(PC) Thresher or Man'o'War?

Discussion in 'Audio' started by Belloghiotto, Jan 19, 2018.

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  1. Belloghiotto

    Belloghiotto New Member

    Hello guys,

    I am going to buy a Razer wireless headset for PC gaming and music from PC, I have to choose between Thresher 7.1 (not the Ultimate) and Man'o'war, but I am a bit confused about two things:

    -What's the difference between the two? Apart from colors and the upper band, I see in the specs that the Thrasher has a wider frequency range... does it sound better? I also read that the Thrasher has no dedicated software on PC, but I guess I can use some external software for that right? Also, the specs don't specify the size of the earcups, but I guess they are the same.

    - I am using it only on PC, should I get the Thrasher PS4 or the XBOX one? or are they the same as far as use for PC is concerned? I see that the Xbox version is not 7.1, but uses Windows Surround which is available on any 2.0 headphone anyway.
  2. Atmo28

    Atmo28 New Member

    ManO' war but not compatile on Xbox and phone but you can buy a adapter
  3. How does the 7.1 ultimate compare to the normal thresher? Is the surround sound the same when using the xbox/windows software such as Dolby atmos or windows sonic.

    How much better does the man o war sound if at all?
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  4. Dat1Fish

    Dat1Fish Active Member

    ManO War is prob better than thresher than in sound quality, wireless distant, batteries, and others, but definitely not durability. I have the ManO War wireless, and they already broke once (the headband at the top, you could prob find it on the internet, it's a common issue amongst all ManO Wars), and the Thrasher is cheaper
  5. Have you tried both? Which get louder? Is the true 7.1 comparable to the virtual windows sonic sound on the non ultimate threshers?

    I can't understand why Razer hasn't fixed the headband on the man o war. Pretty pathetic imo.
  6. Dat1Fish

    Dat1Fish Active Member

    sorry can't help u there, i only have the ManO War, u will prob have to do some research on the threshers.
  7. Ok thanks anyway. Can't really find anything about the normal versions to compare audio to ultimate. Seems all the YouTube videos are for the ultimate.

    Would be nice if Razer added them to synapse too. Seems a bit crap not to.
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  8. Dat1Fish

    Dat1Fish Active Member

    I'm guessing the reason it's not in synapse is prob because it's not made for PC, since they are the same price, i guess if u really want to buy them and can't tell a difference, then the only thing to do is pick your favourite colour :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    I doubt u could go wrong with either of them
  9. Yeah maybe. But they are supported on the PC. Shouldn't take much to be implemented into the software. They are marketed for pc and console though so it should be there.

    I actually just received my Thresher for xbox one (non ultimate) it works with synapse however it just sees thresher as "xbox one controller headphones" or something like that.

    Obviously I'm using the xbox wireless receiver for windows. Which I already owned having one controllers for the pc. Got some dropouts on the PC but I moved the dongle and it works better. No dropouts on the xbox though.

    But I wanted it completely wireless and the other models don't seem as practical. A straight to xbox/pc connection without a base is ideal. But I can't help wondering if I'm missing out on true 7.1. Can't think of another headset that does this apart from the turtle beach stealth 700s, I have no idea how they sound, i imagine not as loud or Good? Anyone know?

    The EQ works as do the bass boost etc. It would just be nice if Razer officially added them to the dropdown list of products.

    As for 7.1 I have nothing to gauge this against the other headphones or the ultimate. I'v briefly tried the Dolby atmos and windows sonic. Sounds good but I haven't given it a proper test yet.

    I just wonder how 7.1 ultimate VS virtual surround is essential/normal version is. The ps4 ones are 7.1 I wonder why the xbox version isn't.

    If anyone has anything they want me to try out just ask. :smile_:
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  10. jaybantique

    jaybantique New Member

    guys please, i just bought my thresher, frustrated MOW user, it's plastic build is so fragile. please refrain from referring the MOW to other consumers.
  11. Cool, could you compare the audio quality please? And which thresher did you buy?

    I'm thinking of returning mine, it's got split second dropouts on the PC every now and then, very annoying.
  12. jaybantique

    jaybantique New Member

    right off the bat the MOW is bassy without any customization, and it has support on razer so you won't need to download the surround sound, but please if you're split between the MOW and thresher, i suggest you get the thresher due to it's build quality. the MOW is BASICALLY and UTTERLY TRASH.

    about the thresher, after the connection, without any customization, feels kinda flat for me, so i've downloaded the razer surround sound for synapse and got the equalizer, from there, it's cloud 9.
  13. rdalcroft

    rdalcroft New Member

    Do not buy the Man o WAR, they sound Great, but they will not last long, the head band is very prone to breaking, they are very weak, i have RMA'd 3 times now, and on the 3rd time they sent me a voucher code, so instead i bought the thresher PS4 7.1.

    Design wise they are more durable, but a little worried that the hinges for the ear cups may break over time as they are made of plastic.

    Sound wise these are ok, but there is no customisation of EQ settings or bass or setup like you had with Man or war using Synapse, u plug the USB dongle in the PC and that's it...... I don't like this at all and i hope they addit to synapse.

    on PS4 it passes through the 5.1 DD bitstream audio from the optical port to the head phones, so how they can call these 7.1 i don't know cause its not if its only receiving 5.1.......

    I get audio pops and in certain games on the PS4 mainly GT sport, i don't know if this is the game or the head phones, and some times is's its as if it cant keep up with the information being sent by the dongle you u get ausio dropouts

    So I'm not overly impressed, ill stick to my Krakens for PC and ill still use these for PS4 i really hoped they would be better,

    I really wish Sony woud open up their new 3daudio codec to all headphones, this would be so much better...
  14. rdalcroft

    rdalcroft New Member

    Do you not feel that the fact the headphone are being decoded twice for 7.1 may affect the sound results.

    Razer surround is meant for stereo headphone only

    Where as these are already gone through 7.1 virtualisation through the dongle, so you are doing it once more by feeding it through the surround pro. I tried it but only wanted to use the EQ of the surround Pro, but to use the EQ u need to turn on the Surround part, that i didn't want..
  15. Akimbowles

    Akimbowles Active Member

    Glad someone else has been looking for a comparison between these two. Got the same issue, but wanting to buy for someone else and they want wireless for PC.
  16. Im also thinking about thresher or the mano war, kinda want the mano war but you guys all saying that they break, even the "new" ones.
  17. I want them mainly for pc, and thresher dont have synapse, that kinda sucks
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