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Interesting idea for Paid to Play

Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by Min-Liang Tan, Aug 14, 2017.

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  1. Dfliang

    Dfliang New Member

    I know, they won't reset. But I usually get 30k zSilver a month, and from all the new programs, like 5 selected games per month, It's hard to get zSilver if you don't have those games.
  2. RazerReviews

    RazerReviews Member

    so then that proves the question that this will just make people more mad, i love the idea but other people won't because they don't buy razer products.
  3. antzdote_7

    antzdote_7 New Member

    I think its unfair to those guys who don't have razer gear. since paid to play was meant to help unrazered funs to razer up. and all that is being suggested is quite the opposite. also the new system is kinda unfair since you have this game that u can earn zsilver and the next its no longer a valid option to earn zsilver. preferred the earlier version.
  4. chickdan

    chickdan Active Member

    I think Synapse tracks any products you have registered online. So if you have done that you should be fine if this is the direction the PtP program goes in.

    My thoughts on this whole situation:

    I'm not a "share everything hippie" as someone puts it, but neither am I someone who believes that poor people should be left out for, honestly, no good reason. Yeah it's a "dog eat dog world" so why should we not do what we can to help those less fortunate?

    Razer set out to be different by creating an extremely generous program to allow gamers who can't afford Razer gear to earn some Razer gear. If that decision is reversed or limited to customers only, that looks really really bad (if Razer was as big as AMD or NVidia it would be an absolute PR nightmare). Any person who doesn't own Razer gear, is honestly trying and not farming is going to feel betrayed by such a move. It may even cause them to no longer desire to want to be a customer which completely defeats the purpose of a rewards program. Now I don't disagree with the program being limited to customers, in fact I can't name a single rewards program that isn't, but PtP has already released in a "for everyone" state so I don't think reversing a stance like this is a good idea and instead some middle ground should be found and kinks worked out.

    The pain point for Razer here is that a larger number of people took up Cortex and the Paid to Play program than expected and they are having to give away more than what they can/wanted to. I don't think the solution was to limit people in the way that occurred. Instead it should have been honestly communicated and maybe the daily limit slightly reduced, or the earn rate slightly dropped, or prices of items slightly increased. Yeah that sucks but it's all mostly the same to end users. But instead Razer chose to state that these changes were "based on community feedback" and actually do the opposite of what people were asking for. A larger support library doesn't increase the the number of points people can earn in a day, it simply gives them the flexibility to choose to play their favorite games rather than play what ever is currently topping the Steam charts.

    As for a solution, well that is a bit harder and is up to Razer in the end. Should we just take everybody's initial response (which is usually emotionally driven and wrong) or should we stop and think about what's happening? As someone whose job is to solve problems, I feel like the latter is the better choice. How is the program affecting Razer? Good and bad, it's helping drive visibility and probably bringing in new customers and/or increasing loyalty, however, Razer is having to let go of more free gear than they anticipated thus potentially hurting their initial bottom line. Why are people upset? Rather than being restricted in a clear and seamless manner they are knee jerked into a system that doesn't really make sense. What can Razer do? Some people here have stated ideas that can satisfy both parties, I feel like PtP should be left open to all and the supported game list should be vast. The whole motto here is "For Gamers by Gamers" well a fellow gamer should understand we all have a different taste in games. But to allow this flexibility and satisfy Razer, some changes to the software should be put in place. Synapse already tracks mouse movement for the heat maps, tie Cortex and Synapse 3 together (if Synapse 3 has this same capability) to help prevent farming (I personally don't like this but if it must be done to prevent abusers then so be it). Change some values; developers change values in small increments all of the time to balance characters and PvP play and this program can be treated the same, tweak the numbers to strike a nice balance. Lastly, because I've already typed an essay, fix the bugs! I was probably only rewarded zSilver for about 1/10th of the amount of LoL I played before the new system. The game detection is awful. Heck even when I'm just browsing the web Cortex will randomly kick in even though I'm not playing a game. If game detection is improved then people may be less inclined to AFK farm after they are done playing the game of their choice (which also goes back to having a larger library, it will decrease the need for farming, making the system more fair to everybody).

    Just like life isn't black and white, solutions aren't limited to a or b. Razer has an opportunity to turn all of this mess into a stable and viable program that still makes people happy. Good luck!
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2017
  5. Hiffix

    Hiffix New Member

    Imo for me it should still be open for everybody. BUT u can make a slight change in program.

