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Apart from gaming, what else do you enjoy?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by GroovyG0D, Jan 11, 2015.

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  1. prongATO

    prongATO Member

    I like building custom liquid cooled computers but it takes me so much longer now. Lately I've been trying to trick out my motorized wheelchair. It has a 24v output so I just need to knock that down to 12v and I can start integrating sweet electronics like mounting fog lights!
  2. ampdmg

    ampdmg New Member

    martial arts, cars, tea, etc -=]
  3. meimercy

    meimercy New Member

    There's always basketball. Or I just Skype my friends all day. That's about it
  4. fuzzywuzzy304

    fuzzywuzzy304 New Member

    When I'm not gaming I read, ski, camp, watch YouTube, and listen to a lot of music.
  5. Undrtheoath

    Undrtheoath New Member

    I love sports. Nothing beats blowing the day away watching sports from my computer. Talking with people over the internet about what is going on in a soccer and football match beats going to a bar with rowdy fans who want nothing more than to trash talk anyday.
  6. 42566811000

    42566811000 Active Member


  7. Photography and drone flying :)
  8. I used to love playing football.. I had a coach once that ruined the sport for me and I've been a hardcore gamer ever since.
  9. Merehumes

    Merehumes New Member

    I love sitting and listening to VG soundtracks and movie soundtracks, also i do a fair (to light) amount of fantasy reading, right now im finishing up the GoT series, i refuse to watch any of the HBO stuff until i finish reading the books lol, next ill dig deep into the robert jordan series
  10. timbeal11

    timbeal11 New Member

    Love watching/playing football. My community has an adult flag football league which always turns out to be such a blast!
  11. leredz

    leredz New Member

    i enjoy going to the gym, raves and walking my dog
  12. luxfx

    luxfx New Member

    I'm on the computer for most things. I'm starting to toy around with music production. When I'm not on my computer, though, I like to build things. I've got a mediocre workshop but it's nice to make something I can hold in my hands.
  13. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Reading ... lots of reading. :)
    I also really love spending time with family, going out to eat, traveling, going to the movies...
  14. chiemichan

    chiemichan New Member

    I love to travel around the city and check out the sights on my free time, whether by car or public transport.
  15. I play piano and guitar in my freetime. I enjoy swimming but haven't had a chance to because 40 hour work weeks on top of being a full time student. Shit sucks
  16. Joss4n

    Joss4n Member

    I play handball :) But I also enjoy running, eating and listening to music. Movies and anime are a big hit ^-^
  17. AxelCloris

    AxelCloris New Member

    Scuba diving is a huge favorite of mine, along with reading and tabletop gaming.
  18. lnfinity

    lnfinity New Member

    I'm also interested in photography, reading, yoga, or doing outdoor activities.
  19. Kyoubou

    Kyoubou New Member

    Music and cooking.
  20. Fireball530

    Fireball530 New Member

    Been trying my hand at drawing and learning Spanish.
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