Any options for 7.1 Surround Sound on BOTH Xbox and PS4?

Discussion in 'Audio' started by LuigiTheClown, Dec 10, 2017.

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  1. LuigiTheClown

    LuigiTheClown New Member


    Does anybody know of any headset that supplies 7.1 surround sound for both Xbox and PS4?

    The new Threshers look great but as somebody who is lucky enough to own both consoles I am trying to find a good option that will work on both. I think its ridiculous to buy separate headsets for each console so I hate how many companies like Razer and Astro provide headsets that work either for "Xbox and PC" or "PS4 and PC". Solutions like Astro offering the receiver you are missing separately at $99 are equally ridiculous.

    It does not have to be from Razer although I would have preferred that. So far the only choice seems to be the LucidSound LS40 7.1 but reviews and user comments I have seen on reddit or forums are mixed.

    Looking forward to reading your answers.

    Thank you!
  2. vinaychandel121

    vinaychandel121 New Member

    For the PS4, I have the Sony Gold that Steven mentioned. It’s probably the best cheap headset out there.I used them on my PS4 and now I use them with my PS4 Pro. I even use them with the Xbox One.Headset for Ps4 depends on the price you are willing to invest, options starts from as low as 30$ and goes upto 150$.
  3. LuigiTheClown

    LuigiTheClown New Member

    Hey, my brother has the Sony Gold headset for his PS4 and I agree, its pretty nice. However, what I am asking about is if there is any headset that works at 7.1 Surround with BOTH Xbox One and PS4.
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