.

    As some of you know, I've already got a Oculus and Vive on pre-order and I'm very much looking forward to consumer VR. I've got the Leap Motion, which allows me to do similar hand and body tracking as we are seeing in the video, obviously I have't 3D scanned myself to add my own textures to games yet... but I'm not sure that's something we really "need" yet and only adds another layer of hardware that consumers might need to buy.

    So, yes I'm excited for VR... but no, I'm not excited for what we're seeing in this video. Soon though. :D
  8. AcE89

    AcE89 New Member

    Super hyped! Wonder what system is required just to play this and the cost of it? Unless they make it affordable for the masses, there wont be much players in the game. :confused_:
  9. Detective_Chimp

    Detective_Chimp Active Member

    @Raijin @bmoconno

    Anytime I read or see anything about VR, all I can think of is this uncomfortable piece of crap that only accomplished hurting your eyes with red lines.......
    Maybe is I wasn't born in the 80's I could be more excited for both VR and 3D movies. :)
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  10. bmoconno

    bmoconno Well-Known Member

    @Detective_Chimp I never had any eye troubles using mine, I sort of wish I still had mine... it'd be nice to see if it's as bad as I remember it being. I only ever had Tennis and Tetris.

    I do agree that 80s movies didn't do much for VR. Lawnmower Man was horrible, and Johnny Mnemonic's VR Internet was a ridiculous series of puzzles.
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  11. Detective_Chimp

    Detective_Chimp Active Member

    My cousin had one of the Virtual Boys, and all I remember was trying to set up the unit on the kitchen table at a height that you could look into without getting a cramp in your neck. But you had to lean into the viewer at an awkward angle. So between the poor 'graphics' and uncomfortable play it wasn't much fun for me to play.

    LMAO Lawnmower Man is the second thing I think of when I think of VR although I have never seen the movie or ever had any interest in watching it.
  12. VR is insanely exiting for me, I just want to get each big headset put they are so expensive... guess I have to save up for awhile.
  13. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    I was born in the 80s too. I hate you guys. Don't ruin it for me! I'm so excited for this that I'm willing to become a 'beater'!
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  14. amazing
    although if i die in the game I would prefer not to die IRL :big_grin_:
  15. VikariousOne

    VikariousOne Well-Known Member

    Until we can get that Omni-treadmill thing and something that can cover our body, it won't be fulfilling it's purpose. I honestly think we need something like a suit that doesn't inflict pain but at least applies pressure, an Oculus and a motion sensor. Also. if Samsung can finish their headset, this would be great. I think the idea of Sword Art Online would be defeated if this is all that's available. The whole "feel like you're in the game" aspect would be pointless without the physical "feeling" bit. I think the biggest limitation will be running at max speed with a limiter without the treadmill tipping/not registering your movements. We still have a lot of time.
  16. greengear

    greengear Member

    it is so cool to play this game. i am a fan of SAO
  17. bmoconno

    bmoconno Well-Known Member

    @Detective_Chimp I was playing with my Leap Motion and Oculus Rift the other day and thought of you, so I made you a video:

    @Raijin sorry to crush your dreams, but I do hope we'll be at SAO level technology before we are too old to enjoy it.
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  18. Cuttershy

    Cuttershy Active Member

    Cool, has a looong way to go but its promising.
  19. Detective_Chimp

    Detective_Chimp Active Member

    Did you shout out "I set the time zone!"?
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  20. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    Pfffffffffff I am not interested in anything with real life in it, including augmented reality w/ a pass-through camera. Real life insults me. I want to be completely immersed into the world of Aincrad!

    Care to explain what LeapMotion is? I'm a bit behind on the VR stuff but you seem to be quite knowledgeable on the subject.

    P.S. Has your desk gotten messier since the last time I saw it?
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