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Best Mouse for LoL?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by erikjhockey, Jan 11, 2015.

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  1. erikjhockey

    erikjhockey New Member

    Currently using a Deathadder was wondering if anyone was using an Ouroborus and how they feel about that mouse with latency and connectivity compared to Razer's wired mouses.
  2. I use the naga and with the 12 buttons there is no need for a keyboard
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  3. Hyperkind

    Hyperkind Member

    Same, I use a Naga for LoL. I am looking at picking up a Taipan as well.
  4. GhostlyKC

    GhostlyKC New Member

    I have the older imperator, its been chewed on by cats and fixed and is still working strong, and its pretty decent from my stand point in LoL. Get's the job done for what I need.
  5. LazerBeam16

    LazerBeam16 New Member

    I use the naga hex LoL edition
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  6. mineroff

    mineroff New Member

    I'm a hardcore Naga fan, no matter what.
  7. Pearltodaycool862

    Pearltodaycool862 New Member

    Honestly for league I think the best would be a naga. Just for the buttons. You can assign wards and other actives to the mouse buttons to quicken reaction times. Super helpful in my experience. This coming from a diamond 3.
  8. robot1

    robot1 New Member

    Do you get used to the side buttons? I'm wondering because pressing keys seems to be much faster than the buttons.
  9. CipherBlade

    CipherBlade Member

    I person like the Razer naga for league since I can re program the keys to play lol with one hand when ever eating or drinking or something.
  10. LadyGaga

    LadyGaga New Member

    I use a basic one from Target and it works fine, wonder what difference an $80 mouse would make
  11. deathofevans

    deathofevans New Member

    I think a deathadder or a Naga would be really good, I personally have a deathadder, and I'm really happy with it, the 2014 has a grip, which is a really nice upgrade from the 2013, but Naga has a lot of buttons that u can use for your active items, and your trinkets, summoner spells, etc. So I guess deathadder if you can manage items with a keyboard, or naga if you like to be quicker and use active items a little better.
  12. Wh1tn3h

    Wh1tn3h New Member

    Naga Hex would make the most sense and is what I'm currently looking at picking up. Bind one or two items, and the rest can be taunts (e.g. laugh, joke, dance, etc...)
  13. erikjhockey

    erikjhockey New Member

    Seeing a lot of love for the naga and that worries me, even when I played wow hard core I thought all of the buttons were just too much and you could easily make a mistake
  14. adakuo713

    adakuo713 New Member

    I perform pretty well with a death adder
  15. citrons

    citrons New Member

    Well you don't need alot of extra features.
    I'm using Razer Taipan, works really well for me.
    Well there isn't that much key combos that you would like to bind.

    Good quality sensor and nice gaming pad will do. ;)
  16. Undrtheoath

    Undrtheoath New Member

    Really any mouse is good for LoL. Try using what ever is most comfortable to use. I use to play LoL and had both the Deathadder and the Hex. I liked the Hex's side buttons that I could remap to level up skills or use items, but my hand would hurt over the course of 2 hours. The Deathadder is nothing fancy but I can, and still do, game on that thing all day and my hand never cramps.
  17. emceechau

    emceechau New Member

  18. 061113_xf_rzr

    061113_xf_rzr New Member

    Im play LOL with Deathadder too! I love this mouse, it was the birthday gift from my firend!
  19. Amerricka

    Amerricka New Member

    I love my Deathadder, but if you're into LoL you should probably look at the Naga series. Gotta get that thumb muscle memory down though.
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