OrbWeaver Chroma VS. Tartarus Chroma

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by RudySka, Sep 4, 2017.

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  1. MikeQuigley

    MikeQuigley New Member

    I am currently on the climb with 51K and saving the 182K for the Orbweaver but today the Tartarus was added to the Zvault for 104K. I am wondering what are the differences between the two and issues people have had with both. Is it worth the time to save for the Orbweaver or just cash out with the Tartarus?

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  2. mo-iro

    mo-iro Active Member

    I never used none of then, but the orbweaver has mechanical keys, while the tartarus uses membrane ones. So the orbweaver is better but I personally never saw a real good use to those things, I prefer a full keyboard, this is what I think, but if you really want it, go for it
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  3. Hucast

    Hucast Well-Known Member

    Ya, I agree with this. It looks to intimidating to learn to me which is why I've never used those types of devices.
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  4. surfer1081

    surfer1081 Well-Known Member

    ^ yup agreed. Never used one but I'd be lost on even trying to get used to this function, as for price. I'll have to skip out on even giving it a try. I never really hear much on these items either. Props to those that can use it efficiently!
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  5. Hazerdous

    Hazerdous Member

    I have an Orbweaver Chroma and I haven't gotten used to it yet (I barely use it at all). I'm sure once you get used to it it can improve your performance, but it is way too intimidating to try it out on many games.
    As for which one: I'd say the Tartarus is basically worthless. It's less expensive, but that's the only good quality it has.

    Worst-case you could use it for extra macro keys, with 22 keys and up to 8 keymaps that can be switched between on-the-fly, the possibilities are nearly endless for that.
  6. Cpt_Disappointment

    Cpt_Disappointment Well-Known Member

    Help me out, people.
    I'm in need of an earphone and a mice right now. (Yes I'm an earphone guy)

    Shall I buy buy HHP V2 and redeem a mice, or buy a mice and redeem HHP V2?
    For mice, do you reckon the Lancehead is worth it? Or should I just go for DA Elite and save some z for other item like firefly later, etc? I like both though
  7. Hucast

    Hucast Well-Known Member

    Dude, I took one look at them and I was like "ya, I think not!"

    These things have razer switches in them? All the different ones? I've never even seen a video of them I was so intimidated.

    Ya, me too. The over ear ones are an irritant to my ears. Any brand.

    I say Deathadder all the way. The best mouse of all time IMO!
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  8. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Orbweaver over Tartarus for two simple reasons: First, the mechanical switches and second because it has more keys. I'd rather have too many keys than too few and I've found that sometimes I really do need all of them in certain games.

    As for how you can use it - for EVERYTHING!!

    I could not game comfortably most of the time without my Orbweaver. Basically, just go into the settings, take note of what the default key maps are and then assign those keys to whatever keys are most comfortable for you on the Orbweaver key pad. It means that every game you play your keys are exactly where YOU want them, not where the game developer thinks they should be, and you have fast and easy access to everything. There are 25 keys, the directional keypad and two different thumb keys that you can map to whatever you need. Plus it has the wrist rest attached, which is adjustable, so that your arm is always comfortable. Unless you're in a game where you need the keyboard to chat, then you can move the keyboard out of the way and use the mouse and keypad in whatever configuration is most comfortable to you. Once you start using you'll be absolutely addicted! :)

    So, short answer - hold out for the Orbweaver. :)
  9. CelestialCow

    CelestialCow New Member

    i think unless you play MMO games you shouldn't really get it, if you're an FPS gamer there's barely any use for it.If you have too much Zsilver and got everything you want then maybe but i strongly reccomend not getting one unless you're a MMO gamer.
  10. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    MMO's are actually *last* genre I recommend the Orbweaver for. It can be very inconvenient to swap back and forth between the keypad to play and the keyboard to type when you're with a group and need to communicate, assuming you're not on a voice chat already. My preferred genre to use the keypad is virtually everything else, especially RPG like The Witcher 3. Though, there are very few genres I don't use my keypad for.
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  11. CelestialCow

    CelestialCow New Member

    well i do use voice chat so i usually don't type back in forth i see what you mean though, for example in overwatch i could use it for VC menu but i could just press P its only slightly convenient.
  12. log0n

    log0n Active Member

    It depends on what your playing. For games with few keys to hit like FPS's, RTS's & MMO's I just stick to my Lycosa + Naga but space combat sims like Elite Dangerous & Star Citizen work great keypads as would any game that needs a lot of keys.

