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New razer viper 8k

  • 28 December 2022
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I just got this wired new mouse and it was working for about 15 minutes then it just turned off. I don’t know what happened I installed the mouse update app but it wasn’t detecting it same thing with the razer synapse app. It doesn’t turn on with other laptops either. I don’t know the problem or what to do if anyone knows let me know please.

4 Replies

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Try to update its firmware by following the steps here. If that didn't work, PM me the serial number so I can validate its model and check for other options to help you address the connection problem of your Razer Viper 8KHz mouse. Thanks!
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Firmware update failed?
Is it detected on other PC?
Firmware update failed?
Is it detected on other PC?

No it’s not detected anywhere
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Is it also not available as "Razer Bootloader" device in device manager?
If not, return the mouse, get a replacement.