UPDATE - Razer Chroma Configurator for Mac

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Razer | kooki, Apr 8, 2015.

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  1. kushal

    kushal Member Staff Member

    Hi there.

    There have been a lot of queries on the Chroma configurator for Mac, and I shall try to answer them over here.

    We've been working on the Mac configurator for a while now and our original plan was to launch this towards the end of March 2015. However we’re still clearing some last minute bugs in order to make the software fit for public release.

    The Chroma configurator for Mac, like all of Razer software goes through a very stringent QA process to ensure the product is free of any bugs, glitches and works as promised. We cannot commit on a firm release date as of now, but rest assured that we are working hard to clear out every bug to ensure what we deliver works exactly the way it should from the get go.

    Kushal Tandon,
    Product Marketing Manager

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  2. polyinfoPuceRed986

    polyinfoPuceRed986 New Member

    Can't wait!
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  3. njbmartin

    njbmartin Developer of Awesome

    Feel free to get in touch. More than happy to help out where I can.
  4. Ok! Thanks very much for the update!
  5. thank you for that clear answer! Looking forward to it!
  6. rushCoppersigns881

    rushCoppersigns881 New Member

    Thanks for the update... NOW HURRY UP!
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  7. I want to let you know that I love you for this update. Razer is one of the only companies that makes good quality gaming products that support Mac. Even though not many people game on Mac, you guys work hard to make the people that do play on Mac happy, so I thank you very much for that. I am happy:). Cant wait for the update!
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  8. Martyrshot

    Martyrshot New Member

    Glad to hear it! If there is no plans for a Mac layout, could I swap my old blackwidow ultimate Mac layout keycaps onto the chroma, and then configure them to work the same? Maybe Razer could just sell a "conversion kit" which has only the keycaps that need to be changed out in order to have a "Mac layout"?
  9. It would be nothing but justice if Razer commits to this update.It would really show loyalty.Like I said coming from a music producer/Artist "Gaming Keyboards are now a big choice for anybody in Music,Radio and anything else who likes a style in their work environment" A new world where gaming keyboards are now more than just playing games on (style) and Razer will be the first game changer!!!!!
    P.S. Please contact me if I could help Razer to expand.MAC is for some the 1st choice for Producers,Radio and in great work environments. I see more profits and a BIGGER name for the franchise RAZER world wide!!!!!! (Razer) Kooki
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  10. GamingAsesino

    GamingAsesino New Member

    when do you estimate that the razor chroma configurator for mac will be available ?
  11. rushCoppersigns881

    rushCoppersigns881 New Member

    So is it ready yet?
  12. polyinfoPuceRed986

    polyinfoPuceRed986 New Member


    Edit: I got too excited, I saw it in the downloads buts its not an option there. :slightly_sad:
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  13. GamingAsesino

    GamingAsesino New Member

    I know, i updated the software yesterday, but still no chroma configurator.

    Cry EveryTime
  14. Bardanne

    Bardanne New Member

    Yes like you, I saw a new update with "chroma configurator" so I did it.... But... Still nothing :'c
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  15. GamingAsesino

    GamingAsesino New Member

    Cry EveryTime [​IMG]
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  16. GamingAsesino

    GamingAsesino New Member

    but really Razer, it is unfair for pc user to have more advanced software, we want the chroma configurator, thats the main reason i but this keyboard.
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  17. GamingAsesino

    GamingAsesino New Member

    bought* sorry :)
  18. *sigh*
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  19. quickPeridotside821

    quickPeridotside821 New Member

    Man! That update was such a tease. I spent so long trying to figure out where the configurator was. Hopefully that means it's soon. I'm so ready to use the keyboard I THOUGHT i bought way back when D: D:
  20. Yeah. That update showed up for me a long time ago. It really sucks
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