    1. Make daily cap little bigger eg. 1.8k for everybody who have registered razer product and leave 900 for everyone who dont.
    2. If someone own razer product let him earn silver 2 times faster than regular guy.
    With bigger daily cap for ppl who got some razer stuff it wont be any difference still u have to play 5h per day to make cap.

    3. Make a huge poll with games and let us vote for 3-5 titles wich will stay no matter what on list. Than we can make another polls each month with another 3-5 games for rotation.

    Numbers here are for discussion.

    Ps. sorry for bad lang :oops:
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  6. Jazza2400

    Jazza2400 Well-Known Member

    It's unfair to those that don't have any razer gear who are working towards getting their first piece.

    I think if you want to stop botters and those who are afk while gaining zsilver your might need to arrange a captcha system every hour or so in cortex to confirm the person there is still playing games.

    However this won't stop people from selling exclusive limited edition items on eBay. They always end up there look at the schezwan sauce getting sold for $15k on eBay. People like entering contests and winning things but others might actually need the money. Can't do anything about it since laws in every country are different so you cant enforce any sort of anti-resell.

    The captcha will slow down the zsilver global acquire rate and may slow down the amount the botters might gain. Even if it wasn't every hour if it were random between 30-90 mins so it's not predictable.
  7. Uhl0x

    Uhl0x New Member

    Hi Min - This is a neat feature to add for all new or already dedicated Razer fans to get new gear. I might be missing my chance to get this answered on this thread but thought I would try anyway since im still getting use to Insider.

    With Razer's new gear being pushed out pretty steadily this last year almost 2, it creates this want of the newest gear we already Razer product owners have and want to upgrade to the newest hardware you release.

    Is there any talks of a Trade-in program for discounts to the next newest and greatest thing as Apple is doing for Macbooks and such? Razer should be able to do with (Headset, Mice, notebooks, etc.) to allow True Razer contributors/Fans to get into hot new tech with old tech trade ins at much discounted prices.

    But, i can see how some would exploit this unfortunately which might stop you or have already stopped you from pursuing this.
  8. PlatypuliciousTJ

    PlatypuliciousTJ New Member

    I thought of a cool idea for the Paid to Play feature. Perhaps you could partner with developers planning a "free weekend" and offer bonus zSilver for trying out their game. It would be giving players a double incentive to test out games during their free period, essentially killing 1 bird with 2 stones, if you will.

    What are your thoughts on this idea or have you already looked into this?
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  9. QHuntin

    QHuntin New Member

    I wouldn't mind that. How about the more razer gear you have the more zSilver you can get or earn? Just a thought.
  10. Bouncyslime555

    Bouncyslime555 New Member

    Min posting to ask the community really shows how much razer cares about fans.

    Honestly people are always going to be selling stuff on ebay just to make a cheap buck, etc.
    Its not just a matter of how you perceive the consumer but also how you treat them. True razer fans will never not support something razer does-because it is just plain awesome- unless they get left out. Interesting concept.

    Instead of excluding persons, I'd say make a new system based on tiers. The zSilver cost for stuff in the current store should be doubled. Anyone with a razer product would get a 20% discount.

    $100+ in merch would get 10% more off
    $200+ is additional 10% to that 30%
    $300+ is another 10%, making a 50% discount and the same price the zSilver would have been.

    Having a razer mouse or headset would give you 5% more off. (even if you have head and mouse it will only be 5%)
    Having a razer keyboard would give an aditional 5% off.
    Having a razer blade or razer blade pro would give an overwhelming 10% off onto that 60%. That would mean a huge 70% off! In the current store that would amount to a 40% off. This would give incentive for owning different products that razer sells.

    Of course the percentages will need tweaking but this is, in my opinion, the best course of action. Everyone is included and happy while still getting a chance to get some awesome store discounts/peripherals. Thats the razer I know
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  11. matthewbayes

    matthewbayes Member

    That sounds like a great idea i'm surprised i didn't think of that!
  12. Jazza2400

    Jazza2400 Well-Known Member

    This just sounds like but enough razer gear so I can get a discount and sell it less than wholesale price. I paraphrased your post to show that. I don't think more gear should benefit gamers better with zsilver.

    Min - another idea - since you want gamers buying games through zgold maybe you can limit the amount of zsilver obtainable without buying games with zgold.

