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Razer Huntsman Elite not working with synapse 3.

  • 7 February 2019
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I do not know why my razer keyboard will not show up in synapse. I recently had a key that didn't work and had to return the keyboard to the factory. I got this keyboard as a Christmas gift and it only worked for 6 days before I had to return it. Since I live in the U.S. It took 2 months for me to get it back. I was happy that the w key worked again, but when I go in Synapse 3 it won't show my device. I am running windows 7 on my P.C. (I know it sucks) and that might be the source, But I don't know for sure. I would be overjoyed If someone could tell me if my P.C. running on windows 7 is the source of the problem and if so what to do so I don't have to go through the send back process again.

Is it because of windows 7?

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First try to remove all razer solftwere from your pc then go to appdata and programfiles folders and delete files that my stay after uninstall next step will be go to windows device menager and remove your keybord to force new driver install when you remove keybord unplug it and reboot pc, When your pc start go to razer website and download new installer for synapse to make sure you will dont get corrupted files plug keybord wait to driver install and install synapse and cheack. If still keybord will not whow in synapse plug keybord to another pc family member of friend to make sure device work as should be and let me know here.