Fun Co-Op PC Games

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by CreeperKrieger, Dec 3, 2014.

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  1. webVermilionbest979

    webVermilionbest979 New Member

    I really liked Battleblock Theater and Payday 2.
  2. LavaFIREpoly520

    LavaFIREpoly520 New Member

    guess any game they make these days is made to play online, following by playing it with friends in someway together / co-op ^^
  3. SubParMixtape

    SubParMixtape New Member

    Portal 2 is good as well as Monaco
  4. Grotham39120

    Grotham39120 New Member

    Lara Croft : Temple of Osiris
  5. Grimalkin

    Grimalkin New Member

    Warframe is a great co-op game, and it is FREE (I mean, it's not p2w, it's pay-to-make-stuff-a-bit-faster)
  6. SyndicateSound

    SyndicateSound New Member

    Portal 2 is always fun. As far as more recent games though, the early-access version of Don't Starve Together is some of the most fun i've ever had with my friends.
  7. Army of Two is by far my favorite co-op game, it's really fun to just run a round and destroy stuff. And the two-player aggro mode mechanics are badass.
  8. Gynok

    Gynok New Member

    actually me and my roommates are actually playing minecraft the sky ant farm map...every day we spend about 4/5 hours playing it so funny i recommend it :-D ah one last tip use the keep inventory ;.)
  9. Tomason

    Tomason New Member

    Best co-op game: depends on platform - x box - Army of two :) ( like that so much )
    - PC - Borderlands with all DLC
    - lots of fun. We played it maybe 100 times :). Never bored. :)
  10. The best fully co-op game i've played was the portal 2 multiplayer campaign. Not only is it just plain funny, but it gets pretty darn mind-boggling pretty darn quickly.
  11. Tomason

    Tomason New Member

    And Turn-based strategy :) - Civilization and the one and only HOMAN 3 ( Heroes of Might and Magic 3 )
  12. Harpal18

    Harpal18 New Member

    From personal experience, here are what i think are some of the best co-op games out there at the moment;
    • Borderlands (the whole series)
    • Guns of Icarus Online
    • Half Life (Synergy Mod) (the whole series)
    • Minecraft
    • Payday
    • Payday 2
    • Portal 2
    If you are counting big multiplayer games as well then you have the likes of counter strike, double action, garry's mod, the ship and tf2 all to add to the list, but these aren't strictly 'co-op' games, but with the right teams/players can become a type of co-op game.
  13. thompsonadam120

    thompsonadam120 New Member

    L4D has to be a key player here it's so much fun. Alternative MMORPG's are a given
  14. ScrewIt

    ScrewIt New Member

    I'd give dungeon defenders a look. This game consumed entirely too much of my time and the pc version is considerably better than on consoles. It's frequently on sale and the sequel will be f2p.
  15. Steven_Troml

    Steven_Troml New Member

    Try CoD BO2. you'll see that its an nice game
  16. MechyG

    MechyG New Member

    Diablo, most mmos are a lot more fun in a party. The Van helsing games are fun.
    Borderlands, L4D, Dead island. But...

    Timesplitters 2 > all
  17. Same as Onba already said, i would go with Portal 2 and Minecraft, nice to play with friends! Diablo 3 is another option. :)
  18. steelmanf

    steelmanf New Member

    I really enjoy the Borderlands series and probably have had the most co-op fun with that. I've been sucked into Payday 2 lately, but the downside is that with the co-op in that game, one bad/annoying/trolling player can ruin the whole heist for everyone.
  19. ghostxide

    ghostxide New Member

    Trine with simple people and Borderlands with more advanced people :)
  20. JakeFromSt8Farm

    JakeFromSt8Farm New Member

    I'm gonna have to say that overall, a cheap, fun to play, Co-op game would be Left For Dead 1/2. I love the zombie killing.
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