    Even though its nearly 20 years old I still play a lot of Freespace 2 & my Nostromo + Wingman stick works great. Even better than my old Thrustmaster HOTAS that I used back in the 90's but that game uses so many keys it came with a 3 sided cardboard keyboard guide & that's with the expectation you'd be using a flight stick for the most important controls.
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  13. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I suppose I should also note that I have very non conventional movement keys that I prefer. When using a keyboard I'm all about SDFC, I can't stand WASD, I need to feel that little bump on the F key signifying the home keys - and some games won't let you re-map those kinds of basic keys, so having the keypad became nearly essential for me to play comfortably.
  14. signsCoconutgeo385

    signsCoconutgeo385 New Member

    I loved the Tartarus the minute I got my hand on one at a local store and still do. Then I come home to find the G.U.I. maping was fantastic.The Tartarus, and probably the Weaver, put my thumb to good use with crouch on the lower button and jump on the upper button with the middle round button functioning to binoculars, maps, etc. plus it is small enough to sit happily next to a 10 keyless keyboard or a H.O.T.A.S. The Tartarus is what made me a Razer fan but picking it up for only $79, maybe because chroma and weavers were rolling out, played a big roll. And with Razor you get continued support and updates. My thumb said to me "well it's about time".
    And with the proliferation of V.R. the unique feel, angle and placement of Tartarus keys might mean less lifting up the H.M.D. to find keys for the occasional gamer. Now I only hope Razor will play a role in V.R. input devices in someway when the time is right.

    awesome! Freespace 2 open worshiper here. Now I'm interested in the Nostromo but is it really enough for freespace 2 and even still available. There are commands even to target your targets attacker and so on and so on. My Freespace 2 setup is evolving into the use of a tartarus+ 10 keyless+ 2 Stinky footboards not to mention a joystick placed between knees under desk with a home made mounting solution and home made "keyboard(input device) guide".
    Question= the Nostromo has a unique scroll wheel so what function in FS2 do you bind to that, if any?
    opps! brainfarts-excuse me. 1. R.S.I. approaches Razer for a duel joystick solution. Razer delivers a custom dual joystick setup that stays put with an adjustable bracket between that mounts a Razer keyboard. Problem=niche are joysticks atleast until Everspace and Aquanox Deep Descent get stick support.
    2. Volition brings back there main man to make FREESPACE 3 which employs Red Faction's parsing based destruction physics in a vacuum. Collision detection is applied to capital ship chunks sending your fighter spinning, assuming your shields are good.
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  15. log0n

    log0n Active Member

    I imagine the Nostromo is actually a little better then your tartarus as the wheel makes a good throttle up/down & afterburner. The absolute throttle on my stick is better but I have to take my hand of the keys to use it so not worth the trade off for me. Other than that they're the same as far as I know. I have all three profiles set up so I have all the keys I need with it though the Orbweavers additional row would be nice less switching profiles & whatnot.

    I see there's a bunch of Nostromo's & N52's ebay right now if you really want one.

    I would love a Razer HOTAS but we got a better chance that the dam toaster will go into mass production before we get one.

    About 5 years ago Jim Boon said Volition would be willing to murder people if it got them the greenlight on FS3. Well I don't know who's on the hit list but with Elite, Star Citizen & others coming out over the last few years there's a bit of a space sim renaissance so now's the time if there ever was on for FS3.

    Great now I got to go murder so shivans & blow up the lucifer again thanks a lot. /s

    OP sorry about the minor threadjacking... my bad.
  16. topher82

    topher82 New Member

    Its not going to matter any way because the fact you still needed to gain 53k for the cheaper of the 2 they will both be unavailable when you go to redeem for either reward as is anything worth you buying with the zSilver, but the orbweaver all the way.
  17. signsCoconutgeo385

    signsCoconutgeo385 New Member

    u may enjoy this on youtube, i'm going to avoid links based on forum rules and throw out video name "Volition Plays Freespace 2" "Sol:Exodus Angry Review"(the beginning stick and fs2 rant). Research suggest the Nostromo involves Belkin and it's making more and more sense- just surpised it's scroll wheel effect is not on the market anymore in some keypad form.
    u make (PC) gaming fun - regards
  18. MyNameIsToni

    MyNameIsToni Active Member

    what for you even use those things?
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