What would you like to see next from Razer?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mltan, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. irfansmanaf

    irfansmanaf New Member

    well i would say monitor , or more speakers
  2. HedgyTrimmer

    HedgyTrimmer New Member

    What would be awesome would be a Razer Computer case, covered in the Razer Logo. I slapped a Razer sticker on my old case because I liked it so much.
  3. Cur1os1ty

    Cur1os1ty New Member

    Wi-Fi router would be great!:):D
  4. [​IMG] I would like to see a Kickpad for extra macro's Like a floor pedal that connect's to the keyboard which you can set up some macro's . It would even help handicap people who have trouble with there hands
  5. jimlitE

    jimlitE Member

    The toaster! (Serious Face) :D

    Maybe a monitor or computer parts. IE: Graphics Card, Hard Drive, Motherboard.. etc..
  6. CalvinL

    CalvinL New Member

    I'd love to see a PS4 remote, probably been suggested a lot already
  7. 71491

    71491 New Member

    Things, and stuff
  8. I'd like to see PBT plastic keycaps that are double shot molded in the blackwidow.
  9. Ionshock

    Ionshock New Member

    How about a proper steering wheel for racers? One with a proper clutch and "H" Shifter functionality that would be compatible with consoles or the PC.
  10. FIREbitXanadu803

    FIREbitXanadu803 New Member

    I thought I read somewhere that you guys were making peripherals for xbox one? I'd love to see a razer xbox one controller!
  11. Trakats

    Trakats New Member

    More smartphone/tablet peripherals
  12. Kazandu94

    Kazandu94 New Member

    How about a complete Desktop PC, configurable (choose CPU/GPU/HDD etc), pack it into the new Razer case like xmg does ^^
  13. Rekham

    Rekham Member

    This Christmas was wondering around the stores to get a gift for my kid and to my pleasant surprise I found a dedicated part for gamers with Razer products and some other brands. For 2015 I'd like to run into this more often , saves us the shipping fee :>
  14. iStinger

    iStinger Well-Known Member

    I just want an affordable turret asap!
  15. smjkh

    smjkh Member

    I know it may sound ridiculous and a bit of a stretch, but perhaps one day some sort of smartphone? Many companies today create a whole "system," including phones, computers, tablets, smartwatches/bands, and a streaming device designed for such products. With the new Forge TV, I feel like Razer can create it's own integrated system between its computers, streaming systems, gaming tablets, etc. That's just me personally, seeking a smartphone with the capability for some serious gaming. :D
  16. TacticalKirito

    TacticalKirito Active Member

    I agree where's my lovely Christine
  17. I would say a monitor preferably 144hz is something razer should try to work on, otherwise there is also speakers or gaming chairs.
  18. mindreeper2420

    mindreeper2420 New Member

    How about something for graphic or UX designers? I love using mechanical keyboards and changing dpi settings on my mouse for precise placements. Any thoughts on drawing tablets or other input devices?
  19. YouYongku

    YouYongku New Member

    what about desktop/monitors?
  20. SofaProfessor

    SofaProfessor New Member

    I think Razer could do up an incredible desktop monitor that's not just great to use but also looks amazing just sitting there. Something you would love to show off. Maybe an LED strip on the back to add depth.
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