How to clone the NVME SSD on the Razer Blade 15.6 (2018) ?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by BastienNV, Jun 29, 2018.

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  1. BastienNV

    BastienNV New Member

    Hi, Can we use the Razer Core X (eGPU BOX) to clone the NVME SSD (512GB) of the Razer Blade 15.6 (2018) to another larger NVME SSD (Samsung EVO 970 2TB)? I put the 2TB NVME SSD into the Razer Core X with an M.2 adapter to Pcie then I plug it into thunderbolt 3 at Razer Blade and then I clone the SSD, is it possible? If not, do you have another method?
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  2. RFHavens

    RFHavens New Member

    Hey there tGL,

    I did it yesterday but with a NetStor 2-Bay Thunderbolt3 NVMe JBOD NA611TB3 Enclosure for 2x NVMe SSD, JBOD, 60W.

    Had to get it from the UK as the distributer in the US had no stock.

    Once I had it, I used Macrium Reflect Home do the cloning. I can recommend a few things if needed to do prior to making the swap.

    The nice thing about cloning is you won't have driver issues since everything will be the "same" but on a bigger drive. Macrium can of course can clone to various types of drives but you will want at least one 64gb usb flash drive to build the Macrium Rescue Media. A 16gb would be fine as well, I just a got a killer deal last Christmas so bought a few different sizes as spares.

    Let me know if you want some other info.

  3. BastienNV

    BastienNV New Member

    Thanks a lot for all these informations !

    Since I live in France and I want to limit the financial expenses, can we clone on an external HDD (1TB), all that there is in the SSD with the drivers (not just the image iso de the bone). Make a USB key boot and put the other SSD. I just insert the key and it transfers everything to the new SSD with the drivers. It's possible ? or will it just put windows without the drivers? If I have to reinstall the drivers, the site Rrazer absolutely all the drivers or I have to manage?

    Desolate all these questions and thanks again ^^
  4. Pentalobe

    Pentalobe Active Member

    You can also get a restore disk from razer if you dont care about keeping user data.
  5. RFHavens

    RFHavens New Member

    The nice thing about cloning, is it is a duplicate so you don't have to worry about drivers. I would recommend cloning the whole stock SSD as it will clone all 4 partitions. So that will give you the same recovery, system, C, and WinRe (IIRC) that are on the factory SSD.

    Make sure to install all updates to Windows, Drivers and Apps so you don't have to do it as much after the move. Plus the SSD you take out will be great to have as a backup.

    The only software I have used in the last 10+ years is Macrium Reflect (MR) since it works very well and is not expensive. With MR it does let you clone from most if not all drive types. I know it also supports TRIM when going from regular HD to SSD. Going off of memory you will need to create a Windows boot disc (USB) and a Macrium Rescure disc (USB). From the other tools menu item choose Add Boot Menu so you get a choice when Windows first boots up. This can be turned off later if you like. In the backup tab select all partitions of the stock SSD and clone under that. Select destination and look over the options. There a lot of videos on YouTube as well that cover all versions and various drive types. Once cloning is done you can power down and swap the SSDs. Plug in the MR Rescue on the USB and boot up. If it shows an error reboot into the bios and override the boot location to go to the USB. At that time you can verify that you see the new SSD. Now reboot and you should go into the MR Rescue. You will want a wired mouse to get around in the app since the touch pad driver is not there. Now you will be looking for the restore area and select the source and destination drive accordingly. Make sure all but the WinRe partitions are selected and drag down to the destination drive. Resize the C (main partition on the destination drive. To do this drag the right edge of the partition on the destination and leave enough space for the WinRe partition which you will drag down to the right of the C partition. What that has done is allowed you to resize the main partition to the larger size you want. Now, once this is completed, you will reboot. This is where I had an issue the first time. When the PC is rebooted onto the new SSD you may get an error. If you do don't worry like I did. Just put in the MR Rescue USB, go to the bios so you can override the boot to boot into the USB. Have the mouse connected and go to the Other Tasks menu item and select Fix Windows Boot. It will take a few seconds and then you can reboot normally. Now all things should be good to go. Since you enabled the Marcium Boot Menu, you may see 2 Windows entries on the initial boot screen. One may say Windows and the other may say Wndows on 4 or Vol 4. The one without the Vol or number 4 is a bad one and if clicked will show that error before the Boot fix. So make sure to select the one on Vol 4 or whatever it says. Once you are in Windows you can launch MR and go to Other Tasks and select Remove Boot Menu. Now when you reboot it is just as normal ad you won't see anything other than the logo during the boot process. If you add the menu back, it will now have the correct two choices, one for Macrium and one for Windows.

    Typed on my phone so pardon the clarity.

    Hope this helps.

  6. BastienNV

    BastienNV New Member

    Really thank you very much for all its detailed information !! I will order the razer blade 15 early July and I'll do what you say, it seems to me the best solution. Thank you thank you I do not know how I will have done without you!

    Sorry for the bad English I'm french and I use google translation ^^
  7. RFHavens

    RFHavens New Member

    No problem. Hope it helps and enjoy the new Blade 15. I know I am. No worries on the language, I understood just fine. Take Care, Robert
  8. SethipusRex

    SethipusRex New Member

    I just did this tonight to put in a 1tb 970 EVO in place of the stock 512gb ssd. I burned a Windows recovery disk to a DVD using an external burner I have (I could have scrounged up a USB thumb drive most probably and done the same thing). I plugged in an external Samsung USB ssd and saved off a full system image. Pulled out the stock SSD, put in the new SSD, booted up off the recovery disk, told Windows to do a system restore from the image on my external, voila!

    The only need for any non-free software was afterwards, to move the winRe partition and resize the main partitition to take up the rest of the space. That took a minute or two. This was a far simpler solution than others I read of where people are reinstalling Windows on the new ssd, having to reinstall all the drivers, etc.
  9. laceyboy

    laceyboy New Member

    You guys can use Acronis True Image.
    As long as it sees your drives, then you can clone directly. Otherwise, just backup to an external USB3 drive and restore to the new one.
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