    Also when we gonna get sweet razer tees in pubg???

    Also what server do you play on min just so I can keep an eye out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  13. _Tronicz_

    _Tronicz_ New Member

    Go for it
  14. ElementOne

    ElementOne Active Member

    How about each additional registered razer product via synapse would allow the user an additional increase in 50 zsilver capacity in their zvault? It gives existing fans that already own some razer peripherals an advantage to gain more zsilver than the current 900 max caps. Might wanna cap it at 1400 or 1500 zsilver to avoid abuse.

    Maybe synapse could also track those that are using razer products and gives them an additional 5% speed boost in earning zsilver faster per connected USB devices with a max cap of 5 devices at most for 25% boost to avoid abuse as well.

    Mouse: Deathadder Elite or any razer mice
    Mousepad: Firefly
    Keyboard: Blackwidow Ultimate or any razer keyboards
    Headset: Kraken USB
    Accessories: Chroma Base Station/ Chroma Mug

    I believe letting your true fans and core customers to gain such advantage from non users would be a good move(gaining the unfair advantage). It might also probably deter those that redeemed razer products via the paid to play program from selling them seeing that there are additional perks in using the products instead of making a cheap buck.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2017
  15. Nyctelios

    Nyctelios Member

    God I hope someone will notice this idea, it's great :D
  16. Zarokian

    Zarokian Active Member

    I think that for a very specific portion of the "paid to play" activity shouldn't effect the whole community of non Razer owners. While it's bad seeing that may complain about anything regarding the "paid to play", not all should be punished. One solution should be that the Razer owners will have higher cap on how many zsilvers can acquire each day. Reward the core customers and try to ignore the non-owners complains. There is no point to listen those complaints, unfortunately this is expected human behavior!
  17. DrftKng15

    DrftKng15 New Member

    Heads up! Novel ahead!
    TL;DR at bottom!

    I can't argue with the fact that the paid to play feature should be limited for those without Razer stuff. Of course everyone who uses the Cortex app should get SOMETHING, but I really think the 'boosts/buffs' for Razer product owners' would be kind of nice.

    Maybe each Razer product owned could add a +0.X multiplier to earned zSilver across the Paid to Play system? Those without Razer gear would have a default 1X multiplier (Or on say April Fool's day, a 0.9X multiplier). Total Multiplier could be displayed somewhere on the Rewards tab, maybe alongside a list of all owned Razer gear and the associated multipliers. Different peripherals (And systems, too) could add a bit to the multiplier. A mousepad or say the Mug could be +0.1, mouse/something like the OrbWeaver +0.15, headset like +0.2, keyboard +0.25, and all the way up to a full blown Razer system, which would add a +0.5 multiplier to the zSilver income (All multiplier values are not set in stone; the values I picked are just for proof of concept).

    For example, I've owned a Razer Naga 2012 which is almost completely worn out, and I pretty much replaced it with a Naga Chroma. I keep my old mouse around because it can still work in a pinch. With this system and the currently suggested values, I would get a 1.3X multiplier on all my zSilver; the Default 1X plus 0.15X for each mouse I've owned (And technically I'd get an additional 0.2 because for some reason the platform thinks I owned a Razer headset at one point because I tried that Razer Surround thing out that one time? So it'd be more like, 1.5X for me).
    Meanwhile, someone with a Firefly (+0.1X), the Mug (+0.1), a Naga Epic (+0.15X), a Kraken (+0.2), a Black Widow (+0.25), and a Razer Blade (+0.5X) for travelling, would get a whopping 2.3X total multiplier for all of his/her zSilver. Keep in mind this individual had to get everything but his/her internet connection (and maybe that, too) from Razer to get the multiplier that high.

    Again, all these values are subject to change.

    Razer products linked through Synapse multiply zSilver earned across the platform. Different gear has different multipliers, and the multipliers add. More gear = more zSilver coming back.
  18. Dansec

    Dansec New Member

    yeah probably better to give more to razer fan and still giving a chance to those who don't have the money to get something...
  19. TempiM

    TempiM Well-Known Member

    I really like the idea. But, can you add more variety to exchange? Because I've already have a DeathAdder, Deathstalker and Goliatus. Getting a razer laptop through the program would be a dream!
  20. Hucast

    Hucast Well-Known Member


    Ya, price that into the millions!

    I bet that would slow down the number of other products that get shipped out! :wink_:
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2017
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