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[Insider] CES 2015 Appreciation Sale

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 9, 2015.

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  1. Fabnan_013

    Fabnan_013 New Member

    Oh damn than im 1 day to late, goddammmit! ^^
  2. yay! got my shipment email! Are UK orders fulfilled from out the UK?
  3. hedg3s

    hedg3s New Member

    Yeah I got a refurb 128gb blade pro.
  4. TactfulRanger

    TactfulRanger New Member

    So how many codes got switched? Everyone? Or are there people in here which codes were actually NOT switched?
  5. Bluehound

    Bluehound Member

    Everyone's got switched, Min said it on his tweets.
  6. hedg3s

    hedg3s New Member

    If you tried the code prior to 6:00PM you would know that you get an error message when you enter the code..so when I tried to use the code and wasn't getting the error I figured something was wrong..it wasn't that hard to "troubleshoot" the issue and try the other code..I mean what is the worst that could have happened? :) I would have gladly taken 50% off my blade instead of 30%.
  7. chaulklet

    chaulklet Member

    Hopefully they won't allow those who has already used the code to re-use. Site crashed when I clicked purchase then I was out of luck so hopefully I can get something on the remedial sale.
  8. the Netherlands store did not have any systems at all. Only peripherals =(
  9. TactfulRanger

    TactfulRanger New Member

    This is his tweet: "Guys - so I understand that some of the codes are flipped - ie. Blade codes work for peripherals and vice versa."
  10. smarteggRawUmber272

    smarteggRawUmber272 New Member

    Good to see a remedial sale....would really like to get the deathadder chroma
  11. chingolito

    chingolito New Member

    I had some problems with my code in sweden, I could get through with my purchase. Are you having a sale at the end of januari? Is that correct? Do you have any dates??

    / Regards CJ
  12. mike89conde

    mike89conde Member

    worth a try, i'm waiting for the remedial sale though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  13. Cooler710_no_id

    Cooler710_no_id New Member

    I can't believe I missed it but my wallet will probably thank me.
  14. Manahotep

    Manahotep Active Member

    I hope they make good with the remedial sale...this reminds me of the Nabu debacle. i LOVE razer but it seems that as much cool stuff they are coming out with you cant buy anything. Awesome products are useless if you cannot buy them. Anticipation is great..know what is better? Being able to buy awesome razer stuff.
  15. KAXUN

    KAXUN New Member

    Have the code but the things I want are out of stock :slightly_sad:
  16. Scijad

    Scijad New Member

    Ooo it may be time to replace my Ultimate Edition Black Widow... Very nice to feel appreciated!
  17. kimkim23

    kimkim23 New Member

    just allow backorders for pp who have codes and all this will have a happy ending...
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  18. oksfinest

    oksfinest New Member

    i didnt buy anything (all the headphones were wiped out) but thanks for the awesome opportunity
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  19. KeltonPlays

    KeltonPlays Member

    Why would they do that? With 6 million fans they can't possibly let them all buy something. Wait and be ready at the end of the month like a good boy
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  20. alvinkxs

    alvinkxs New Member

    Hi guys, can someone give me the link how to retrieve my code previously from razer insider? I heard they will be a remedial sale but i lost my code. Thanks
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