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How to Use The Support Forum

  • 19 July 2023
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Welcome to the Official Support forum on Razer Insider. Our goal is to help our community members as quickly as possible with as much information that is available to us. Please note that often times we encounter new bugs and issues as you do, and it takes time for us to investigate. Razer Insider is monitored by our Support staff, The Insider Team and our Razer Vanguards. Although we do our best to keep an eye on things there are times things may be missed.

If you cannot resolve your issue through Razer Insider or it is something that needs immediate attention, please visit our Official Support site. 

Focus your threads to be as detailed as possible. It is crucial to stay on topic.

  • Opinions and criticisms should be directed to the General Discussion forum.
  • Please do not double post.
  • Please do not hijack other threads by posting your own thread. This is not efficient and may lead to your support issue being missed or cause the original support thread to be ignored.
  • Your subject must have a clear summary of your issue. "Razer Synapse crashing after detecting my keyboard" is good. “Razer Support sucks!" or "Nobody is helping me!" is bad and counterproductive. Not only does that mark your thread for removal but may impact your membership as well.
  • Computer problems suck and can lead to emotions being left unchecked. We totally understand. But there will be zero tolerance for abusive behavior.

The Support forum exists to allow the community to offer help on top of interacting with Official Staff, Razer Vanguards and receiving Official Support. It may not be the fastest approach to getting help, but often times it proves to be the most fruitful. We appreciate all the hard work our community members put in and hope to deliver the best experience through your contributions. And remember, always follow the House Rules.

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