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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. Uberheropatapon

    Uberheropatapon New Member

    My most memorable experience with Razer is when I managed to get hands-on with a Razer Blade Pro for the first time at a PC store. It was beautiful and I've been an avid Razer lover ever since.
  2. MarioLuigi0404

    MarioLuigi0404 New Member

    My best Razer memory was when I got not one, but two Razer mice for Christmas. My laptop's touchpad doesn't work, and my last mouse had broken. It was a miracle. m
    Also, my laptop was bought for school, so it's not exactly the best for gaming. Razer Cortex saved me. I almost couldn't play anything without gamebooster.
  3. Blazespot

    Blazespot Member

    The day I got my first razer mouse, which was a Razer Taipan, I felt like my gameplay improved by at least 50%, from that day forward I have been using only razer gear.
  4. the day I actually had a good mouse and keyboard!
  5. PsiBorK

    PsiBorK New Member

    I first got the razer naga hex v1 as a birthday present. within a week i had purchased almost a full setup
  6. Pixelad

    Pixelad Member

    When I opened my razer blade and laid my eyes on this beauty for the first time. I still have the box just because it looks great.
  7. madtofan

    madtofan New Member

    My first Razer was the Razer 2012 Mamba.
    The shape and weight was perfect for my taste and i could game the whole day with it. The only downside was the wireless battery lasted only around 5 hours of gaming. So I finally decided to use only wired mode for gaming but still use the wireless mode for working because less hassle when i have less wires :wink_:.

    From there on,
    I knew Razer did most of their stuff right. So my trust in on to you guys.
    So I went on to buy a full peripheral set of Razer and even the gimmicky stuff like Razer Hydra just to see how good it does it's job.

    After my shopping spree with Razer, I stopped working and got into college. So I don't have anymore budget to buy new Razer products.

    After 5 years, half of the razer product that i bought still live on till today.
    1) Razer Mamba - Died (RIP)
    2) Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition - Still Rocking
    3) Razer Tiamat 2.2 - The cushion is all worn out but the sound still rocks
    4) Razer Hammerhead - got stolen in class :mad_:
    5) Razer Hydra - Working but rarely use because M+Kb combo is still better competitively
    6) Razer Goliathus - Still my daily mousepad

    Now that I have finally finished my studies, started working again. Looking forward to your new products!
    I'll be getting a new mouse with my first salary to compensate the loss of Mamba (i'm looking at you lancehead)
  8. Meoletta

    Meoletta New Member

    I was so obsessed with my on the way razer blade 2016 that I couldn't study for my finals... not to mention 3 months that I spent working for my razer babe :heart:
  9. mmogaming

    mmogaming New Member

    Bought the Razor Blade Pro 17" 2011. Believe it or not, I still have it and still playing on it.

    Remember bring it over to my brothers house the first day and everyone there saying..."What is that?". I said "A Razor Blade Pro".

    Everyone was testing Switchblade-UI, with different macros, etc. the whole night.

    Yes, 6 years later and still going.
  10. ProffesorPants

    ProffesorPants New Member

    My favorite memory is getting my first Razer Krakens.
  11. SilentAX

    SilentAX New Member

    I hope to win razer blade cause i think that razer things are awesome and i also know that lots of people would want to win this too! SO i wish them the best of luck and wish me the best of luck and of course wishing razer the best of luck no matter is now or future hopping you guys will be able to provide us the gamers more awesome things.
  12. Philhelm

    Philhelm New Member

    I think for me the greatest moment was when my Razer Naga Molten ended up breaking. It was under warranty and the customer service reps sent me a brand new one with great haste. I am still using that same mouse to this day! You all are the best! Razer for life!
  13. LyricalNonsense

    LyricalNonsense New Member

    Would have to be my first razer keyboard, an older Blackwidow keyboard given to me by a dear friend, I played with that thing til the space bar stopped working, now I'm the proud owner of a Blackwidow Ultimate. Good times.
  14. apachewoolf

    apachewoolf New Member

    Back in 2004 I played world of warcraft a good bit. My wife hated it. I had just got back from Iraq so the last thing I needed was to face the world for a bit. Well here it this many years later and the wife is now my ex wife. Warcraft on the other hand is back. With that a new girlfriend who got me back into and she plays with me. Her first gift to me?......Blackwidow Chroma yo!!
  15. TWRK1NG_C0W

    TWRK1NG_C0W New Member

    My favorite memory was when I got yelled at for ordering a $150 keyboard (razer black widow chroma stealth) and then getting it a week later and having my dad apologize to me for yelling at me because he said that it was totally worth the money, I will never forget that #RazerMemory
  16. den78890

    den78890 New Member

    My greatest memory would probably be when I first bought my Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma.
    What I felt when I was customizing the colors on the headset was amazing, and I wanted more.
    Since then I have bought a Razer Naga Epic Chroma, a Razer Firefly & a Razer Black Widow Chroma, just to have all the colours of my setup match perfectly. I have not once regretted this decision.
  17. Captin_Tea.

    Captin_Tea. New Member

    When my mum thought i was joining a cult when purchasing the Razer Kraken and it had papers saying welcome to the cult and she had a bit of a freak out.
  18. My first ever was a razer Kraken 7.1 and boy was it amazing!
  19. Ironka

    Ironka New Member

    When I got my Razer Mamba and I was amazed by után lights and customizable, Best mouse I've ever used so far.
  20. Mrdaydreamer

    Mrdaydreamer New Member

    My first Razer earphones was the Hammerhead v2, the pair was quite expensive but when I tried them on I was sure they were worth every single penny that I've spent. The bass was sooo awesome that I have to tune down "bass" on every device that I use. That item made my faith to @razer more solid.
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