HammerHeads from V1 to BT.

Discussion in 'Audio' started by TheAlzHeimer, Jan 31, 2018.

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  1. TheAlzHeimer

    TheAlzHeimer New Member

    Hi guys

    Just wanted to talk and discuss experiences with razers in-ear headphones.

    Personally I have gone through a lot of different earbuds through the the last couple years, and I think we can all agree earbuds aren't generally the most sturdy hardware. Earbuds break :slightly_sad:

    It doesn't seem to matter what price tag they have, they don't last long, if they r used on a daily basis.

    Introducing the HammerHeads, had 2 pairs of V1(pro) break on me within a few months, not really an uncommon occurance, but at a price of 25-30$ it was disappointing. The joints on the wires were weak and the construction of the ear-buds themselves were fragile aswell. Sound was good tho, as long as they lasted.

    Let's go for the V2, wire seemed to be different but I was just as worried as B4, had not seen wires with joints like these and assumed they'd fail like their previous product. Rightly so, again 2 pairs and within 3 months, price tag 60-70$. Same general problems, weak joints, weaker construction. The grid on the driver's literally fell out, and dropped out of my ear when I took them out, good thing they didn't get stuck in there :)

    Now what did I learn from this, don't buy expensive in-ear headphones, doesn't matter the brand or the price. The fckers break. Get shit ones, and buy them in bulk.

    Aaaaaaand BT, not even worth the price they charged for the shipping. Eliminated the joint at the jack, only to introduce, what I believe have been worst use of aluminum I have seen on these products. After about 3-4 weeks, functionalities of the left and right buds, come and go like the wind. Driver updates and cleaning kits won't solve anything. Then comes the kicker, they broke in half. The base of the ear-buds detached from the "in-ear" part, to clarify, this was doing physical activity, so I guess, don't move ?!?.

    Anyone else got some hammerhead love stories?

    Ear-buds break so does HammerHeads, buy skull candy and buy 10 pairs.
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  2. OMFGiTz

    OMFGiTz New Member

    You sure it's not your own problem for breaking 3 pairs of earphones in a few months?!!
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  3. TheAlzHeimer

    TheAlzHeimer New Member

    Hi man,
    It's most definitely my own problem, i was just inquiring to whether other ppl had experienced similar or MB the an exact opposite situation. I'd assume Razer themselves would prefer to be informed aswell, assuming they haven't been bombarded with customer criticism allrdy.
  4. OMFGiTz

    OMFGiTz New Member

    Well my problem so far after using BT version for a few months is that the paint on the aluminium got scratched.
  5. TheAlzHeimer

    TheAlzHeimer New Member

    Thanks man, hope they last u a while.
    Personally moving away from expensive in-ear headphones. Just have to figure out what to buy with all my zSilver, have heard some rumors about a possible termination.
    Have u had a chance to try the older versions of the ear-buds, or are these ur first HammerHeads?
  6. OMFGiTz

    OMFGiTz New Member

    This is my first Hammerhead. Min said he will suspend the Paid2Play for zSilver but we still get to earn zSilver through other ways and we still can redeem it.
  7. TheAlzHeimer

    TheAlzHeimer New Member

    Aight, thanks for the info. Be careful with ur earbuds, hope u do better than me. Have a nice day :)
  8. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    $70 for in-ears is not the least bit expensive. Heck, anything under $100 is cheap as, in the earphones world.
  9. TheAlzHeimer

    TheAlzHeimer New Member

    Hi man,
    While I disagree with ur opinion, I think ur very welcome to have it. Prbly a matter of budget and perspective anyways.
    Didn't rly make the post to discuss wether or not the pricing was high or low. Just wanted to inquire if people had experienced anything interesting, regarding the HammerHead-Earbuds.

    - Have a nice day :)
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